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  1. "What is the possibility he did this to himself?" As he tapped his pen upon the metallic object, he wondered if the object had been something that the man possessed, or perhaps something that was part of the individual. And worse, how could magic capable of burning flesh and bone to ash not burn a metallic object held so close. While magic was capable of almost anything, it took 900 degrees C to turn a body to ash, so what could withstand temps at that level. Iron and steel, yes, maybe copper, but many of the common metals wouldn't. He pulled an evidence bag from his pocket before pulling on his gloves. He tapped most of the ash from the item before moving it into the evidence bag. He could guess as to what it was right now, but it might be better to give this to one of the specialists. Then he remembered there were a few experts with him. "anyone know what this was?" he said holding up his bag.
  2. Thanks for the update. I have posted a response. Hopefully I don't get killed.
  3. Shiba Kimita Kimita returns a bow of respect given to a great teacher and makes her path directly, but unhurried, to him. He has shown her respect which is to be appreciated, not assumed. "Dai-sensei," she greets the Master of Earth, "I am accustomed to listening to the silence. Today, I have heard very little." She set her pace to walk next to the Great Master matching his pace. "Most people don't like the silence, they try to fill it with something. There isn't enough information to take action, so they seek to fill it with non-information."
  4. I updated the old post, seeking other Phoenix members. I'll try a new post unless you want to update the post you made?
  5. Considering I am playing a pacifist Phoenix, I am greatly concerned.
  6. Oh, I got this all backwards. I was under the impression that we had gone to Tsuma before the Imperial Court would arrive, and the students were coming to join us. I'll have to go back to re-read all of this and then I'll repost. I'll go back and delete the old post, since that makes no sense in this situation.
  7. So, it seems I made a mistake or at least the wrong assumption. It seems that the people that were attacked are much father away from our town than I supposed. And that being the case, the Imperial prisoners are not likely to appear at Tsuma any time soon. Nor are we likely to get much information quickly. Before I consider reposting - though I am willing to go with what was posted unless I find out the post was damaging - has the Imperial Court arrived here, or are we here ahead of them? And second, were the prisoners on their own?
  8. Shiba Kimita She had not been present in Court when the announcement was made. But word had come to her very quickly. She had been painting a scroll with the calligraphy of 'Dream'. It was supposed to be a gift to the Isawa youngster that was kept for the last 10 years. She hoped that she could send it to her before the competition, but that seemed unimportant. She tried the last stroke, but it was obvious that here nerves were affected as the stroke showed how unsteady she was. She pulled a new sheet and opened a new brush to write out a letter to her clan. She wrote a note stating that she had gained a small room at the her inn. She had chosen the smallest room, she conveyed, to allow those with greater status their position. Coded within the message was word that the youngsters had been attacked, and rumors claimed serious injury or possible death, and that she would remain to find the truth and relay that. As she sealed the letter and called a courier to carry it to the Phoenix lands, she rolled up her calligraphy and stored it away. Kimita emerged from the room and descended into the common area. She was certain that she would hear plans on how to accept the loss of one of their own, that some would want vengeance on the Lion or Crane members responsible for protecting the Imperial charges, and possibly a few that would want to pursue the attackers. But that would have to wait until she found new information, for now it was time to talk to those around her. She would seek the other Phoenix members, find out what their thoughts were on the matter. There was no point reacting before information was present.
  9. I did a quick Google search to learn that the town is in Crane lands, and is a port town. Are we assuming that we were in the capital and travelled here ahead of them, or would we have come from our homes/schools to meet here? How far into the crane lands would this be, or is it a border province to the Lion Clan lands? Just trying to figure how far we would have to travel if we went to find them. Is there anything special or notable about this town? I am looking over things that were mentioned about the character, and hope to make some small changes tonite, before we get too far into the story. At least I am familiar with the Topaz Championship. Okay, I made some changes to the character sheet and added in background material (instead of the rules) for the Advantages and Disadvantages. I had forgotten some of the aspects of spells, so thanks for the reminders. I do expect to spend some time raising the rings with experience in play, but I think it might be better to start with awareness up a level. I think the skills based on it might be more useful than an extra spell per day and a little easier casting roll. But the insight given really helped me hammer this out.
  10. Well, you know this system better than I. However, I can't imagine being in a courtly intrigue game without having some capability, and since most of the courtly skills are awareness based, it seem like I would be significantly weaker with Xk2 instead of Xk3. I had forgotten about the favored spell area getting access to level 2 spells. I'll skim through the Void 2 spells and see what might be good options. I'll look through the spells again and see if there is something good in Water or Fire. My first thought was to have spells that would remove or negate negative effects on myself and others. A bit more of support character rather than full-on combatant. I expect combat might arise, but I want to be able to be involved in things.
  11. Sorry for the double post. The character sheet is up and complete.... relatively. All the hard things are there. Abilities, skills, advantages, disadvantages, spells and equipment. The 20 questions have been answered, but I still need to fill in some flavor. I'll try to get that done in the next day or two before we get into playing. Sorry for the delay, but last weekend just disappeared on me with work asking me to get a few things done. The good part is that I already have most of my hours in for the week, the bad news is I still have 3 more days to work. I'll get my overtime, but could use a day off at some point. If people could look this over and just confirm I made no mistakes. Its been 2 years since I played or made a character, so I might have missed a thing or two.
  12. I should be done tonite. I already know which spells I am going to take. The toss up I had was in choosing which skills and how high to raise them.
  13. I have the basics of the character up. Still need to plan out some of the combat abilities, but as i read OVA, I get a better feel for things. If you could look over the Abilities and Weaknesses and make sure i did things right, that would be great. I'll have more input later tomorrow.
  14. I am mostly done. I should finish by Sunday. I will post once everything is finished.
  15. Reg watched the manatech work her way across the room. He gave her a few moments to flick her way across the parts and pieces left over from the murder. Whatever had exploded in here he could try to guess, he had received some basic training in the uses of arcane powers. Not that he had the ability, but he had a meager understanding of what could be done. He picked the tape tape from the doorway and stood patiently until she had finished her survey. It would possibly take a moment for her to process what she had observed. But something had already been missed. As he stepped through the doorway, he reattached the tape behind him. He understood the need to keep as few people in the room as possible, but he was not sure of what he had glanced was a clue or part of a trap that had fired off, or might not be triggered yet. Standing over the pile of ash he looked through the grey dust and drew a pen from his jacket. Prodding into the ash with the pen as he crouched over the pile he tried to clear the metal item from under the pile. Whatever it was, he wanted a better view. If it was a trap, he wanted to make sure that it wouldn't activate while they were in the room.