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    Multiple Settings  Path of Tōkaidō

    In the year 1605, during the Edo period in the country known as Japan, the importance and popularity of the now-famous Tōkaidō road became well known, as well as the fifty-three stops along its path. Starting in Tokyo and ending in Kyoto, the road was accessible, easy for most to travel on, and...
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    Fandom  Welcome to Lucky Land
    Index: Prolouge

    The brightly-colored billboard towered over the somewhat-shady area where the trains stopped, and the station sat quiet and tranquil. A handful of employees walked away from the benches near the tracks, throwing their packed lunches in the trash and speaking to their managers, as the lunch hour...
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    Fandom  Lucky Land Map

    With the help of our very own Paisley Park, you can navigate our extremely entertaining star-shaped attractions with ease! Entrance Area 1 - Windknight's Lot Welcome to the historic Windknight's Lot, running along Ogre Street and a look back into the past for the entrance of Lucky Land. Non-...
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    Fandom  Lucky Land Visitors Pass [Character Creation]

    Your Visitor Pass! Please fill out all the following information. Basics Full Name Nickname and/or Alias Gender Age (Should be 18 or Older) Sexuality Date of Birth Place of Birth Race/Ethnicity Appearance Glue Your Picture Here! Or, Describe Yourself Personality Three Positive Traits Three...
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    Fandom  Lucky Land Online Board [OOC]

    Chatting, questions, and general 'stuff' goes here, yeah.
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    Fandom  Welcome to Lucky Land [Open]

    One of the most anticipated events of the two years during it's construction. Lucky Land is the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Theme Park that everyone had been hoping for, and with a partnership with Hirohiko Araki himself, the art and rides were sure to be astounding. With leaked blueprints even...
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    Realistic or Modern  Agawa Rift - Character Creation

    Ino Citizen License Appearance Photo/Description/Both Full Name Alias/Nicknames Sexuality Background (Should include Ino, or generally in the Kochi Prefecture) Personality (Short/Long, Can be Elaborated On in Story) Skills (Realistic Skills, Can be Related to Background) Favorite Anime/Manga
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    Realistic or Modern  Agawa Rift - Out of Character

    So... yeah. There's not many themes or coding I really can do for this page, and I'm pretty sure you all know how this works. The cool thing about this RP is that it can have a large number of/very few characters, so we should be good so far. So, yeah.
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    Multiple Settings  Agawa Rift [Original Story]

    On the island of Shikoku, in the Kōchi Prefecture, within the Agawa District, lies the sleepy town of Ino, a small Japanese town that is only notable for its paper production. There, kids and adults work, live, sleep, and eat. Not much happens within the settlement, until strange items start to...
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    Multiple Settings  Agawa Rift

    On the island of Shikoku, in the Kōchi Prefecture, within the Agawa District, lies the sleepy town of Ino, a small Japanese town that is only notable for its paper production. There, kids and adults work, live, sleep, and eat. Not much happens within the settlement, until strange items start to...
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    Fandom  Bells of Despair - Class Forums [OOC]

    Welcome to the Bellchime Academy Discussion Board and Forum! Here, you may discuss with users the other members and/or possible histories or discussions about the school in total. We also encourage discussion between students themselves, and any questions or bugs with the site should be...
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    Fandom  Bells of Despair - Class Profile Sheets

    SCHOOL NOTICE Remember to read the rules! Those have important news about secrets and/or conversations with other characters. If you've forgotten, the stakes are real for every character, thus extra characters are encouraged, with the average number around two or three, but I won't stop you...
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    Fandom  Ringing the Bells of Despair [Looking for 1-2 More!]

    @leviathan. The Bell Strikes Once. You're Invited! The day that you have both dreaded and almost over-prepared for has come. You and a select handful of others have been selected to be part of Bellchime Academy, one of the finest insitutions in Japan, with only those that are the best...
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    Multiple Settings  The Town on the Hill [Horror/Fandom]

    A Town Without Secrets is Forcefully Given Some... In the depths of a completely normal area of Delaware, lies a completely normal town of normal people who live normal lives in the modern years. Within this town are a group of kids who enjoy the recent and past horror movements, specifically...
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    Other  Favorite ARGs/Webseries?

    I've been getting into Alternate Reality Games and Webseries recently, and I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a few good ones. Old and New ones would be appreciated, popular or not. The only one I've really dug deep into is Petscop, but an ARGs, Webseries, generally...
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    Realistic or Modern  Happy Campers

    You Camp Inferno Hey, I know its been a while since we've talked, but I've recently been faced with a new job opportunity. There's this camp, Camp Inferno, that's opening soon. It's very interesting, and very retro. They contacted me pretty recently actually, and have asked me to be a counselor...
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    Give me a topic or piece of media, and I'll make a movie/series about it

    I've recently thought about how horrible a lot of movies based on harder pieces of media can be to make, so I thought I'd try it myself. The rules are simple: Post a basic name for a game, book, board game, stuff like that that isn't already on television or a streaming service. I'll go...
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    Fandom  A Bizzare Day!

    The morning air flowing and bending through the streets of Brookhaven was crisp and fresh, with spring finally started and the colder, rainier weather left behind. For most people, it was a normal Saturday morning, full of sleeping in, eating a hearty breakfast, watch Saturday-morning...
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    Fandom  Some Bizzare Lore!

    Locations in Brookhaven Brooke's Haven - A large multiplex shopping mall located near the center of town, and one of the biggest prides of Brookhaven. From entertainment to food to shopping, the mall (though small in comparison to other major cities) is cozy in its own way, and loved by the...
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    Fandom  A Bizzare Character Creation Sheet!

    (Please follow this template, as its useful and just fun to look at.) (You can also, and encourage you to do this, change the background color to a major color your character/stand is associated with) Full 'Nickname' Name Age-Years-Old Country of Birth | Currently lives in Brookehaven...