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  1. Arion

    Story  the supernova

    with the coming of fall on the horizon, there is nothing more than sorrow on the mind of the human race within its final beating moments. the golden age had long since passed, and though it still brought itself to bear on the future, silver mandible locked against the tail of indignation against...
  2. Arion

    Nation Building  ɴᴜᴄʟᴇᴀʀ ꜱᴀʟᴀᴅꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴜɴꜱᴀꜰᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇɴꜱ | CS

    Outpost Name Details Identifying Symbolism Leaders/Guides Sanctuary Type [Satellite, Station, etc.] Government Type [If any] Population [0-1000] Important Assets Strength Movement Capabilities [Rockets? Monoprop? Even fire extinguishers?] Communication Capabilities [Radios, airhorns...
  3. Arion

    Nation Building  {|} ɴᴜᴄʟᴇᴀʀ ꜱᴀʟᴀᴅꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴜɴꜱᴀꜰᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇɴꜱ {|}

    It had all ended in a fiery haze. Hundreds of thousands of years of progress flushed down the drain, and all was well again. The hostilities had ended, finally. Earth was safe. With time, the cockroaches died out, and the nests had flown away in the cool breeze. It was almost as if the planet...
  4. Arion

    Journal  Up at an ungodly hour. Thinking about shit I guess.

    lmao I wonder if theres a planet somewhere in the multiverse where fast food dives serve gourmet food and actual resturants serve shitty mcdonald's burgers and stuff that'd be pretty cool but wait wouldn't that mean that you would wait in the parking lot for like an hour just waiting for...
  5. Arion

    Idea  Looking for moderators for a Discord RP.

    Hi! I'll cut to the point. I'm Arion, i'm a junkie for cyberpunk and 2020 in general. I'm putting together a group-Discord RP. One problem though. I need some people to help me construct this server, it's already fairly close to being finished. I also need, though, some moderators to keep the...
  6. Arion

    Poetry  The Opportunity

    Here I am The red sands before me My movement controlled by he My creator smiles But my arm hurts My eyes are withering away with time But I stay here My duty upheld My dreams kept grounded But don't worry friend We will meet again And you will witness the red sands
  7. Arion

    Fantasy  [] God's Of Yesterday [] CS []

    Tips For Characters 1. Cringy stuff here is fine, it's encouraged. What isn't is garbage sob stories for no reason. Try not to be edgy please. I'm fine with a mention of parental abandonment, but don't base your character around it. 2. Not really a rule, but more of a suggestion, the "powers...
  8. Arion

    Fantasy  [] God's of Yesterday [] OOC []

    Here you go, this may be used interchangeably with the Discord if enough people want one.
  9. Arion

    Fantasy  [] God's of Yesterday [] Reboot []

    ────── 〔✿〕────── God's Of Yesterday You Wash Up On A Beach The Beginning It was supposed to be a normal fucking day. You got out of bed, you ate your shitty breakfast and went to work, you did your job. But on the way home something happened. You saw a flash of white light and you had a mouth...
  10. Arion

    Mass Assault Doctrines and You: A guide to warfare in the far future!

    So you've just taken your trip to the nearest recruiter, eh? Poor sod doesn't even know the horrors of- Sorry, didn't know that the commlink was on. Welcome civilian, we hope that you'll find your time in the military to spiritually help you, and emotionally better you. To your left is the...
  11. Arion

    Advice/Help  Has this ever been done before? I'm desperate for some advice here.

    Good evening. So basically, I had this idea for a history in which Earth never had sulfur, so the human race never created guns and stuck to melee. The Hundred Years War actually went on for another three thousand years into the present, and so the entirety of the Human race's military...
  12. Arion

    Realistic or Modern  Witness Our Fall ☆ Medieval Future ☆ [Reboot]

    Witness Our Fall Witness Our Fall What if your worst dream had come true? What would you do? What if spiders and bugs suddenly crawled up and down your skin, you fell off a building, or a monster was under your bed? What if your mother died? Or your kids were kidnapped? Or you had cancer...
  13. Arion

    Story  Things aren't what they seem.

    I woke up screaming. I was just birthed after all, unable to hear the warm cooing of my mother because of the afterbirth coating my ears. I felt a pinch near my stomach as the umbilical was cut, only strengthening my cries, but my mother didn't care. She was filled with joy, her beautiful baby...
  14. Arion

    Realistic or Modern  RUST-Themed Feudalist Post-Apoc RP, [Names Needed]

    UNNAMED Witness Our Fall What if your worst dream had come true? What would you do? What if spiders and bugs suddenly crawled up and down your skin, you fell off a building, or a monster was under your bed? What if your mother died? Or your kids were kidnapped? Or you had cancer? Now what...
  15. Arion

    Realistic or Modern  delete plox

    mobile version is hard
  16. Arion

    Futuristic  -22° and Dropping - Førgøtten

    Whatup my dudes, yesterday I started thinking of nostalgic stuff and remembered -22° and dropping, from the Roblox days of old. Like, 2012 old. And I checked it out and it's dead as fuck, the discord links in the group don't work, and i'm pretty sure the lore is lost to the ages. So! I decided...
  17. Arion

    Futuristic  -22° and Dropping - Førgøtten | Nostalgic-ass Nuclear Winter RP

    In the 80's Soviet tensions with the US reached a peak when attempts to find Oil in the Arctic ended in blood for both sides, a small war started up and the DEFCON's started ticking down, until the world was lit a fiery blaze, however, all was not lost as bunkers were created which protected a...
  18. Arion

    Fandom  Cyberpunk 2077: Second Chance {|} Brutal Cyberpunk 2077-Themed RP

    "High Tech, Low Life." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A large man, African-American, about thirty-ish, comes out of the blackness of death. The only thing your crippled, ruined body can feel is the vibrations from his words, the anger to understand what...