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  1. Ericandmylastname

    Fandom  Open for business~

    Hi, my name is Eric and I'm opening up for partners for roleplay! I have a few requisites, just to make sure we make our experience very smooth and fun for the both of us~ Expectations/Requests: I'd like at least two paragraphs per post, it really keeps the intrigue and flow going if we both...
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    Multiple Settings  Partners?

    Work in progress, more information to come! Hi, I joined this site a long time ago and left it because I thought I wasn't interested anymore. But now I'm back more than ever, and boy o' boy do I got the itch. And I was wondering if any one of you guys would help me with it? ^^; So in terms of...
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    One x One  Water/Towns. (With TaeYeon)

    @ECDeadly, please edit this post to include any OOC information.
  4. Ericandmylastname

    One x One  Water/Towns. (With TaeYeon)

    @ECDeadly, please edit this post to include the character/sign-up information.
  5. Ericandmylastname

    Water/Towns. (With TaeYeon)

    A city kid moves out the countryside, On a small hill beside the beach. He was alone throughout his stay, since it was just the beginning of summer, until there was a huge storm that took place. It was practically the mother of all storms-- the waves were relentless, the rain was pounding, and...
  6. Ericandmylastname

    Looking for a life partner!

    Wait, it's not that kind of site? D'aww. Anyways yeah, I am indeed looking for a partner to do thing with. Role-play-things. Before you go 'OOH ME' you gotta know the things I expect first, to understand the kind of terrible person I am. :D LITERACYY. I usually make about a paragraph...
  7. Ericandmylastname

    Futuristic  The Artists (Closed ;_;)

    The city always lies under a dark, bleaky sky; The Arck was a city that never really the picture perfect idea of 'The Future', sure economy is booming and technology is at it's prime-- yet under the advancements and glamour, fogs over the fact that the class balance never been so tipped over to...
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    The Artists (Open, Cyberpunk)

    Introduction: (IMC) We meet our characters and they are met with a client.
  9. Ericandmylastname

    The Artists (Open, Cyberpunk)

  10. Ericandmylastname

    The Artists (Open, Cyberpunk)

    Rules and Guidelines: Be diverse and be creative! This world is your oyster as long as you follow the lore and guidelines respectively. Do not overpower your self. It's boring and we don't like it. So don't do it! Consult to me about the technology you want to create/ have it exist in this...
  11. Ericandmylastname

    Summer Nights

    This will be very plot and character-development based, so we'll know a bit of our characters so we can find out more in roleplay! Name: Age: (Teenage years preferably) Appearance: (Up to you-- realistic, descriptive text, anime, or cartoon!) That's it!
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    Summer Nights

    Here we shall converse.
  13. Ericandmylastname

    Summer Nights

    WORK IN PROGRESS (Trust me I'll put more here so don't feel underwhelmed!) Anyways, this is closed so please DON'T sign up! I mean, you can-- but it's gonna be tough. I don't wanna hurt your feelings but I'm sort of a busy lad. :o At a small rural town of the countryside of America...
  14. Ericandmylastname

    Fandom  Young Justice: Alternate Cast

    >Sign In >Welcome, Robin. >New Log Log Entry 001 For the longest time, the word 'Sidekick' irritated me. Just the word 'side' summed it up for me. Side. It meant that we never had been put to the front-- showed our true potential, fight alongside with the legends! Instead, we were...
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    One x One  Young Justice: Alternate Cast

    Here is where you make your character or see any other character's info.
  16. Ericandmylastname

    Young Justice: Alternate Cast

    Obviously, this is based off the animated series 'Young Justice' that is cancelled much too soon. (HIGHLY recommend this if you haven't seen it yet!) This premise seems GREAT for a roleplay, and it's welcoming and exciting since you can be a descendant, related, or a student to your favorite...
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    Search of a partner!

    @ECDeadly, please edit this post to include the character/sign-up information.
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    Dread: Site #19

  19. Ericandmylastname

    Dread: Site #19

    It's exactly what you think it is.
  20. Ericandmylastname

    Dread: Site #19

    (This is a work in progress!) As the experiments progressed, the amount of D-Class personnel have decreased at a rapid rate with the staff unaware, as they soon realized that the experiments are still incomplete but no guinea pig to follow. This made the foundation desperate, and figured that...