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  1. @Ixacise So, I am confused. Are you bailing on the game? I see a lot of explanation about what you wanted this to be and what you felt wasn't quite right. I was trying to get a tone of the game. I know you were striving for fantasy with some modern touches which I what I was trying to get a feel for how modern and how fantasy. But if if you are dropping this, let me know asap
  2. Posted. It was my anniversary yesterday, so I was a bit occupied with other interests.
  3. Reg stomped his feet as he entered the building to knock the rain from the galoshes. He needn't have worried as an air devil whisked the water from his boots and umbrella. The work was quick and fastidious trying to keep the floor dry and undamaged. Whoever, or more likely 'whatever', was keeping a brilliant shine to the entryway. Walking down to the basement was a murky affair as the lighting dimmed as he descended. He wondered how much of it was general disdain for the department and how much was directed distrust of their operations. It only took him a few days to understand the mood behind the murkiness when he first arrived. He had actually been promoted to this position, while most here had been relegated. He turned on the light at his desk, the only sign that he was present. Then dropped his work case at the desk and hung his coat on the coat rack, his umbrella resting in the holder at his desk. He lit the computer to allow it a few moments to startup while he pulled the galoshes from his shoes. He had four mails, but he could catch up after he checked in. "Lieutenant," he greeted Daniels as he stepped into her office. He wished he had an office instead of a desk in the pit with his other detectives. He could save a fair amount of change if he lived here. "Just checking in. What's on the docket today?" The other woman was Asa who had been relegated here for a while. He nodded politely in her direction, not willing to start idle banter in some else's office.
  4. I can probably get everything worked out except for the backstory. I think you mention Alviria in the intro. Don't know if that is the city, the country, the continent or the world. So I don't know if I can really do much on backstory except what I already handed out. Do you have any more information about the world we will play in?
  5. My hope is to play a samurai girl. I don't need a feudal society to play it in, but looking at a rural background where the samurai are local leaders. She would be a daughter of one of the samurai, possibly posing as a diplomat for her area to external regions or perhaps a city. She would be seen as old flash ironed or possibly backwards for following old ways, much like a moonshiner from the mountains heading to the capital. When it it comes to magic, she has no capability to cast spells or manipulate magic. But she has old magic, items carried from ancient days. Two sword, some armor, and some other trinkets. But not everything she has is magical. Some of it is just old. And her ways are also old. She has a long code of honor. In the rural areas the local leaders are also responsible for defense, so they are predominantly the only warriors in the area. But that responsibility comes with it a way of acting toward their peers and to those whose defense they provide. There are many small details to their code and it isn't exactly the same as a samurai from feudal Japan, but it might fit the trope.
  6. I believe have have some major recalculations to do. The stats are reworked. Can someone look them over to confirm they are correct this time? Also, say I didn't want the standard department spike, what would other options be. I am looking for something that gives the standard comm and interfaces needed for police work. Plus I want something that could provide floorplan overlays. I would assume it provides GPS to those in charge so they would know where he is, as well as street level mapping, even though the slums tend to encroach on the streets in places, making the maps less useful there.
  7. You'll need to invite us in, and anyone else that has shown interest.
  8. Reg was awake. He found it hard to sleep while his spike would interfere with his dreaming, trying to apply 3D structural overlays to the dream world in his head. But the dream world was incongruous with the real data and constant 'Searching...' messages would eventually arouse him. He suppposed he should tell the installers of the difficulty, but a diagnostic visit would cost him half a weeks pay, and his landlord didn't barter for rent. The manawave pinged after reheating his cup of chai. He preferred Ancient Lion, not only because is was only slightly more costly than bulk boxes, but it had an earthy flavour not unlike what he could have gotten down at the docks. He wondered of its purity, but the ingredients listed only tea and various spices. Plus when heated for a second or third time it barely changed flavour. He pulled on a pair of galoshes as he finished his cup, placing it in the sink with a collection of other dirty dishes meant to be washed in some unplanned future. He lived above a market that opened at 6:00, but the steam from the cleaners down the street often woke him with its steady hissing long before his alarm. As he stepped into the rain, he opened his umbrella - black, not the semi transparent ones that many of the urban professionals had that would display news, stock trends, and athletic scores. He was not accustomed to such, and preferred his mornings without the reports of violence and inhumanity. He would get his fill while at work.
  9. I assume that familiarity give bonuses to social, knowledge to mental, and training to physical skills. Also, what would me options be for getting a spike not from the police force.
  10. As long as it's not all tropes and cliché. I don't watch enough to understand all of them.
  11. @Grey is it possible to be non-augmented? No spike or anything, or is it essential part of being in TCU that he have a spike just to access basic equipment, like filing a police report.
  12. If you have enough interest in an L5R RP, let me know. I would be willing to put together a character.
  13. I don't mind doing a mix of both, where you provide a basic outline of the world, and then an open discussion of our character ideas and elements we would like to see in the world that come about. I like cont ibuting to the world design, once I have some handle on what is going on. Anime is very loose, from feudal worlds, to star rangers, to boomers in NeoTokyo, and modern police against super-science robots.
  14. General Information Name: Background: Reg is a beat cop, walking the slums and lower docks. Always trying to keep himself clean - no bribes unless it was best for all involved - he played it straight. Didn't earn him many friends, but the job was about setting things right, not a social party. Then there was a corporate extraction gone wrong. Hired thugs were supposed to make it look like an accident, but got greedy and decided that the suits would do better on an open bid. They jimmied open a warehouse door, and stashed the hostages inside. Noticing the broken door on his beat, he entered and found two guards. He subdued them quickly and freed the hostage, pulling him out to safety though not without some injury. Grateful, the corporate security told his supervisor that a promotion is in order. But there aren't promotions out of beat cop, except supervisor, and his supervisor wasn't giving up his job to anyone. But there was a division he could dump him in. It would take paperwork, but with a corp suit pushing this, it would keep his hands clean. The promotion to detective came with a few perks. And an increase in pay and social standing. But that didn't change him, he stuck by his straight line life, even if it cost him any friends in his new position. It didn't matter where you were, things needed to be put right. Appearance: When someone describes a person as big, it's often a euphemism for fat, or maybe overly muscled. But Reg is simply big. Taller than most blacklines, fit and hard but the muscles aren't showing under clothes, and a broad width of shoulders and waist, he strikes an imposing figure. His brown eyes are bright and attentive, and his hair is cropped very short, a style worn in the slums to reduce disease and infestation. There is something in the way he walk that isn't noticeable by redlines, but blacklines recognize the demeanor of someone who has grown up in the slums. His speech has a lilt that betrays a lower class lifestyle, as if his words could end at any moment and go to self-defense. Attributes (60) Strength: 3 (9) Dexterity: 2 (3) Fitness: 2 (3) Intellect: 2 (3) Intuition: 4 (18) Willpower: 3 (9) Bearing: 2 (3) Guile: 2 (3) Composure: 3 (9) Skills (60) Physical (31) Awareness: 3 Athletics: 2 Defense: 3 Melee: 3 Piloting: Ranged: 3 Stealth: Unarmed: 3, Overbear 4 Mental (16) Academics: 1 Administration: 2 Applied Magical Theory: 1 Artisan: Craft: Investigation: 3 Interface: 1 Medicine: 1 Navigation: Survival: Social (13) Handling: Empathy: 3 Language: Mingling: 3 Perform: Persuasion: 2 Subterfuge: Advantages Familiarity: Native Blackline - Just in the way he talks, and the way he walks, people from the lesser ranks recognize him as one of their own. This makes convincing people to reveal information easier, puts suspects at ease making them less likely to flee or attack, and recognizing nuances in what is said to extract information where little or none was given. Gives a bonus to Empathy, Mingling, and Persuasion. Knowledge: Police Procedures - years of experience has shown him not only the proper way to fill out paperwork, but also who to seek when needing to retrieve information, which judges will work paperwork through the system, and the easiest ways to get police officers to go that extra step in getting things done quickly. Gives a bonus to Administration, Investigation, and Interface. Training: Police Academy - having gone through Standard police training (even for blackline slums) has given him the physical skills needed to perform his job. Defending himself on the streets, apprehending criminals, and persuing suspects, and observing illegal activity. Gives a bonus to Awareness, Defense, and Unarmed Combat. Derived Stats Offence: Melee = 6 Offence: Unarmed = 6 (Overbear 7) Offence: Ranged = 6 Block: 6 Dodge: 6 Parry: 6 Speed: 5 Soak: 3 Combat Pool: 8 Magic Resist : 3 Health & Wounds Health: Condition: Weaponry Inventory Spike
  15. I did have some questions until I found your link to your Dismal Streets file from the last post, so I read through that yesterday. Answered a large majority of them. I guess my biggest question is where is technology? We talking Victorian era, modern day, future tech? I know most of it runs off magic instead of chemistry and mechanics. Just thinking about equipment. Edit: What is Interface used for? Is it just computers, or are there other things (like disabling security systems)?