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    Fandom  Riza Hawkeye & Roy Mustang (Akatsuki & Obsidian)

    A Few Days after the defeat of 'Father' Roy sat on the edge of his bed, dark eyes casting out a blank, vacant stare. His hair was in disarray; unlike its typical well-groomed appearance, it was noted to have been seen as. He had collapsed shortly after Father, or the Homunculus otherwise...
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  3. Akatsuki Naruto

    Fandom Akatsuki's anime Fandom Search

    I prefer FMA over Psycho pass however.
  4. Akatsuki Naruto

    Fandom Akatsuki's anime Fandom Search

  5. Akatsuki Naruto

    Fandom Akatsuki's anime Fandom Search

    Which partnership would you like to do--or do you want something original?
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    Fandom  Akatsuki's anime Fandom Search

    ` Demon Slayer/ Kimetsu No Yaiba (Zenitsu x Nezuko, Tanjiro x Kanao) Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden (I have a Naru/Saku pairing idea I just dying to write with someone--the request thread will be up shortly.) Seven Deadly Sins (Elaine x Ban, King x Diane) Psycho-Pass (Akane Tsunemori x Shinya Kogami...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello and Salutations, My name is Rainier I am a 31-year-old U.S Army veteran that's going to college part-time due to a brain injury. After my traumatic injury, I had to relearn to read, write, and speak. My passions are writing, understanding war, Building computers, gardening among others...