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  1. In all likelihood gifs will continue to function. I'm not Staff, but I'd be very surprised if they implemented something that kept gifs from animating. That would be difficult and unlikely.
  2. You have returned to true form. Welcome back, Dusk.

  3. Ahhh, I know that feel! Think of it this way: your body must have needed it. Throw open some curtains while there's still a little light out, have something nourishing to eat to start your day (er, night), and then get done the things you want to get done. ^-^ No use concerning yourself with things in the past.
  4. Hey, I posted a question in the Details thread but I think it got lost. Here it is:
  5. Thank you! And as always I'm happy to lend my assistance if you need it. If there's something you're looking for in Beth's posts to give you more direction, just lemme know. If you don't know how to play to her goals and still eventually get her to meet Roland, I can change them. You don't have to just deal with what you've been given.
  6. Hey, I don't like being pushy at all, but it's coming up on two months since the last post in Dirge. Is there anything I can do to help? Brainstorming? If you've lost inspiration I really don't mind if this becomes a 1x1 with JT, I just don't want to keep hanging on.
  7. This looks like it'll go much better than the last transfer! I've enjoyed IPS but I'm glad we're returning to xF. Question: I have a hosted project that's not "active" - in fact, permissions are set so regular members can't actually see it. I've been coming back to it periodically to work on it bc it's a very large project. Will this WIP be archived? I'd prefer if it wasn't because messing with the forum structures and such is, in this case, part of developing it, but I understand the desire to declutter so I'm willing to move all the threads to my private workshop. Link below.


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      I updated my preferences so I wasn't following you guys invisibly. XD I'm not a mod anymore so I'm allowed favorites.

    3. Teh Frixz
    4. JayTee


      A likely story!

  9. It can, actually. Our accordion code was borked af.
  10. So exciting! You're the bomb dot com, JT~
  11. No shame in that! I'm loving the Jannisary idea. Something enticing about the destruction of the dominant religion.
  12. Hey, you could always pick a new direction! Cord is also from Unterland and he experiments on the deadmen, sooooo.
  13. finally finished Worm last night. I've been reading it for like a year and a half, Christ.

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      I just started it. I'm guessing it's really good?

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      LIKE SO

  14. plz Frixz bby why you gotta hurt me like this
  15. LOVE ME