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  1. Gilzar

    Other What would you tell your 14 year old self?

    I would tell my 14 year old self to stop caring about other people's opinions who won't matter in the long run. I'd tell him to start living life one day at a time rather than constantly being caught up in the past. To keep following his dreams and not get caught up in the BS that is high...
  2. Gilzar

    News political alert! Do you approve of trumps doings while in office

    Yes. That qualifies as inflammatory. The insults and name calling need to stop on this thread please.
  3. Gilzar

    News political alert! Do you approve of trumps doings while in office

    Hello everyone. I'd like to remind you all that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that this discussion needs to stay civil. Political discussions are allowed, but when they get out of hand we have to take action.
  4. Gilzar

    Other The Staff: Are They Stinkly? An Insider's Perspective

    Something worse than death itself. Even speaking of its meaning is a crime against the Geneva Accords set back in WW1.
  5. Gilzar

    Other The Staff: Are They Stinkly? An Insider's Perspective

    Don't make me call them ghost.... You're pushing it @Ghost
  6. Gilzar

    TV & Film Spirited Away?

    Probably one of my favorite films of all time. A beautiful story, beautiful artwork, lovely symbolism that's pretty universal.
  7. Gilzar

    Other What's your religion?

    I'm going to emphasize what Sunkissed recently posted Keep this discussion respectful
  8. Gilzar

    Most Hated Game

    As a fan of the first Red Faction, I couldn't agree more. Why would they completely ditch the original scope of the game for a horror shooter? If they wanted that, then they should have made another franchise.
  9. Gilzar

    Horror games! Gimme your suggestions and list the ones ya like the most!

    Best horror games, listed out by a man who's obsessed with horror games The Suffering- One of the first horror games I've ever played, and probably one of the best. Extremely underrated, the game perfectly balanced horror and action, as well as setting up a creepy atmosphere in a prison...
  10. Gilzar

    Most Hated Game

    Never played no man's sky, so I can't really make an opinion on that. And Watchdogs wasn't necessarily a bad game either, however, it didn't live up to it's hype in my opinion. We all saw at E3 amazing graphics, amazing environment, etc. However when the game actually came out it lacked the...
  11. Gilzar

    Most Hated Game

    Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs. Any Watch Dogs, I don't care. Simply the most overhyped game of all time. That and most COD games (There are some good ones though).
  12. Gilzar

    Other Share your Patronus. Right Now

    (Well, technically it just repels them) but SHHHHHHHHH!
  13. Gilzar

    Other Share your Patronus. Right Now

    @Ghost MY PATRONUS EATS YOUR PATRONUS Ironically my roommate got a field mouse. Good thing my Patronus won't be going hungry anytime soon :)
  14. Gilzar

    Other You're A Wizard, Harry

    "You're a wizard harry!"
  15. Gilzar

    Music Favorite Video Game Soundtracks?

    Is this even a question? Morrowind Morrowind Morrowind! <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2015_08/morrowind-meme-meme-generator-this-is-now-a-morrowind-thread-e15e58.jpg.fcc3bc003e8f1978387131304b6a2fb7.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="68560"...
  16. Gilzar

    Food What did you have for dinner today? Mmm...

    Well what I had for supper or 'dinner' last night I really had to quest for. You ever had those days when you're just itching to have a food you know isn't in your home? I kinda had a night like that. So I was playing Oblivion on my Xbox when I thought to myself what I wanted. Right away I...