Recruitment Rules

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Recruitment Rules
Please remember in addition to these rules your recruitment should also not violate any of the Community Guidelines.

No Erotic Content
When users officially register to create an account to use RpNation's services they must verify that they agree and understand that RpNation does not permit erotic content of any kind. This is applies to the entirety of RpNation's webspace; including PMs and the Private Workshop. Additionally RpNation's webspace cannot be used to solicit to take such content off-site. If you are asking for smut, erp (erotic roleplay), drp (dirty roleplay), lemons/limes, NSFW, cybering, cyber sex, or any kind of sexual roleplay you will have warnings and infractions applied to your account. This also includes the usage and inclusions of sexual words/phrases as well as listing kinks and/or fetishes or very clearly implying your intent is for erotic roleplay.

If you want to know why we don't allow this type of roleplaying you may read the PSA: Why We Don't Allow Erotic Roleplaying. Please also familiarize yourself with our no-erp rule from the Community Guidelines:
Erotic Content and Extreme Gore
RpNation is NOT a PG-13 rated site, but does cater to users who are under the age of 18. As such, users are prohibited from posting, encouraging, or requesting any explicit erotic content; both written words and media. Sexual roleplaying (smut, erotic roleplay) is not permitted and strictly prohibited from all RpNation web space, including private messages and the private workshop.

Users are also forbidden from using RpNation to solicit, imply, instruct, or lure others offsite to conduct erotic roleplay or share erotic content.

Mentions of kinks, fetishes, or sexual terms are subject to be removed and at risk of also receiving warnings.

The Omegaverse/ABO genre is sexually explicit. If you wish to use the non-sexual social dynamics you can use alternative terms to express that. Some options include social hierarchy, dominance hierarchy, and caste system.

Extreme written descriptions or media (photographic media, animated media, videos) of gore or violence are not allowed. Illustrated gore or violence can be posted, but must be placed within a spoiler BBCode tag.

Users are discouraged from making 'wall virginity' posts (i.e. posting on a user's profile with "I've stolen your wall virginity!" or other sexual references).

No Dating Advertisements
RpNation is not a dating website. Users who join and post content requesting or stating that they are here to get a significant other or anything to do with their sole purpose being to get involved in an intimate relationship should remember this isn't a dating site, this is a roleplaying site.

While it is fine if users naturally develop into a personal relationship, if your whole purpose of joining RpNation is simply to find someone to date you've joined the wrong site. Any threads where users are seeking a personal relationship for dating reasons will be removed.

Off-site Information
Users who are here to recruit for their roleplays - even if they are happening off-site - must host the roleplay recruitment information onsite. This means that linking your roleplay preferences or information (such as google docs,, charahub, tumblr, wordpress, etc) is not permitted. You must post the information here on RpNation. This is important for moderation purposes.

Additionally, off-site contact information doesn't belong anywhere outside of your profile identities, PMs, or the Off-site Ads.

Discord servers should not be linked anywhere in the onsite recruitment. They can be allowed to be linked from your OOC threads or PMs if they are for OOC purposes. If they are for your off-site roleplay then they can only be posted within Off-site Ads.

Bump Spam
While bumping is permitted it must be done within reason. Users should not excessively post threads or bump their content that it spams or floods a section of the site. Any users that do not adhere to the bump etiquette may have their content removed and infractions applied to their account.
Bump Etiquette
Instead of making a completely new thread players can opt to 'bump' their player/partner search thread to have it appear on the first page of a forum. However, this must be done while taking into consideration that you shouldn't bump spam your thread. Bump spamming is when a user repeatedly bumps their thread or multiple threads with such frequency it becomes spam/flooding.

Do not bump multiple threads in the same section at the same time. Space out or consider combining your threads if you can. Only bump a thread once per 24 hours. This is to give everyone a fair chance to have their threads checked out. This includes when users delete their previous bumps.

Deleting your previous bumps to try and falsify that you have waited 24 hours between bumps is not permitted.

Only GM/Co-Gms or the OP of the recruitment is permitted to bump the interest check and/or partner search.

Incorrect Thread Placement
Make sure your content is being posted in the correct forum or sub-forum. Threads that are incorrectly posted will be moved when noticed. If this becomes a noticeable trend, warnings/infractions may be applied to your account. If you are unsure of where something goes you can always ask in the Community Hub or Staff Contact. You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is a quick guide:
  • All roleplay recruitment only goes into Recruit Here.
    • 1x1 Interest Checks are for roleplays that host 1x1s, which are for 2-3 players.
    • Group Interest Checks are for roleplays that are meant for 3+ players.
    • Dice Interest Checks are for all on-site roleplays, regardless of size, that will use dice.
    • Off-site Ads are for all roleplays that will not happen on RpNation. This is a restricted section and new members at first will not have access.

RpNation organizes roleplays by setting (Fandom, Fantasy, Realistic/Modern, Futuristic) and by type (One on One, Group, Dice, Nation Building, Colosseum, Quest). Pick the prefix that best fits your roleplay, then add a subgenre and tags to help people find it more easily with our filter system. You can have multiple roleplays listed in a given recruiting thread (that's what the Multiple prefix is for) but please do not post duplicate threads.

If you would like more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Recruitment threads do not go into the Roleplays forum or anywhere outside of the Recruit Here forum! Do not bump your threads in Roleplays either! The Roleplays section is for in character (IC) posts only, except for the Extra Pages subforum. Any Out of Character information (OOC Chat, Character Sheets, Lore) should only be placed into Extra Pages with the correct prefix.

Thread Hijacking
Do not use other users' interest checks to recruit people to your roleplay. This includes but is not limited to posting a link to your roleplay, or telling users to join your roleplay on an interest check or roleplay you did not create yourself. If you want to recruit players you need to make your own thread.

Thread Approval Queue
RpNation has a filter in place as a precaution against spambots and spam-like content. If you post something and find at the top and bottom of your thread that is it pending approval do not try and re-post the thread. It will simply spam the approval queue for the Staff. Staff will manually check your thread when they have time so please be patient.
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