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  1. juhaku

    Fandom A3! recruitment thread!

    DMed you!
  2. juhaku

    Fandom  Looking for A3! writers ✿

    I'm desperate for some interaction with other A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) roleplayers! I've been writing as Banri Settsu for a couple years now and my ships I'm looking to write are Juza/Banri, Banri/Itaru and Banri/Tsumugi but I'd love to get some interacts going with any other A3! characters as...
  3. juhaku

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    I've never used this site to RP but tumblr sucks nowadays, so let's give this a shot? I'm quite versatile in range, usually stick to canon verse but am open to branching out. I always write in para-style and am a sucker for angst, hence most of my muses having a long history of emotional...