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  1. AmatsuOtaku

    Realistic or Modern  With morals grey and blackened hearts ~ Romance from the ghetto

    I've posted a ton of interest checks, I know. I've had an urge to use a particular character and setting I've had laying around for a while, so let's get straight to it. This story will be set in an unnamed fictional city somewhere in modern-day USA. The city is in a constant state of...
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    Fandom My ultimate fandom search (finally)

    You'll notice the Maze Runner is at one star of interest, so some convincing will be required, as indicated by the key above. If you had any ideas for AUs, new plotlines, characters, etc feel free to take to the DMs.
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    Fandom  Soul Eater AU with @Yanipurr

    About a week had passed since the attack on the academy. Crona's trial class the previous day had gone considerably well, and they were now enrolled as a full-time student. This morning, they stayed close to Maka, waiting for the teacher to arrive and class to begin. Professor Stein arrived to...
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    Fandom  My ultimate fandom search (finally)

    I've posted way too many different fandom request threads so I'm going to put them all together in one place. I am underage (14) so leave right now if that's a deal-breaker for you. I am still a perfectly capable writer, but I know some people aren't comfortable writing with people younger than...
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    Fandom Revamped Soul Eater partner search

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    Realistic or Modern Rise Up Nation! OCs (and world-building)

    Amatsu's main Name: Skye Matthews Nickname: Skyshot Age: 17 Sex: Genderfluid, biologically female Orientation: Pansexual Role: American rebel, sniper, rogue Skills: Can make a one-shot kill from up to 200 ft away and can make moving shots from slightly less distance, really good at not getting...
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    Realistic or Modern  Rise Up Nation! OCs (and world-building)

    General organization of characters and worldbuilding aspects of the Rise Up Nation! rp. Characters from multiple 1x1 rps may be present. This rp world is titled Rise Up Nation! after the song it was inspired by, KIRA's Rise Up Nation.
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    Realistic or Modern  A dystopian sci-fi lover's dream (open)

    Do stories of war or international conflict grab your attention? Are you longing for tales of rebellion against a corrupt authority? Can you easily picture a run-down cityscape that is the ruins of a once-great civilization? If you answered yes to all three of those, this is the world for you...
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    Realistic or Modern It's a cruel world...

    The stranger watched, amused, as she struggled to stand. They caught her easily when she started to fall, then picked her up with minimal effort. Their breath smelled faintly of alcohol, but they seemed sober enough as they wordlessly carried the starving person back to their car and placed them...