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  1. double-double

    Advice/Help How do I actually get an RP going?

    It's because the group RP setting. I've rarely had issues with 1x1 Rps. Goodluck.
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    Other feeling like quiting...

    When I think Caps, I don't really consider that grammar, myself. I can however see the two things I mentioned above being big issues. Easy to fix though! :)
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    Other feeling like quiting...

    The way you word things is a little weird. I'm not sure if you're young or if English is your second language. I can see many very basic errors in your post above. You need to cap. 'I' I counted 12 times you used lowercase i. Next cap the first letter of every sentence. At a glance I saw at...
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    Fandom LOST RP anyone (Canon x OC)?

    They took it off netflix. T_T I'd you like' I can do either of them for ya'
  5. double-double

    Fandom LOST RP anyone (Canon x OC)?

    We love same boys. They are the best boys!
  6. double-double

    Cutest icon on the planet!

    Cutest icon on the planet!
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    CAN DELETE - Thank you.

    It's pretty general and I don't want to give too much away.
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    CAN DELETE - Thank you.

    I'll send you a message shortly. Thank you.
  9. double-double

    CAN DELETE - Thank you.

    If you've got a few spare minutes. Comment below I'll DM you my situation and you can advise me. Please and Thank You! -Dee
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    Video Games Need a FREE pc game

    MapleStory then. :P
  11. double-double

    Video Games Need a FREE pc game

    Do you have a gaming pc? ArcheAge or Tera
  12. double-double

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

  13. double-double

    Advice/Help Seach Threads: General or specific?

    I've found most prefer to make a plot together. Thus there is no reason to add it to a search thread. I do sometimes like when people put plots for original ideas under a 'spoiler.'
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    Experiences Spelling, grammar and punctuation pet peeves!

    None of this brothers me. I type how I talk. Weather it's 'right or wrong,' your / you're sounds the same when you say it. I'm not a idiot. I can read the context of the sentence and know which your/you're they are using. Having three spellings for one word is stupid. (To me.)
  15. double-double

    Digital Dapper's Dumb Doodles

    I think my parents used a quote something like that as well. "Yes means yes, No means no, Maybe means polite no."
  16. double-double

    Fandom My Hero Academia!

    I love your username! On another note. I haven't noticed people using 'b/g' they used m/f I think boy and girl give underage 'child vibes.' Not sure if it really matter though.
  17. double-double

    Digital Dapper's Dumb Doodles

    Did I see hissy about it? Curse you internet text! That's good, you better get used to it. It happens a lot. Y.Y
  18. double-double

    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    I have a real one now. There is a person... Who just messaged me 'Hi' and 'Want to Rp?' they didn't even read my RP thread. I guess they just go spam 'hi' whoever is 'online' at the moment. My first message on RPN. Not even a real Rp request. :Sob.: