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    Fandom  X-Men: Students Of Next

    CS Thread
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    Fandom  Hogwarts: A Curse Remains

    The day had begun unlike many of those she had. She was on a train she had never been on before to a place she had only read of. The feeling of anxiety washed over the blonde haired girl as she sat alone in a cabin. Standing up she pulled the curtain covering the door down before taking a seat...
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    New here, but rped for years on Iwaku

    So, I find myself less and less likely to find a long lasting group rp on Iwaku that doesn't fall apart within a day or two. So, after a lot of frustration and probably more annoyance on my end than was needed I decided to spread out a little more and be less focused on only Iwaku. Anyway, I...
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    Hello, Hello

    Hello everyone, I'm Angelic Fusion or as most call me on Steam, Fusion. I am an Avid rper and have been writing for only a short time but I myself have taken to it like a fish is to water. ANYWAY! I come here hoping to get a few OnexOne partners that will stick with me better than another...