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  1. Pixel-Demon_PD

    Multiple Settings  Partner Search

    Hi Pixel here, I'm looking for RP partners which you probably guessed by the title. So lets move on to some story ideas now that that's out of the way
  2. Pixel-Demon_PD

    Fantasy  Golden Monster

    In a village that was largely abandoned one creature remained in it. A being that stood over six feet tall, with a tail of a lion, horns like a goat, claws and teeth as sharp as blades, and eyes that shined like gold. A town that was a day north of this old village was very aware of it and...
  3. Pixel-Demon_PD

    Fantasy  Captured

    In a world that had lived with a monarchy and kingdom for centuries with little to no advancements the world was stuck in the past. It was a day like any other, except for one thing. A creature that had been forgotten by time as women and wants to get what it lost. Back to when humans feared...
  4. Pixel-Demon_PD

    Realistic or Modern  A Killing Love

    A string of unfortunate deaths started appearing in a town, it was well sized town. Filled with people that met little with violence, a perfect target for a killer. However this killer has a different reason for being in town. A fascination with a certain person. One day when the person was...
  5. Pixel-Demon_PD

    Fantasy  The Game Of Games

    High fantasy, Rpg, and alive? This is the are the traits of a new game has come out. It’s an odd one for sure. The story is a king has two sons, the eldest was a bastard as he was born from a lady that wasn't the queen. He hasn’t never met the half brother, only the king a few times. One day the...
  6. Pixel-Demon_PD

    Fantasy  A Salty Heart

    An unknown world lives beneath the sea, with little numbers of humans knowing about it. One of these people is Ray Sniter. He is a fisherman that mostly uses nets to capture fish. He lives near the ocean which was‘t easy on its own. It’s far from any other places, with a ten minute walk to town...