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  1. Auda

    Poetry  My fever dreams

    Mermo If water contains memories, I will cry over your grave. Hoping that ever tear that lands on the soil, makes you remember that you were loved. If fire is related to passion, I will keep your candles lit. So when you have the time to visit this poor soul, you'll see it's everlasting burn...
  2. Auda

    Advice/Help  I think my writing is bad and I need some help.

    If you're reading this post I'm guessing you already know my problem. I've considered myself as an above-average writer my whole life. I've written a lot of things (not necessarily in this website or rp) that people considered good and it gave younger me a boost in confidence which is nice if...
  3. Auda

    Fantasy  Of princes and servants

    The sun was barely up in the sky, its soft rays colored the stone floors of the castle in an orange hue through open windows. The sound of knights on their morning training at the courtyard reaches Edward’s ears as he rushes through the halls of the castle, desperate to reach the prince’s...
  4. Auda

    Other  Lives I want to be reincarnated on.

    A raccoon. I just want to be a raccoon or a rat and explore my city's alleyways, looking for heaping piles of garbage for food. Rain starts pouring and I rush to a nearby bus stop to enjoy my almost expired hot-dogs and cheese in the comfort of a dry place. As the rain subsides, music starts...
  5. Auda

    Poetry  Trashy poems for my trashy self written at a trashy hour trash

    Disease If coughing up petals is a disease, then I consider myself terminal. If the only cure is to remove what's left of you, then I consider myself abnormal If I cherish every bloodied tulip I cough up, then I consider myself suicidal (Inspired by the Hanahaki Disease)