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  1. LittleLu

    Multiple Settings  Beginner-Friendly Roleplay!

    Hello fellow writing peeps, I'm currently recruiting a small "experienced" team of roleplayers who want to help develop an extremely simple group roleplay geared towards newbies. This group is meant to introduce people to the idea of roleplaying and how to post and the rules and blah blah. Once...
  2. LittleLu

    Experiences  [POLL] Which do you like better for group RPs: Discord or RPN Forum

    Just wondering how people prefer to post in RP groups, since there's so many different ways and outlets to do so. Let me know why you prefer whichever option you choose!
  3. LittleLu

    Advice/Help  Beginner-Friendly Group Roleplay Genre / Plot / Story Help

    Hello all, I'm planning on going into group interest checks to try and set up a beginner-centered RP group where people who either don't have much experience or aren't confident in their skills can come and get the basics and meet some cool people. Are there any story lines / plots / genres...
  4. LittleLu

    Fantasy  Last Shot at Love (M/F Elven Romance)

    It didn't matter how good she was at something. Her brother was always better. It's not because he wanted to be, or because he actually was, but because of some stupid political game. When Zoastria and Zacchaeus were born, their power-hungry uncle of a king passed a law that demanded one of...
  5. LittleLu

    Fantasy  Alliance of the Heart (Elven / Adventure / Fantasy)

    There was always someone who could top the best. Unfortunately for Princess Zoastria, it was her twin brother, Zacchaeus. He had it all: Their father's support, the gorgeous fiancee, and a clear-cut future for himself, all of which she wanted for herself too. She tried everything. She gained...