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  1. Title: Mission: Double OJ Leader: @Musician Type: Private Players: @Musician, @SweetNicole, and @DamagedGlasses Overview: Jennifer Brontes and Julie Scotts first met on the internet. It's been years since they last contacted one another and they finally meet in person for the first time. Jennifer isn't too keen on rebuilding their relationship. Oliver McGenty, a closer friend of Julie's, becomes concerned when she disappears.
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    There's no harm in that. :3 You can also just save the HP to recycle for later, too!
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    Yes, you can make folders for your inbox! Thank you for bringing your concern to us, @The Hollow Poet. We will look into it.
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    I do not believe there is anyway for you to remove it from your list otherwise, then. Sorry!
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    Go here to manage your hosted project memberships. You may leave or transfer ownership of all of your hosted projects from that page.
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    Nothing on this site can be permanently deleted. You may hide the hosted project, however. This will prevent other users from seeing that it exists. Simply go to the roleplay management drop down menu and select 'Hide'.
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    Hmm, I'm a little confused as to what you mean, but I think this may be what you're looking for? <div style="width:100%;"><p style="border:1px solid #0f0f0f;">lorem ipsum</p></div>
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    <div style="border:1px solid #0f0f0f;">lorem ipsum</div> 1px may be replaced with any positive integer. Ex: 3px. solid may be replaced with dotted, dashed, etc (look up HTML border property for more information) #0f0f0f may be replaced with any hex value.
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    I would wait for one of the admins to post here. Admin contact isn't the most appropriate spot to leave site suggestions and one of them will respond to this thread within the next 24 hours or so. Having additional images for the site themes isn't exactly a priority right now. We are still working on other, larger things, like the app, etc.