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  1. jaydude

    Looking for Exalted 3E players

    Hey all. I'm currently looking for two more players for an Exalted 3E game I'm running, ideally a Night Caste and an Eclipse Caste. In terms of plot, the Chronicle is pretty much open-ended, with what happens depending on what your characters want to do, and how the game world reacts to their...
  2. jaydude

    Dice  Chronicle of the Scavenger Lands (Exalted 3E) - Lore

    For information known to the player characters. And the combat cheat sheet. Dragon-blooded God-blooded Mortals Unknown
  3. jaydude

    Dice  Chronicle of the Scavenger Lands (Exalted 3E) - Characters

    For your characters. Please specify how you're using your bonus and experience points. Group Xp: 30
  4. jaydude

    Dice  Chronicle of the Scavenger Lands (Exalted 3E) - OOC

    For OOC discussion.
  5. jaydude

    Chronicle of the Scavenger Lands (Exalted 3E) - IC

    1st of Ascending Air, Realm Year 768 The last thing that all of you remember is being approached by a stranger. Try as you might, you cannot recall exactly what they looked like. You can remember their gender, but their hair, their apparent age, the color of their eyes, the shape of their...
  6. jaydude

    (CLOSED) Chronicle of the Scavenger Lands (Exalted 3E)

    (Credit to Megapope for this map) Hey all. So I'm looking to run my own game of Exalted 3E, taking place - as the thread title might suggest - in the Scavenger Lands. Specifically, the area around and north of the Yellow River (Nexus, the Hundred Kingdoms, Grey Falls and the like). Looking for...
  7. jaydude

    Fandom  Legend of Korra - After the War (jaydude x Necroknight)

    @NecroKnight It was the time between evening and night, and Xiao leant on the railing of one of the balconies at her family estate, looking over the city she called home. A lot had changed in the three years since Earth Queen Hou Ting's assassination at the hands of the Red Lotus. And with the...
  8. jaydude

    One x One  Legend of Korra 1x1 - OOC

    Main thread Characters For OOC stuff.
  9. jaydude

    One x One  Legend of Korra 1x1 - Characters

    Main thread OOC Name: Xiao Dongmei Age: 16 Appearance: A teenage girl of Earth Kingdom descent. She has jet-black hair that reaches down to her waist, which she typically wears in a ponytail. It's usually styled up for more formal occasions. Her eyes are mint-green...
  10. jaydude

    Fandom  Legend of Korra 1x1 (jaydude x Necroknight)

    OOC Characters Travelling to Ba Sing Se to celebrate her uncle's birthday was always an experience Xiao Dongmei and her family enjoyed, not least because it gave them an opportunity to spend a few days at his estate in the Upper Ring. They'd gotten off the airship this morning, and had...
  11. jaydude

    Fandom  Legend of Korra RP

    This has always been one of my favourite works of fiction, but I noticed that most, if not all of the Avatar RPs on this site take place either before, or after Korra's time. I was wondering if there was anyone else on this site who wanted to take part in an RP set during, or right after the...
  12. jaydude

    Just joined the site

    Hey all! I'm an amateur game designer in training, and I've been doing forum RPs for about four years now. I found out about this site a few weeks ago, and like the thread's title says, I just joined the site. Hoping to have a good time here.