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  1. OSWonder

    Futuristic  House of Cards [wonder x mayhem] - Characters

    BASIC INFO Name: Cleo M. Thayer Nickname(s): "Kae" (parents), "Your Majesty" (most of his friends, usually sarcastically) Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: Cleo’s features consist of sharp, hard lines rounded off by soft edges. A jawline that looks like it could cut and an angled, straight...
  2. OSWonder

    Futuristic  House of Cards [wonder x mayhem]

    His breaths left him in a soft, even rhythm. Bright eyes glinted dark under the lights, specks of grey in his sharp gaze shining like hard steel, a blade on the verge of being drawn. His muscles were pulled tight, legs bent and arms tense at his sides, ready to pounce at any given moment. Go...
  3. OSWonder

    Multiple Settings  [Insert cool, unique and eye-catching title here]

    Hi, I’m Wynter, currently existing and bored. Very, very bored. So, yes, RP with me, I’m begging. Note: I suck at coding. My post is unfortunately gonna be super wordy and plain so my apologies to your eyes in advance. The Part No One Wants But Everyone Has Anyway: I have no age...