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    Multiple Settings  on an illfated night [STRIGA'S SEARCH // OPEN]

    Madam Striga's Story Search ;; 9010974 font --tabStyle: row wrap; --contentStyle: column nowrap; --tab-txt-align: center; --tab-txt-color: #872657; --bg-color: #EEE0E5; --fontFamily: 'Century Gothic'; --fontSize: 16px; --tab-hover-color: #422C2F...
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    Resource  an owl tries to make templates

    the man in the moonLollipop marzipan marzipan chocolate sweet roll pastry dragée pie gingerbread. Jelly-o lollipop tiramisu gummi bears cake cupcake pie topping candy. Muffin cookie powder danish marzipan lemon drops danish bonbon. Sweet roll jujubes liquorice donut. Toffee dessert donut. Candy...
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    Other  Thoughts on playing a wider range of characters?

    What it says on the tin really. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting comfortable with characters outside of their norm. I normally play female OCs aged between 19 and 35. But I'm wanting to gain the confidence to play males, and canon characters. -_- advice would be welcomed
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    I blep

    Hi everyone. I'm Madam Striga, I'm 23 and a big nerd whose been rping through a few mediums for a out 12 years now. I love pizza, cute things, fluffy owls and tormenting characters. RP wise I consider myself literate - advanced and I'm looking forward to finding some new partners here.