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    Fandom  Character sign up (the barriers within us)

    name: age: rank: pak: power: image: others: Fantasy - the barriers within us light pak: alpha: Crazy alphas mate: omega: omegas mate: healers: hunters: fighters: pups...
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    Fantasy  the barriers within us

    Once upon a time there were two sisters who live in the world called as goddess of light and the goddess of the night one day the Goddess of the night got envious of her sister of the light who the wolves are in favor of the peace and joy she brings so she have seeker a plan to destroy her...
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    One x One  Blood for gold (Character Sheet )

    Name: Age Gender Sexuality Species Appearance Abilities Personality History Occupation~ (Optional) Other
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    Fantasy  Sweet Revenge

    On every wall of her home, the trophy hunter of Rha'khan's family. mounts the heads, horns, claws, and fangs of the most lethal creatures around the world. Though this collection is extensive, her family remains unsatisfied, tirelessly seeking greater game that she fear that would cause for...
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    Fiora/ Persephone

    Name: Fiora  Age: Gender:  Female Sexuality:  Bisexual Race: (God or Human) Goddess Image/Description: (Preferably an illustration, but a photo is fine too.  If using a description, make it very descriptive!) *God name: Persephone *God...
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    Victoria Severux

    Name :  Victoria Serverux    Nic:  Vi   Image:  (Night cloths)   Normal cloths (day):    Race:  Ghoul (Princess of the Undead)   Personality: Happy, kind,cading,lovBkez,eats everything as long at its a living. Loves to read all...
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    Suzu's Characters

    Name: Azrael Kha'leb  Age: 20 Gender: Male   Image:    Looks(cuz is blurry):   Clan :  shadowscale clan  Occupation in the clan: Sorcerer and a warrior Weapon: Bat'leth Personality: Serious,wise,smiling calmly as...
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    Celestia blade / Solaris blade

    Name: Original : Celestia Blade  Current : Solaris Blade  Age: 18 Gender before transformation: Gender after transformation: Personality Before Transformion: kind,caring,generous,loyal and obedient Personality after Transformation..(btw must be alittle...
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    Pinkamina Dian Pie

    Name: Pinkamina Dian Pie   Age: 23   Gender: Female   Appearance:
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    Suzu/My characters :D

    name: Zyra   age: 18   gender: female   race: Fire Plant   Image: click here for image   Power: growing plants and flowers   bio: living as the only child she live up being a self supporting. on the days of her work...
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    RP HERE :D :D

    Welcome inside the Missing Link  Good luck and meet up with your soulmate 
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    Comments here

    wanna join in? @Zeldafangirl @Ceat6 @Alaster Von Grim @wolfborn4 @Deadly Darkness @Agirl1107 @THEECLIPSE @Ldybug123 @JessBeth @Lilah Tunth @Ballerina @Legend:D @IkutoForever2222 @mewbot5408 @Imapeople000 @TheCandyEmo @Shining Valkyrie 
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    Character sheet

    name: age: gender:  race: Image: Power: bio: others:  
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    Zac Sol

    Name Zac Sol Age 23 Gender Male Appearance (Image) Personality normal mode: kind, happy, joyous, calm and Generous mission mode: Strict, serious, cold and numb Profession Hitman / Teacher Specializations (3 max and must be related to Personality or...
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    Cassiopea Sol

    Full Name: Cassiopea Sol   Nicknames: Rose, Cass , Sol   Age 23   Gender female   Angelic Parent:  Arch Angel  Iofiel - archangel whose name means "beauty of God."   Wing shape/color:    Powers Fire Manipulation  ...
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    Name Hikari Age 20 Gender female Appearance  CLICK HERE Personality energetic, funny, Sportive  and Loyal  Weapons  Mountain Glove Blade (if i got it right) Armor appearance  click here House location  cabin in the woods near the city...
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    Name  Jack   age  Ancient   history  too dark... so dark... no one will dare understand his pain (will be know in the rp)   slave or master Master   pic  if you cant see
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    lulu Sol

    Name  Lulu   age  18   history  Lulu was once the little princess of the Elven Kingdom when someone kidnap her and she ended up being sold as a Slave   slave or master slave    pic  if u cant see  
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    the Bunny

    Name  Azrael Sol   age  20   personality Psychotic,happy,weird type of guy    bio: this Handsome Bunny have a dark side in him. bit i dont think you will ever stay up knowing it (will be known in the rp)  ...
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    Irelia Sol

    Name : Irelia Sol   Nickname : Sol   Age : 18   Personality : happy,kind,shy and easy to get scared   Gender : female   Mythical Race : (Centaur , elf , goblin etc.) Mermaid   Appearance: (Image) if you cant see...