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  1. Ren126

    I love your profile picture!

    I love your profile picture!
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    Advice/Help Help make an OC

    Is the Oc for a fandom or an original? If a fandom what fandom?
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    Multiple Settings  ...

  4. Ren126

    Looking for Looking A Mentor RP!

    Uhhh, so what’s your Oc’s power exactly?
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    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

  6. Ren126

    Humor Absolutely PREPOSTEROUS, INSANE, and INCREDIBLE moments for you in D&D

    My D&D group consists of: my character, a cleric who’s only personality trait is “smiting heretics” and who’s patron deity is the DM. A bard who is an ex cult member, hates stringed Instruments, and plays the bagpipes. A bird person who is actually taking the game seriously. a warrior who hears...
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    Opinion What is true strength and how can I be truly strong?

    Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. -Franklin D. Roosevelt
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    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

  9. Ren126

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

  10. Ren126

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

  11. Ren126

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

  12. Ren126

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

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    Advice/Help a bit of mental illness information for anyone (fairly long)

    People not knowing what a mental illness does is a HUGE pet peeve of mine too. That and when they over exaggerate a condition or symptom. You’re great for writing this 👍🏻👏🏻
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    Experiences Weirdest Thing You've Googled?

    My junior year of high school we had to do a mock trial about the book Of Mice and Men. To cut a long story short I was looking up execution methods from that time period, the most obvious one to me being hanging. So during one of my free periods I sat in a classroom, on my school issued Chrome...
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    Journal A new hire at work is annoying me

    I work in a deli and this summer they hired a new lady to replace someone who had recently quit. The first time I worked with her I wasn’t even there for five minutes when I watched her reach into the raw chicken bucket and proceed to pull the chicken out without gloves on not only is that a...
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    Chitchat So it has to come my attention that...

    This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight, oh how they shine
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    do you know where your teeth are?

    This is beautiful 😂😂😂
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    Fandom Looking for My Hero Academia RPers!

    Sounds like fun I'd be down for it.
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    Fantasy The six sisters.

    Sounds interesting, still looking for a partner?