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  1. Datbrony

    Other  The list of words that you can't say anymore

    niggard - a legitimate word that sounds like a racial slur (basically just means stingy) Retarded - a word I used quite frequently. People are now getting offended at you because they think that you're calling out handicapped people for being stupid. ------ - a word that no one will, or ever had...
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    Bug  Possible PM bug

    so, I just messaged someone who's offline, and the second I sent it it said "all participants have left the conversation permenantly, they definitely haven't ignored me, and this is the first time I've pmed them post-update. Is this a bug?? Or do I just know jack shit about the way this site works
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    Help  One last question...

    Is it breaking any rules to have an alternate account?
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    Help  Why is there a character limit on my status updates?

    theres a character limit when I post a status update to MY profile. When I reply to it or post one on another person's profile, there's a character limit. Do I just have to make an alternate account and post a status update to my profile to type the full message in one post? XD. Please fix this...
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    Fandom  SCP: Containment breach

    I'm assuming everyone reading this knows what SCP is. For those of you who don't, well. It's a horror game, so don't look it up if you're faint hearted. You can watch like, a ten minute first episode of a lets play of it to get the basic idea of the game. Anyways exposition time :opensmile...
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    The THIRD to last person to post wins

    So far I'm losing.
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    Fandom  Overwatch: the wall ooc

    I'll be playing Winston just so you know. main page: 
  8. Datbrony

    Fandom  Overwatch: the wall character page

    Just uhh... pick your hero. You can't pick tracer because she's dead ;-;  I main pages, this is the main page. 
  9. Datbrony

    Fandom  Overwatch: the wall

    (This isn't canon, the only thing that's canon is the characters and world) The year: 2053. the setting: border crossing checkpoint, San Diego. Greetings friends, Winston here. I know we... Haven't talked in a while. That last mission tore us apart. But there's... A problem. A rogue...
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    Describe a perfect world in one sentence

    I'll be the obvious ones out of the way;  a world without trump. a world without Hillary. a world without you.
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    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    Oh dear, this'll be a fun one. I really only made this because of my avatar let the games begin.
  12. Datbrony

    Define the avatar above you in one word

    Yeh, just uhh... Define the avatar above you in one word. :3
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    Realistic or Modern  7 days to die

    Here's the link if you're interested
  14. Datbrony

    Fandom  7 days to die, a zombie apocalypse Rp.

    here's the link for  the setting
  15. Datbrony

    Fandom  7days to die characters

    Appearence: (picture preferred) gender: age: Short bio: (1-3 sentences) name: specialty (one per character.):  (don't metagame.)
  16. Datbrony

    Fandom  7 days to die (Open 'till the 7th day!)

    The location: navezgane, Arizona (not a real place) The time: November 16, 2017. "hey, get up. Get in the car. Wake up dammit! Don't you all hear the sirens? The end of the world. It's here!" A man wearing a blue shirt and denim jeans shakes you all awake, you got wasted at a party...
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    Realistic or Modern  Ypres: life in the trenches

    Trench warfare is a type of land warfare using occupied fighting lines consisting largely of trenches, in which troops are significantly protected from the enemy's small arms fire and are substantially sheltered from artillery. The most famous use of trench warfare is the Western Front in World...
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    Fandom  My little pony: glacier peak

    Click the link for more information 
  19. Datbrony

    Fandom  My little pony: glacier peak characters

    For the main thread, click the link So, I'm assuming all of you are using your oc's since this is an original location and is not in the same universe as the show. for your oc's I require A: a drawing of your OC...
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    I just made this account because... My name should explain everything, and I'm wondering how this website's community reacts to bronies. Every other site reacts to them like they're cacti