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  1. Lord Food Person

    Fandom  Fandom Cravings Search (Lots of M/M)

    Wassup y’all. It’s Foodie here, and I have re-evaluated me cravings and found that more has been added onto my list search. Below, are the lists of fandoms in searching for with 1-5 stars representing craving level. Anime: Boku no Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia*** Dragon Ball Z Kai/Dragon...
  2. Lord Food Person

    Fandom  Multiple Anime Fandoms RP

    Wassup y’all! The name’s Foodie and I’m searching for a partner willing to roleplay these fandoms with me! Fandoms: The asterisks indicte how much of a craving I have for the particular fandom on a scale of 1-5. The red X means I am no longer searching for rp partners for that particular...
  3. Lord Food Person


    Wassup yo. I'm Foodie and I luv anime and food. I'm 18 years olds and school is kicking me butt.