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  1. Sana Natsuko

    Resource  Starry Sheet for starry characters!

    If you don't want either a picture or text version of your appearance, feel free to remove the entire div. But don't forget to change the height in nonStickyInformation! Appearance Quite odd and usually doesn't know what they...
  2. Sana Natsuko

    Resource  Side menu with nested menu

    [div class=page] [div class=pageTitle]A Simple Test (Now working with mobile!)[/div] [div class=pageSideMenu] [div class=pageMenuTitle]First Tabs[/div] About What can it be used for? How was it made? [div...
  3. Sana Natsuko

    Resource  A Submission box

    All this code below is pretty much stolen from the BBCode+ guide by Lyro and the bottom will probably be the same except I have played with the colours and a bit of script. As of right now, this is a submission box like seen in the BBCode+ Tutorial for a character sheet. What I have added is a...