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  1. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Seven deadly sins

    Is anyone up to do this type of rp or no?
  2. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Hello everyone...

    So I'm thinking of returning as I'm looking for a few people to do rps with
  3. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Looking for rp partners

    I'm looking for a partner that will be willing to rp with me. I usually write a paragraph or more unless it's on the slow parts. I hardly ever quit rps but yet I will if I get bored
  4. Gamer Wizard Justin

    What am I even wanting to talk about?

    Hello everyone, well I know it's the best title *takes a bow* but I know your here for the plot I did take it from a rp of mine but u thought I was so great I might make my own style of it. Well basically it involves sword fighters, and magic There is a fighter who trains his hardest...
  5. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Hello I'm here!

    Hello everyone I've been craving more rps. There will be pairings though I only do MxF fxf sorry. Pairings: Siren x human Vampire x human Royalty x Servant Forbidden romance Incest And anything else someone wants to do
  6. Gamer Wizard Justin

    What Ever You See In the Dark Stays in The Dark

    @Gamer Wizard Justin, please edit this post to include the RP overview information.
  7. Gamer Wizard Justin

    What Ever You See In the Dark Stays in The Dark

    Human: Name Age Personality Bio Appearance Guardian Guardian: Name Age Appearance Bio Personality Human Mission Why your a guardian
  8. Gamer Wizard Justin

    What Ever You See In the Dark Stays in The Dark

    @Gamer Wizard Justin, please edit this post to include any OOC information
  9. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Fantasy  What Ever You See In the Dark Stays in The Dark

    Ever had that feeling that you were being watched while you sleep? well you were but this one part where everyone thinks they are monsters but are not. They have a secret mission to protect the humans though sometimes they disguise as your best friends to earn your trust but if the secret is...
  10. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Fandom  Ben 10 'The New heroes

    It's basically anything is possible and I'll explain all of it once the rp is created. Here's the list of what I'm looking for Three Omnitrix Users Two plus plumbers 1+ villains
  11. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Justin's on the look

    I'm in the search again and I'm looking for people who will be able to play multiple characters. Here is a few pairings though. Vampire x human Wizard x Princess Priest(ess) x Peasant God(dess) x Mortal
  12. Gamer Wizard Justin


    Welcome to your newest fear of all, Hell. Although it is just a facility for people who broke laws and rioted. Your put with a partner that also was alike that broke the same rules. A glimpse of sunlight would be a blessing though they never give it to you. All you can see Is white. Though now...
  13. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Shraken High (School of Magic) - Gallery/Maps

    Will add the looks of everything soon
  14. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Fantasy  Shraken High (School of Magic)

    Welcome to Shraken high, This is where you will be learning how to control something called magic. The magic that people control is a style of elemental magic sometimes alittle odd. Some have rare magic where it isn't even elemental but that's advanced skills. Your goal in Shraken is to be a...
  15. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Shraken High (School of Magic)

    Name: Age (16+): Appeaeance: Bio: Personality: Elemental power: (only could have one power pm either me or @EternalMusic in order to have more) Love Interest:
  16. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Shraken High (School of Magic)

    Use this for OOC and ect
  17. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Shraken High (School of Magic)

    Eternal and I moderate this rp. :P
  18. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Justin's on the search again

    Hello everyone I'm looking for rps to do with anyone. I'm very desperate to rp I hardly ever drop out on a rp (I only dropped out of a rp three times but that's it. They were for a good cause though) although I'm hoping some people would bring up an idea for a rp with me. Either pm me or reply...
  19. Gamer Wizard Justin

    How to change your name

    Hello, I'm looking to change my name. I just don't know how please help me
  20. Gamer Wizard Justin

    Realistic or Modern  Your final days

    Don't blink repeat don't blink! Your being followed by weeping angels what will you do? You the last few of human kind will you hid away or try fight back. Though there is no running away after you get touched you get sent back in time forever.