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  1. blueteajj

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a long term rp partner!

    Heyo! My name's Jack, and I'm looking for some long term peeps to rp with! 90% of my roleplays are OC based, but I'm decent at writing for certain fandoms. I'm cool with tons of different scenarios, so don't be afraid to pitch any idea you might have ;v;. I like a lot of genres but my favourites...
  2. blueteajj

    A deadly game of hide and seek [Need more people]

    hey are y'all still accepting for this?
  3. blueteajj

    Fandom Hazbin Hotel 1x1 Roleplay Search

    that's valid! i have an oc or two that i could use depending on what you're interested in ;v;
  4. blueteajj

    Fandom Hazbin Hotel 1x1 Roleplay Search

    Hey! I'd be interested in this! What's the general plot that you'd like to rp?
  5. blueteajj

    i swear i'm working on a persona icon right now 'v'

    i swear i'm working on a persona icon right now 'v'
  6. blueteajj

    Multiple Settings Frog's RP Search! (MxM, MxF, FxF) (Fandoms & OCs) (Open)

    Heyo! You seem like a super neat person and I'd love to rp something with you! I'm in a few of the fandoms you listed, but I mainly do OC. I'd be down for pretty much anything, most of the scenarios seem interesting. Let me know if you're interested my dude!
  7. blueteajj

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi ;v; My name's Jack, I'm new, I have no idea how to properly use the site yet but I'm figuring it out at my own pace. I've been roleplaying and creatively writing for about 6 or 7 years now. I roleplay in the literate style, but can also do script. I mainly roleplay with OCs, but have...