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  1. Royce Bracket

    Fantasy  Any one interested in a Dark Horror Story Set in the 1920?

    If you're down for some Noire based mystery and horror, come on by and Check out the RP. Send me a Character to sign up if you're interested (and I know you will be ;3)
  2. Royce Bracket

    Fantasy  The Dark City of Halenreind

    Royce Bracket submitted a new resource: The Dark City of Halenreind - Can you survive long enough to find the truth? Something is very wrong in this city, Its been Raining for weeks now, people have been vanishing, and now you get a personal invitation to one of the most popular night...
  3. Royce Bracket

    The Dark City of Halenreind

    Character Sheet Basics: Name, Backstory, Appearance and Occupation, Plus a Brief discription of there personality and I'll get you set up
  4. Royce Bracket

    The Dark City of Halenreind

    Please use this thread for all of your OOC needs! Read more about this role play...
  5. Royce Bracket

    [The Dark City of Halenreind] Part One: Meeting at the Camerata Night Club

    The smoke is heavy in the Air, the sounds of Laughter and conversation fill the nightclub as the music sets the back drop for an establishment of class and high standards. At a table the the far back, a man sips his drink awaiting the arrival of those he summoned