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  1. monxmiracle

    Tech  How much time do you guys spend online on Average?

    For me I found I spend around 7 or so hours average online per day, and around 36 hours or so in a week. With the advent of media and technology more and more people are spending their time with screens. And some studies have shown more and more people are spending maybe 10 to 11 hours attached...
  2. monxmiracle

    Tech  Detoxing from technology?

    Personally I find myself spending too many hours a day on my iPad, typing up replies, reading, consuming media. In this digital day and age, it is not uncommon for us to spend time online. For me, I found I spent an average 30 hrs per week online on technology. And daily 7 hours. That may not...
  3. monxmiracle

    Viewpoint  Writing replies by hand, then typing?

    I find lately I spend lots of time online, which is both a good and a bad thing. Most of my time is either spent writing for roleplays or reading. Though lately, I wonder does anyone actually write their replies on pen and paper then type them? In my opinion, this would definitely help cut away...
  4. monxmiracle

    Chitchat  Dealing with mental health and trying to find a job?

    Another personal question for y’all. So I struggle quite a bit with mental health, it started out in my late teens like sixteen, seventeen. And now I’m nineteen still trying to cope with these issues. And my question is, how do you guys who have depression whether it be bi polar type II or...
  5. monxmiracle

    Viewpoint  Roleplaying with younger roleplayers?

    This is mainly directed again to people above the age of 18 . This is something I had on my mind for a while. And that is, do you think that it's okay for an older Roleplayer, to be interacting with someone, younger than them? For me I'm 19, turning 20. And even though, I'm an adult, I still...
  6. monxmiracle

    Opinion  Being 20 something and living with parents? Also married with kids and RPing?

    So this is a bit more of a personal discussion which is why I put it here. But I was wondering, are there any people in their 20s whether early or late that still live with their parents? Is it embarassing for you guys? Or are you comfortable with it. Or if you’re in your 20s and already moved...
  7. monxmiracle

    Advice/Help  Managing, work, life, and RP?

    This question is directed towards those people in their 20s or older , that may already have families, jobs, marriaged and other obligations and still RP. And I just have to wonder, how do you find time to RP with all these other things? Perosnally, as a full time student, in college, and soon...
  8. monxmiracle

    Fandom  Group RP Plots

    Hello RPNation, I have several plot ideas and bunnies for some RPs. Mainly Marvel and Fandom based ones. Also some Marvel/DC and Marvel/Transformers (Bayverse) crossover stories. I also have a Harry Potter group idea. And another story involving werewolves and vampires. Depending on what you...
  9. monxmiracle

    Help  How to delete threads?

    So I accidentally made more then one of the same thread, so I was wondering if there was a way to delete one thread such as this one? Cause I'm kinda unsure how to do that.
  10. monxmiracle

    Experiences  Replies- In Notes or Onsite?

    This may be a bit of an odd discussion but I'm just curious is all. Where do you guys write or plan your replies to RPs. Do you write them in docs or notes, then format them? Or do you them directly onsite. For me, since I usually do RPs on texting apps, I tend to write in notes. This is so I...
  11. monxmiracle

    Fandom  Marvel: X-Men or Agents of SHIELD RP?

    So lately I've been watching and reading up on the X-Men checking out the animated series. While also catching up on Agents of SHIELD, which makes me inspired to do a possible RP with these pairings, or ideas. I do have several ideas for a Clint and Bobbi, Clint and Natasha. Also maybe Clint and...
  12. monxmiracle

    Advice/Help  Replying consistently? + Starting Roleplays

    So lately, I found myself with a bit of a problem. I have several RPs going on. All of which I am genuinely interested in, but my problem is two things starting and remaining consistent. For the most part, when I first start an RP with someone or even in a group, I have a lot of ideas in my...
  13. monxmiracle

    Help  Where do you guys find inspiration for your codes? + How to get started with coding?

    After scrolling through the BBCode Center, and browsing around I saw a lot of you guys have such amazing codes. Which made me wonder, where do you guys get your inspiration from? Also how did you guys go about learning BBCode+ and BBCode did you have to learn CSS first or could you bypass that...
  14. monxmiracle

    Help  How can I pin or "stick" a thread to the top of the page?

    I have a question about threads. You see I have various RPs going on, but is often hard to keep track and reply to them all because they get lost on my profile in postings. So I'm wondering if there's anyway to pin these threads to the top of my profile so I don't lose them? Kinda like on other...
  15. monxmiracle

    Help  Problem With Codes and Previews

    So lately I've been trying to learn to code, however the problem I have is whenever I preview my bbcodes, they always seem to be showing up improperly. And I really have no idea why. I've like put the proper closing tags and all, but somehow some parts of it, still don't show up, which I for one...
  16. monxmiracle

    Help  Failed BBCode, tips to make it work?

    So today I was trying to make one of those in character sheets. But when I previewed it, I found I failed miserably. I think my main problem was with the positioning of the images, and scroll bars, and the quotation. For some reason it just wouldn't work the way I wanted it. I actually, wanted...
  17. monxmiracle

    Closed  How do you add images or gifs above or below your signature?

    So, I wanted to add one of these images above and below my header. However, when I input the code, the images don’t show up with the signature. Instead it gives me an error. So does anyone know how to fix that? I attached the images I was thinking of adding below.
  18. monxmiracle

    Viewpoint  Do you guys use or formats, or codes when you RP? Or do you just not care?

    So for me personally I like things to look visually pleasing. Although I know it doesn’t matter in the end for me, I just find that from my past experiences generally, using a format does help. Particularly in groups, and in 1x1. Cause I usually do simple formats where it’s like the example...
  19. monxmiracle

    Help  How to get started with bbcoding, making character sheets, formats, and interest checks?

    So in the view days I’ve been looking around this site, I found myself absolutely amazed by all these beautiful codes and layouts. Enough to inspire me to attempt to make my own codes. Mainly for character sheets, reply formats, and interest checks. Cause for one I have like over 50 OCs, a crap...
  20. monxmiracle

    Answered  Is there a character limit, for replies?

    So, I have a general question, is there a character limit for replies? As in is there a maximum number of characters you can fit into a reply before it hits maximum? Cause I know for apps like Discord and Amino the maximum number of characters you can send in a single message is 2000. After...