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  1. Approximately 4 days.
  2. Come and join the site's new discord server !

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    2. Darth Gangsta

      Darth Gangsta

      Well I'm guessing if you were to break a site rule on the discord server, you'd either get a warning point or even a suspension depending on what rule you broke on this site (and you'd obviously be banned from the discord server).

    3. Meredith


      It's moderated through the site rules.

      We can't moderate your server.

    4. Veyd Sahvoz

      Veyd Sahvoz

      All right. My thanks for allowing this discussion and enlightening me on the topic. 

  3. don't think i don't see you spying on me

    1. Fyuri


      The Musician bot is programmed to wander member profiles. :3

  4. What instrument do you play I'm guessing from your profile picture like the flute or the violin or something elfish

    If you say electric guitar I'm going to be REALLY surprised

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    2. AThiefOfSpades
    3. Soz


      I instantly regret playing that video... Mayonnaise is too spicy for my caucasian tongue.

    4. Windsock


      This is some moist shit.

  5. Hang tight, everyone.

    1. Fyuri


      -attaches to Muse-

  6. other

    The site will be going back to the BBCoding system, however, there is no guarantee that the system will be exactly the same. The staff team has already planned to make a guide for all of the site's functions once the transfer is complete.
  7. other

    You'll want to remove the entire HTML section then. That is no longer a feature which will be available on the site after Sunday!
  8. other

    Thank you for your consideration. In light of the update which will be taking place this weekend, many of these articles are out of date!
  9. There was never a PM limit on the site. :3
  10. None of your PMs will be lost with the switch.
  11. Too high.
  12. ideas

    I'd say that if your roleplay does involve a dice system, it should be located within the dice forums.
  13. Not just yet. But once we switch over, they will arrive.
  14. Last I recall, the profile view count never existed on xF.
  15. 1. Yes! Creation is currently disabled for now while we transition. 2. I would like to assume so. That depends on how similar it functions to how it used to be. It is likely that a fuller update will be posted once the tabs feature is available again, explaining what is the same and what is different.