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  1. Alexandra

    Juka Manuya Vimala WIP

    Name; Juka Manuya Vimala Rank; Archon Gender; F Appearance; Like most Archons of Manu, Vimala appears mostly lacking in augmentations, preferring to wear a little as possible while not on active duty; an unspoken statement about how organic she is. Her horns may not be as impressive as those...
  2. Alexandra

    Fine art and illustration

    Unless I'm specifically working on a commission, show or installation, mixed media photo collage is what I tend to keep coming back to. I draw, paint, take photographs, hand make textures, then combine all of these into images. I've been at this for an awful long time, so let's see if I can get...
  3. Alexandra

    Lexi Smoke - WIP

    Name; Lexi Smoke Callsign; Fractal Age; 38 Gender; F Background Lexi climbed her way up from the bottom; her father was a prostitute, her mother a drug dealer, and her siblings following after in one way or another. She was the youngest daughter, the golden child; sometimes...
  4. Alexandra


    Name: Enid Ethnicity: Hrothgaard Path: The Silver Tree Appearance: Enid appears to be somewhere in her mid to late 30s. Everything about her appearance suggests she is unremarkable; her average height and build, the medium brown hair worn in a braid, the sensible clothes. She is not...
  5. Alexandra

    Diane Cooper

    Sweet China Rose In 1975 Mae Hall met the guitarist of an English rock band backstage at their concert in Palm Beach. Her outlook on life was coloured somewhat by the tail end of the 60s, and the anti-establishment views growing in the youth of America; she thought it would be terribly...
  6. Alexandra

    MGS marathon world record attempt

    Hello my lovelies. If any of you use twitch tv, there is a stream of a Metal Gear Solid marathon going on at the moment. An acquaintance of mine is attempting to set a Guinness World Record, and we're 32 hours in, and on MGS 4. Twitch
  7. Alexandra

    Strike Force Zero; Government sanctioned monster hunting

    Strike Force Zero is a faction from the Demon Hunter X book related to the Middle Kingdom line of Old World of Darkness. Yes, kind of obscure, I know, but I adore it. For the purposes of this game, I will be running it off New World of Darkness rules, because as much as I love the wobbly tower...
  8. Alexandra

    DriveThruRPG Halloween Promotion

    DriveThruRPG are giving three pdfs away for free until the 31st. Ravenloft; Night of the Walking Dead (2E), Eden Studios Presents; Volume 1, and Wraith; the Oblivion (1E). That last one is something I'm particularly fond of. I'll throw a link here for anyone interested.
  9. Alexandra

    Traditional  Painted tree witch ~

    One of the painted tree-witch characters we created for an operatic performance. Interestingly, this is the only SFW image I have, as we were painting naked models. I'll take more tomorrow, and show off the new blue colour scheme.
  10. Alexandra

    RP arrangement

    Apologies for the somewhat nebulous title; I wouldn't really sum it up in a couple of words. One thing I really miss about the boxes is how they arranges the games I was active in at the top, making them really quick and easy to find. I was wondering would it be possible to do the same with...
  11. Alexandra

    [All That Glitters] [All That Glitters] Zita

    [tabs]Name: Zita Sex: F Age: Height: 5'11" Weight: Eye Color: blue Hair Color: dirty blonde, kept short Distinguishing Marks: None. Zita keeps herself as unremarkable as possible, favouring a dark body glove and a cowl; any scars she carries are kept under wraps. Occasionally she...
  12. Alexandra

    Diane Cooper [Diabolus Ex Machina]

  13. Alexandra

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs!

    A World Gone Mad! Although the first signs of the cataclysm appeared in the mid-1980s, it was not until a decade later that the extent of the geological and ecological disaster became apparent. By the early 21st century, humankind had begun its retreat from an increasingly hostile surface to...
  14. Alexandra

    Photography  Spring Flooding

    It seems that my city would do well to rename itself Atlantis; we've spent far too much of 2014 under water...
  15. Alexandra

    Hunter the Vigil PDF

    And finally, Onyx Path's week of free PDFs comes to a close with the fabulous Hunter the Vigil corebook. From the new World of Darkness line, it contains everything one would need to play a variety of groups of humans who have become all too aware of the truth about the supernatural. Even if...
  16. Alexandra

    Mage the Ascension revised edition PDF

    Onyx Path are providing us with another blast from the past today, with Mage the Ascension available for download. This corebook belongs to the old WoD line, and deals with the various Traditions, the Technocracy and Nephandi, the 9 Spheres, and the various Umbral Realms. Reality is not fixed...
  17. Alexandra

    Werewolf the Forsaken PDF

    Happy new year, all. The first day of 2014, Onyx Path has a free PDF of Werewolf the Forsaken, from the new World of Darkness line. It cleaned up a bunch of the problems the old version faced, as well as being an excellent game for promoting group cohesion and direction. Werewolf: The...
  18. Alexandra

    Vampire the Masquerade; Vampire Dark Ages PDF

    Next up for Onyx Path's fabulous week of giveaways on DriveThruRPG is the Dark Ages setting source book for Vampire the Masquerade from the Old World of Darkness. This is quite a thick supplement, similar in size to the actual core book, and contains all rules necessary for playing the clans...
  19. Alexandra

    Exalted 2nd edition PDF

    Is today some kind of special day? Exalted 2E is free on PDF at DriveThruRPG today...anyone able to shed some light on this?
  20. Alexandra

    Other  Introductory type design workshops

    This may only be relevant to those with a love of design, and living in or near Seattle or Boston, and also, interestingly enough; Ireland. There shall be a series of three day workshops starting next week, and finishing in November, centered around typeface design. Y'know, if you guys are...