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  1. Gregori, Gregori!! BADASS DRAGON BATTLE! Erm, what are we at for votes right now? I might be willing to use my double vote here if it makes any difference.
  2. digital

    To the parents of Intern Dusky...
  3. other

    See... I don't believe in writer's block, either. XD The written word is an art form, so I sort of include it when talking of art block. Even if you are experiencing those issues, you are still able to push through. It won't be your best work, but perfection is an illusion and first drafts are rarely any good. Writing shit is better than not writing! So yeah, if you define art block as a difficulty with creating, then it certainly exists. But a lot of people say something like, "I'm an artist! Also I haven't made anything in three months because of art block!" No. That is not how it works. If you go months without making something, it's because you don't want it to be part of your life all that much. You're complacent with it at best. But yeah, if the definition of art block isn't objective, then this conversation is a little moot. Now, if we wanted to discuss what the most accurate interpretation of the phrase is... And yes, obviously if you do not have any physical faculties with which to draw, you are unable to draw. I don't think people would call that art block, though. Mental illness is a whooooooole different rabbit hole that affects a person's ability to enjoy things they once loved. In that sense it's causally related to art block, but I don't think it's right to call the inability to create "art block" when it's really a symptom of a very serious illness.
  4. other

    Believe me, I'm aware of the trials and tribulations of mental illness. XD Been there, done that. But, like you, I don't think that quite falls under the purview of art block.
  5. other

    Art block, defined as an utter inability to create, does not exist. You can go through periods where you don't have the drive or inspiration, of course. But those are not things that keep you from working, only things that make it more difficult. If you don't create, you are not an artist. It's as simple as that. Any occupation, really, has the equivalent. @Grey, back me up here.
  6. Hannah Scoggan || Grocery Store Nearby: Kyle, Mitch, Cecilia Tags: @St Stare @Necessity4Fun @too much idea Mood: Uneasy Almost a month, she reflected. It had been almost a month since she enrolled at AEGIS and almost a month since Knight Day. The memory still made her shudder. She had thought the intruder at school had been stressful, but when she got home and saw the news, she couldn't leave the house for three days. Her best friend had stopped by to knock some sense into her. "Hannah, you have to go to work. You're going to lose your job. And what about classes at AEGIS?" Hannah had flinched at being reminded of Facility 108 and thusly of her powers. "You d-don't understand, Gemma. The Knights of Raguel are out there... n-not just th-them either! The world... it's full of people who h-hate me..." Gemma had sighed and pulled her into a hug, which Hannah nearly flinched away from before relaxing enough to allow it. "I don't hate you. And you know what? I don't think the folks at AEGIS hate you either. If you want to be safe, shouldn't you be around the supers? Who better to protect you?" Hannah hadn't considered it that way. Her brief experience with the place had been one of utter mayhem, peril, and stress, but things certainly did get handled, didn't they...? Still, something hadn't sat quite right. The talk did the trick. Hannah emerged from her apartment and began attending classes again, but it was not long before the next calamity closed the school for two more weeks. How much of the last month did she actually spend attending classes, anyway? No matter. It was a Saturday, there were no classes, she wasn't scheduled to work, and she needed groceries. There was a strange quality outside; the people she passed as she walked to the store seemed agitated; she caught murmurs about a casino but couldn't make out the details. Odd... Hannah surveyed the parking lot of the grocery store. Dead and empty, moreso than you'd expect late in the morning on a weekend. Well, that would just make shopping easier, wouldn't it? Her consumerism brought her to the bakery aisle. Chewing her lip, she pondered the different brands of bread, until something crunched underfoot and made her leap out of her skin. It was... popcorn? And pasta, too? Her eyes traveled up from the ground to the three teens standing among the mess. She sighed; as an adult, it fell on her to deal with this. "Is... is everything okay...?" she ventured, hoping her quiet voice would garner their notice. "Such a mess... I-I'll get an employee to help us clean it." She turned around and headed for the nearest counter, but stopped in her tracks to see nobody there. Confused, she glanced around. Nobody. She peered toward another department. Nobody. She even ventured down a hall and looked at the registers before returning to the grains-strewn area of the store. Nobody. "There's nobody here," she said unhappily, "Maybe we should... g-go?" More to herself, she added, "Though I'd hate to leave a mess."
  7. Ah, sorry, I'm here!
  8. Oh god I'm so conflicted I... I think... I'll vote for Matilda?
  9. Congrats! You deserve it! :D

    1. ApfelSeine


      Awww thanks so much <3

  10. prose

    An always present companion, like a familiar. Navi is Link's fairy in Ocarina of Time. ^^;
  11. other

    No, like... I knit it first as a flat thing then sew the edges together so it forms a nice little basket.
  12. prose

    I really, really enjoy the conversational tone. I went through a few playthroughs and my favorite was probably the conversation about rain happening when you say nothing can go wrong. You honestly might benefit from making the narrator an actual character... Like a Navi of sorts, except maybe less annoying. Anyway, it's a little bit too barebones so far to actually comment on the story itself. Keep at it!
  13. prose

    Staff's official stance on bumping, last I checked, is that you should only bump once every 24 hours. c; I'll give it a look. I do love IF.
  14. request

    I'd love to see my character Beth in your style! She's got messy, chin-length black hair with equally messy bangs, black eyes, full lips, rounder features, and a straight, long nose. Personality tends to be important drawing her, haha, 'cause she's a cold person who can be extremely aloof & taciturn, even arrogant. The outline color would definitely be black. If you do bust rather than neck-up, she generally wears a leather jacket. OvO Here's a link to her character sheet if you wanna get a better feel for her (but it doesn't really say anything about her appearance, just has some pictures that aren't wholly accurate and a pseudo interview with her). Here's a picture that another user did of her! OvO I love the expression and the brows.
  15. XD I'll second the apothecary visit, but we absolutely should go get outfitted by one of Martian's quartermasters. From there, we need to take a moment to put ourselves in the right frame of mind. I'd probably meditate or something, but if Jason has a preferred method of his own, he should go with that. If we still have some time between that and meeting up with Gregori - I suspect we may not - we should check in with Matilda. Maybe offer some words of encouragement.