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  1. Alteras

    Help rpnation Vs other platforms for rp

    I recommend taking a read through How to Create a Roleplay and Comprehensive Guide to RpNation (though the comprehensive guide is currently broken). So the usual standard here when it comes to multiple characters is to simply list the character's name in the IC at the beginning, usually with...
  2. Alteras

    Answered Possible Bug

    You should be using pacific time, which you can change at If you're ever in doubt of when a post is made, hover over the time stamp of the post, and a pop up will display the time of post based on your computer's time
  3. Alteras

    Answered Possible Bug

    Uhh... so in CST right now, it's already thursday (past 12 already).
  4. Alteras

    Answered Can't delete threads?

    If you want a thread deleted, please either report it or open a staff contact thread.
  5. Alteras

    Suggestion Folders for the Private Workshop

    Back to the main subject, it isn't possible with how the private workshop is set up and designed. The private workshop is actually just one big category forum that everyone can access, it's just that you can't see each other's private workshop. But on the back end, everyone is sharing the same...
  6. Alteras

    Suggestion Folders for the Private Workshop

    So in the inbox, you should be able to see a small checkbox on each PM thread, click on it and it should bring up a bar at the bottom of the screen, there you can select options to apply/remove filters.
  7. Alteras

    Suggestion Folders for the Private Workshop

    Labels hide away labeled PM to their own Labels folder. You can still use them like normal PMs, just that when you're in your inbox, you don't see them. You can set the labels yourself, or your can set up an auto filter that will catch words or phrases and assign a label to them.
  8. Alteras

    Other Spam filter

    So the filter is something that's been in discussion for us staff members, and definitely something that we're always looking into improving. Here's the current explanation for why the filter is set the way it is. The filter prevents spam, not spam as in quality, but spam as in quantity. RPN...
  9. Alteras

    Other Introduce Yourself! You aren't able to delete accounts.
  10. Alteras

    Suggestion Official RpNation Suggestions for Sub-Genres, Dice Systems & Tags

    Or would a tag like "Game Elements" be something more of what you're thinking? Game Elements: an RP with in world game elements such as leveling and classes. We're actually having a pretty tough time figuring out what you want. A lot of RPs, and more specifically character sheets, are derived...
  11. Alteras

    Answered Posted thread in Incorrect Area.

    It has been moved. You can report your misplaced thread with a note for us staff or poke us in staff contacts in the future.
  12. Alteras

    Help Tag question!

    you can suggest it: Suggestion - Official RpNation Suggestions for Sub-Genres, Dice Systems & Tags
  13. Alteras

    Help Tag question!

    just all applicable subgenres, though since it seems yours is more of a multiple fandoms than just a straight naruto fandom, I'd recommend only multiverse. Up to your discretion. Anime as a sub-genre is should be treated as specific anime fandoms while anime as a tag should be anime as a...
  14. Alteras

    Help Tag question!

    you can use all applicable tags.
  15. Alteras

    Answered Signatures on mobile?

    they don't. They take up too much screen real estate for mobile.
  16. Alteras

    Help Tag troubles!

    Can you send us a screenshot of what the page looks like? Also, please copy and save whatever you have typed into the post onto a word doc.
  17. Alteras

    Answered how do i?

  18. Alteras

    Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: February 2019

    None apparently. jk jk I'll give you a proper answer in the next newsletter XD
  19. Alteras

    Help Okay so what exactly is nation building?

    The specifics vary from rp to rp, but to put it simply, it's where players control nations and role play as the nation. It depends on how the RP is set up, but the player will either post as the nation itself (basically posting information about happenings inside their nation) or as the leaders...
  20. Alteras

    Suggestion Bumps in search areas?

    We don't have it codified in our community guidelines since it seems like such a basic etiquette to us. I'll bring it up with the rest of staff that we might have to put it somewhere. Till then, just report the bumps when you see them. We'll get to it when we can.