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  1. SippingSnowflakes

    Fandom  Looking for some people to do a BNHA RP with(or mess around with)!

    Heyo! I'm looking for a few people to RP with within the BNHA universe. I wasn't thinking anything super serious, maybe just some dorks from 1-A messing around or doing whatever. I don't have a line limit, just don't go crazy with everything. Other than that, I'm cool with anything! I hope to...
  2. SippingSnowflakes

    Other  Penguins.

    Penguins are evil. Penguins are manipulative. They could literally murder another one of their kind on camera, and the camera person would be like, "Aww, penguins!" Because humans are fickle, and that's why we will all be killed by penguins.
  3. SippingSnowflakes


    Hello, everyone. My name is Master David, but you can't call me anything.