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  1. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Xaiver high school ooc

    The official thread chat for xaiver high school incase we cant add anymore people to the xaiver conversation chat room Members of the group only Incase we cant add anymore people to the chat Albert_drake Lotheralaix Illythia AngelDragon Letho PolikShadowbliss Gallifrog Sanguis Zachjoker...
  2. Miasmith17

    Request  Help Wanted

    hi everyone i am looking for someone who could draw a map layout of a school for xaiver high school group, we have a anime picture of the school looks but need to make a layout map so the roleplayers of the group can understand where everything is. we have dorms, gym, classrooms, track/football...
  3. Miasmith17

    Fandom  🐞Miraculous Ladybug Group CS🐞

    WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL ML GROUP CHARACTER SHEET PAGE Here we will fill out the character sheet so we can know more about the character you are rping as. For canon and oc characters oc form: name: gender: likes: dislikes: hobbies: bio: Normal looks: miraculous: hero or villian looks: kawami...
  4. Miasmith17

    TV & Film  Marvel spiderman and other shows, thoughts and news

    omg i just saw this and im so excited for this!!! it seems marvel rising, avengers assemble, guardians of the galaxy and marvels spider-man animated series universes are now becoming one or they somehow all are having symbiotes attack come to their worlds these episodes of season three of...
  5. Miasmith17

    TV & Film  voting poll for daredevil and more

    to vote: Sign the Petition to find more information on how you can help: calling all fans of marvel netflix show, your vote is needed to help save this show. marvel is planing to replace daredevil actor and cast but there is a petition to save the cast and actor...
  6. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Batfamily group rp sign up

    Welcome to the sign up page, this group idea is based on a rp idea i have had for awhile now......i have always wanted to rp this idea but have been unable to find anyone to rp. so i decided to turn it into a group roleplay rules: idea: One night in gotham city, batman finds my oc alone...
  7. Miasmith17

    Fandom  OC and canon character sheets for Xavier High School RP

    Put your original character info here. Remember to put your crush and school year (sophomore, junior, freshmen or senior). Each person will have a roommate assigned to their dorm. OC and canon character sheets for Xavier High School RP: • Albert Benjamin Parker / Spider-Man - character sheet...
  8. Miasmith17

    TV & Film  Miraculous ladybug hype

    Omg i cant wait for reflekdoll Im still avoiding party crasher until the other episodes before that are added
  9. Miasmith17

    Fandom  💚Plot ideas i would like to rp: (Fandom ideas listed inside)

    Ideas: (if it has a color heart then it is currently being rped) 1.danny phantom: my oc is a new character at school she is mysterious and kind but has two secrets, she has powers and is vlad adopted daughter who he plans to use agianst danny to take over amity but she has a crush on danny and...
  10. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Magical girls rp

    welcome this is where the magical girl group rp will be started starter: it was a calm february evening, everyone was sleeping peacefully and quietly until a they all end up in the same nightmare, they awaken in the nightmare to find themselves in a labyrith maze, the villians want something...
  11. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Sign up for Xavier high school (dc marvel)

    Hi everyone who have stumpled onto this group, this rp will be based on the avengers, justice league, arrowverse or any marvel dc character in their high school years. To join you must pick a character or oc to rp as and if its oc then put a oc form Characters needed have a * Canon character...
  12. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Miraculous ladybug AU group rp sign up

    there are ancient jewelry called miraculous told to have tales of magical powers.....the most powerful being creation and destruction..................but because of this there are evil people who want them to use the miraculous power for evil and chaos. thats why there are heroes recruited by...
  13. Miasmith17

    TV & Film  Miraculous new trailer and conspiracies

    If you havent seen miraculous ladybug finale: heroes day part one and two, i wouldnt read this until you have watched them. These are my opinions and my ideas of what might happen. Today a new trailer for season three episode one of miraculous was uploaded, (for those who havent seen it i would...
  14. Miasmith17

    Story  Iron archer

    chapter one:the vigilantie is a kid?! it was a calm normal night, a jock walking down the streets heard a commotion and ran into the alleyway, he sees white archer fighting two theifs White archer using arrows to pin one theif to the wall after kicking him to the wall and freezes the other...
  15. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Marvel Defenders and spiderverse group rp

    Welcome, this rp is based on the series defenders which means canon characters mostly for this rp. The hand has been causing much chaos to the city, someone needs to put a stop to this before the city becomes under the hand control. Luke, jessica, danny and matt will stand up for their sides of...
  16. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Magical girl group rp

    Welcome to magical girl rp, this group rp will begin shortly but first you must do two things: 1. Pick which character or tell me which oc you will be 2. Choose which plot idea would be ideal for the rp form example: lily master from precure group: (precure five go go, max heart, smile precure...
  17. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Xavier high school (dc and marvel group rp)

    Hi everyone who have stumpled onto this group, this rp will be based on the avengers, justice leage, arrowverse or any marvel dc character in their high school years. To join you must pick a character or oc to rp as and if its oc then put a oc form Canon character list: -Dc comic- Oliver...
  18. Miasmith17

    Idea  What kind of group should i make?

    I want to know what kind of group rp you would be intrested in Vote and the one with the most votes i will make into a group rp
  19. Miasmith17

    Fandom  🐞Miraculous ladybug group AU roleplay 🐞

    Hi, welcome to the miraculous ladybug roleplay page. Characters: Marinette/ladybug/ladynoir/ Mulmouse: @BellePotter_Stormcloud Adrien/chat noir/lovebug/snake noir: @MishaBear Nino/carapace Alya/rena rouge: Chloe/queen bee: @king_of_demons12 Nathaniel Juleka Luka Sabrina Gabriel/hawkmoth...
  20. Miasmith17

    Fandom  Characters i rp as

    Hi these are characters i can rp as but first rules: 1.i rp on here in pm 2. Be able to reply daily or once a week Characters i rp as: 1. Darkwing duck 2.spider gwen now known as ghost girl 3. Alya/rena rouge from miraculous ladybug and other characters from miraculous 4. Batman the adam west...