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  1. Alteras

    Fantasy Kill One Hundred Gods

    you've caught my interest especially with the runes. If i'm still interested or find a fc by the end of the week, i'll join.
  2. Alteras

    Fantasy Satan Shrugged

    You're in luck. I've been in a CS making mood lately, and can probably pump out another CS after I finish this one.
  3. Alteras

    Fantasy His Majesty's Band of Homicidal Maniacs

    I'll be honest, I spent all of last weekend wanting to make a certain character, and this RP just became my excuse. I'm on board!
  4. Alteras

    Fantasy Ever After All [OPEN]

    In that case I shall bow out. Perhaps another time!
  5. Alteras

    Fantasy Ever After All [OPEN]

    OOOOOooooooo definitely onboard
  6. Alteras

    Futuristic First Contact: Orient

    So just wanna let ya know why it keeps going into the mod queue: This generally happens to new accounts, and would quickly go away after accruing some more posts. feel free to continue onto discord if you want, but if you do, I have to move this interest check to the "Off-site Area"
  7. Alteras

    Fantasy Let's Try That Again

  8. Alteras

    Fantasy The Alchemists of Asteria(Open)

    Expressing interest, tho don't count me in just yet.
  9. Alteras

    Fantasy The legendary travelling party- a isekai rp

    interested, tho don't count me just yet. Lots of stuff i gotta start preparing for.
  10. Alteras

    Fantasy On Treacherous Tides & Whirling Winds

    Shhhhhh. XD
  11. Alteras

    Fantasy On Treacherous Tides & Whirling Winds

    In an attempt to bring myself back into roleplaying, i shall join, or at least start to work on the cs.
  12. Alteras

    Fantasy Isekai Rule Request Thread

    *raises hand* I'm interested as well. Well, more like, I might join. Would like to know what the specifics of the RP are before I jump full in. The only other thing that can stop me will be if I have a busy schedule next year.
  13. Alteras

    Fantasy A Guild of Heroes...

    Think of “The Guild of Heroes” as just a name. They’re called the Guild of Heroes because the founders became heroes on the scale of defeating demon lords. They act more as an adventurer’s Guild, with good intentions of course. Everyone is welcome
  14. Alteras

    Fantasy A Guild of Heroes...

    This is actually the 17th if we count your experimental chapter 2 as one.
  15. Alteras

    Fantasy A Guild of Heroes...

    LETS DO THIS!!!!
  16. Alteras

    Fantasy A Guild of Heroes...

    GODDAMNIT BIRDSIE I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED MY CS FOR YOUR OTHER GOH RP. AHHHHH!!!! You'll have one of my older CSes Take your pick: A Beautiful Archer or a Clothes Merchant who fights with a Giant Sewing Needle?
  17. Alteras

    Fantasy Guild of Heroes: Origins [GRAND RE-OPENING]

    It's not like I've been working on this character for the past 3 months and still am, baka!! Of course I'll join, even if you didn't ask me!!! Hmph!!
  18. Alteras

    Realistic or Modern Starlight Shores: Mafia Crime Story Interest check (semi-casual) (Still looking for more people!)

    Oooo, this looks interesting. I'll prob wait until we get an idea of what the setting is, but I'd prob be down.