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  1. Alteras

    Other Cis

    Haaaa... and here's the staff post. We'd like to remind everyone to remain civil in your discussions. Obviously, this topic was probably gonna end up like this, but we as staff would at least like y'all to try to remain civil, without any spite or passive-aggressiveness. Here are the rules...
  2. Alteras

    System/Mechanics Thoughts on melding RPG/game-like systems into RP combat?

    So it sounds like you have an idea of what stats/mechanics you want brought into the RP. I have a few suggestions of my own, but it mostly depends on your setting. I'll just give advice on how to set up such an RP to make your (and your players lives) easier. It can work. The entire Dice...
  3. Alteras

    Advice/Help Big project, need help.

    I love Infinite Dendrogram and would definitely be interested in joining. As stated by many, Hosted Projects are the prime example of what you're looking for. That being said, you can do the same thing in normal forums using Threadmarks. I give you these two examples: SMITED...
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    Advice/Help I'm going to CRY

    The filter is very aggressive with new accounts. Usually it relaxes once you get 10 posts.
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    Advice/Help Silly/Utilitarian Magic Items/Potions

    Here's an item that I made for my character a long time ago. Band in a Box: A wooden block often seen in the hands of a bartender, it looks like an ordinary piece wood. Pouring a consumable liquid on it will make its walls recede to form a small wooden homunculi band. The band would proceed to...
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    Experiences Gender and Genre (again!)

    I haven't put this data into the program yet, but I think it'll be tough to find anything in the first place. Of course all of this is just for fun, but if I were to take it as a proper statistician, I'd say the data provided isn't gonna get me anywhere near 90% confidence in the results it...
  7. Alteras

    Experiences Gender and Genre (again!)

    Oooo, this is interesting. Are you willing to release the full spreadsheet version? I have a statistics program that can perform some regressions on the dataset. It'll be interesting to see if there's any actual correlation and would get me some use out of this 40$ program I had to pay for only...
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    Experiences People who take RP far too seriously

    Friendly mod reminder: Stay on topic. Thread is about Experiences with People who take roleplaying too seriously. People who go off on tangents should start their own threads or PMs. Likewise, remain respectful of fellow members, this will serve as your reminder prior to a warning. personal...
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    Advice/Help Horror Themes

    I believe here's a good example, tho the standard is quite fluid, so it can vary from this: Bob took a bit on the arm and moaned, "Tastes like chicken." That is fine. Bob took a bit of the arm and did x which resulting in y to happen and covered his face in z and.... would not where you could...
  10. Alteras

    Advice/Help Horror Themes

    So... umm..... Extreme gore is not allowed. Like some description is fine, but no massive detail list.
  11. Alteras

    Advice/Help Halp! How to make my character more active?

    You can lean into the fact that you've more or less been hidden from society to explore towns and cities when you go there. Play more into your curiosity and explore the towns. If your GM is the type to trigger random events because of players doing certain things, this would help a lot...
  12. Alteras

    Advice/Help What are the differences between Discord RP and RP on here?

    Well, welcome to RPNation. If you aren't familiar with forum based roleplays, you can find roleplays in the looking for group and looking for partner sections. Generally fandoms and fantasy (as well as realistic/modern) are the most popular genre categories, but we have a lot of others that you...
  13. Alteras

    Idea Drawing-based RP?

    While we are certainly a more post by post oriented site, we'd love to see an rp done by drawings on here. I personally am a huge fan of pixiv fantasia and sadden that there isn't a clean English translation of the summaries. From my own experiences and just a brief look through the creative...
  14. Alteras

    Other Creating a League of Legends Champion

    Well, I think there's 2 general ways you can approach this: 1) Think of the Lore 2) Think of the Mechanics Lore While it may be easy to say "pick a region," its honestly hard to do, and the most you'll get out of it is the aesthetic of the character. What you can do, if you're familiar with the...
  15. Alteras

    Advice/Help Can we prioritize accessibility?

    lol. Visual difficulties due to code is both a coding and a design problem. Not every coder is a designer, and not every designer is a good designer. Recent additions to BBCode have made it easier to code for different types of screens and readable for different types of people, but going...
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    Advice/Help Can we prioritize accessibility?

    Ah something I liked to add, FF's read mode doesn't work to well with RPN in general due to the forum layout. It seems to only display a few posts in a given page. Also iOS won't let you display a read mode version of the site, probably due to the same reason.
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    Advice/Help How to make a private group for RPing?

    You'd probably want to look into Hosted Project, although we have certain requirements for those, which you can read in the FAQ.
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    Advice/Help advice for playing as female character?

    ^ @The Little Bread Crumb I highly recommend this as a starting guideline to roleplaying as the opposite gender. You don't have to follow them, but they're quite a good set for those not so experienced. Personally, I adhere to my own set of slightly different theories and concepts, having RPed...
  19. Alteras

    Advice/Help Noob Advice

    Just advice about RPing or advice about the website?
  20. Alteras

    Advice/Help A bunch of questions!

    You would need to make a separate thread for an Interest Check, an IC, an OOC, Lore, and a CS thread. All RPs come with the ability to link to other threads, similar to a tab system, by editing the thread from the [...] button.