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  1. Erreul

    Futuristic [ACTIVE RP - OPEN] Iron Batallion

    This thing still open?
  2. Erreul

    Fantasy Astria ~CS~

    Name: Dane Harland Age: 25 Gender: Male Race: Human Position: Crewman Hometown/Birthplace: Great Pinoscao, an aging town that was once the center of the Faldoni Combine, it's geographic and social importance has been replaced by the new capitol. Those that still live on in the old...
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    Fantasy Court Of Secrets [Reboot]

  4. Erreul

    Fandom Shadowrun: Pillars of Salt

    I'd be down if this is still alive.
  5. Erreul

    Multiple Settings A villainous hideout [multi fandom rp]

    Yeah, I'd be down to play this.
  6. Erreul

    Fantasy The Unseen World | Secret Society RP | (CLOSED)

    Oh, was this not based around the game? Well let me know man, I have nostalgia for that game, I can be flexible for what you need.
  7. Erreul

    just saying hi

    Welcome to the site my man.
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    D&D: The Lost Empire (5th ED Interest Check)

    Interested, if it's still open.
  9. Erreul

    Fantasy Eximo At Your Service! [FIGHT AGAINST THE EVIL]

    Yeah. Some lore when I get home- yeeh heh boi
  10. Erreul

    Fantasy Eximo At Your Service! [FIGHT AGAINST THE EVIL]

    I’ll help get it going, sure.
  11. Erreul

    Fantasy The Dead Reanimated: A Zombie Apocalypse rp. (might change the name later)

    Harold shifted in his position slightly as he eyed a group of zombies from behind a truck, it was odd of them to be simply standing out in the open, so he assumed it was either a trap, or someone had just been caught and aten there. He simply slid up on top of the car to see from a better...
  12. Erreul

    Nation Building Days of Chivalry - IC

    Bryant nodded and looked at his lord with a questioning look. Was he not to answer honestly when his eminence asks him? He had looked quiet uneasy when he was hiving his opinion, something he would have to ask about afterwards. He quickly looked around the tent to see if anyone else had slid in...
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    There are no messages on Erreul's profile yet.
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    Other What's the weirdest trend you've seen?

    Planking was pretty dumb.
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    Nation Building Days of Chivalry - IC

    Bryant gave a nod to the other two men before grabbing a chair from the corner and pulling up with the others now sitting at the table. He chewed the question over as he looked at the wood and ran his hand over it, taking the question extremely seriously and the weight was clearly showing on his...
  16. Erreul

    Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: December 2018

    Man, there’s more of a community than I thought on this place if there’s a newsletter highlighting people, that’s actually pretty cool.
  17. Erreul

    Video Games Hearts of Iron IV

    I like to play the random country placement mod then try to get a backstory going about how the countries came to be in such retarded positions.
  18. Erreul

    Fantasy A War in the West [OPEN]

    Graken leaned against the tree, eyeing the band of men walking down the road just down the way, it had be a long march but finally the small party of 50 had made their way to where they here heading. Hefting his axe up he looked over at the fires of the camp they were there to investigate, and...
  19. Erreul

    Nation Building Days of Chivalry Character Archive

    DAYS OF CHIVALRY CHARACTER APPLICATION SHEET NAME: Bryant Helarnd AGE: 24 NATIONALITY: Ironforged SEX: Male STATUS: New blood Infantry Officer/ Low-Born Courtier OCCUPATION: Newly promoted Lieutenant of the 'Walls of Stathford' and Woodworker LOYALTY: Born and bred Ironforged, loyal to...
  20. Erreul

    Fantasy The Dead Reanimated OOC

    Sounds good man, I'll let you do your thing and toss you some PM's, best way to learn is just to do it honestly.