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  1. table { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; } td { border: 1px solid #dddddd; text-align: left; padding: 8px; color:#848383; } th { border: 1px solid #dddddd; text-align: left; padding: 8px; font-size:18px; color:#848383; text-align: center; } Warning System Information Hello Members, There has been some confusion about the Site Warning System that we would just like to clear up. The Warning System was updated several months ago but has been recently tweaked to match the revised Site Rules. The overall process of warnings is an attempt to make site enforcement fair for all users of RpNation. Below are some of the details for how the Site Warning System functions: ✏ ✏ ✏ Warning Message When a user receives a warning, they will be notified by a private message explaining the details about the warning. This private message may be an automated message or a customized message created by the warning moderator. Inside the message, the Staff will explain the offense the user is being warned over and where in the rules it states such behavior is not allowed on RpNation. This is to ensure that there is no confusion about a user's misbehavior. ✏ ✏ ✏ Warning Points When a user receives a warning they can also receive warning points that are attached to their account. Typically these warning points last for 6 months and the more warning points you accumulate the greater your punishment might be from the automated system. First Time Offender Leniency - However, many changes have been made since the previous warning system which the Staff felt was too harsh to new members. For this reason the system allows first time offenders a chance to improve their behavior without necessarily receiving punishments from their first warning. Repeated Offender Punishments - The new system though is also harsher against repeated offenders. If a user repeats the same offense multiple times, they may receive additional points attached to their latest warning that is equal to the number of times they have previously committed the misdeed. ✏ ✏ ✏ Types of Warnings There are several types of warning messages a user can receive from a moderator. Verbal Warning / Reminder (0 Points) - These warnings are polite messages given to a user by moderators who feel that the user is starting to act in a concerning manner. They are meant to help a user stay on the right path and avoid falling into misbehavior that might get them punished by the Site Staff. Repeated Courtesy Violations (1 Point) - Users are not typically warned over breaking a Courtesy Violation once. However, if the user has repeatedly violated one or many of the Courtesy Guidelines in the past, they may receive a Repeated Courtesy Violation Warning. Minor Infraction (1 point) - These warnings are given to users when they break a site rule. Most site rules fall under site infractions and usually represent a minor/incidental misstep in conduct that the Staff wish to see improved. Some minor infractions include: Deliberate Trolling inside Threads Disrespectful Arguments/Member Squabbling Encouraging Erotic Content Major Infraction (3 Points) - These warnings are given to users when they break specific site rules. Offenses that receive major infractions are those behaviors that the staff wants to see immediately improved by the warned user. Some major infractions include: User Harassment Posting Explicit Erotic Content ✏ ✏ ✏ Automatic Punishments Since the Fall of 2014, there has been changes to what users receive in terms of punishments by the Warning System. These changes are listed below: Number of Points Automatic Punishment 1 No action 2 No action 3 24 hour ban 4 72 hour ban 6 7 day ban 8 14 day ban 9 21 day ban 10 31 day ban No Permanent Bans - Since reforms done in the Fall of 2014, users do not receive permanent bans from site warnings. This is because the Site Staff believe permanent action should not come about from an automated system. Instead, users are only permanently banned if the Staff have come to a consensus and an Administrator manually performs the ban on the offending user. ✏ ✏ ✏ Warning Appeals If users receive an infraction and have questions about the misconduct they have committed, they are free to contact the Administration through submitting a support ticket at any time about their complaints. In appeals, an Administrator (who preferably was not involved in the user's punishment), will investigate the warning through looking at reports, reviewing Staff discussion, or interviewing moderators. The Administrator will then make appropriate changes to the warning if needed (including raising or lowering warning points, removing the warning or exchanging the warning for another). Appeals should only be submitted if a member believes they have been wrongly warned and if the warning actually places warning points onto their account. Appeals must be done within the first 48 hours of a warning being given. The Administration can refuse any appeal if they believe it is not needed. ✏ ✏ ✏ Staff Discretion Lastly, it's important to remember that the warning system is only one tool the Staff can utilize to moderate the community and it is by no means the only method by which your account can be warned or punished by the Site Staff. Staff Members are often in communication with one another and moderators can seek out other punishment and measures not listed within the Warning System if there is a staff consensus over the matter. Likewise, users can be banned from RpNation without receiving warning points if their offense or misbehavior is so grievous to require such actions. Such measures, however, usually require Moderator consensus and approval by the Administration. We hope that this information clears up any confusion user might have had about the warning system! -RpNation Staff
  2. RpNation Site Rules 1. Respect - Users are expected to respect all other users. Users may not attack, demean, or insult other users of RpNation. This includes staff members. Harassment - Users are not allowed to harass other members on RpNation. Harassment is defined as the action of targeting another individual repeatedly with messages or actions that intend to annoy, upset, disturb, or insult. Users can be reported for harassment if they continue communicating to an individual who has requested a termination of behaviors by the harassed user or by any others. Any user may report suspected harassment; it does not need to be the person being harassed. The Staff encourages users to report harassment, even if it is not against them personally. Reports of user harassment are taken seriously by RpNation Staff and strict punishment may be dealt to accounts engaging in harassment. Discrimination - RpNation takes complaints of discrimination seriously. However, because of the complicated nature associated with discrimination, the Staff handles matters of discrimination on a case by case basis. If you feel you have been discriminated against, please report the incident to the RpNation Staff and an Administrator will investigate the matter. Let the Staff do their Job - It is acceptable for users to calmly and respectfully explain site rules and regulations to other users, but users are not staff of the site. Users are not allowed to belittle or demean another user for their actions. Staff members are here to deal with that. If a user is breaking a rule it should be reported. Users are not to police RpNation and will be punished for vigilantism against other users. 2. No Erotic/Extreme Gore Content - RpNation is not an Erotic Roleplay Site. This means users are not allowed to post any explicit erotic content on RpNation. This includes, but is not limited to both written words and images. No Sexual Roleplaying - Users of RpNation are not allowed to participate in sexual roleplaying under any situation on RpNation or other web spaces provided by RpNation. Users must not roleplay sexual acts in any roleplay even if warnings of mature content are provided. Roleplays that post explicit erotic content face immediate closure and all users involved will be dealt with accordingly. Encouraging Erotic Content - Users are not allowed to encourage the creation of erotic content on RpNation or other web spaces provided by RpNation. Users must refrain from allowing erotic content within their roleplays or within the Private Messaging system. Users must also avoid implying or instructing other users to conduct in erotic roleplaying off-site or in their private messages/conversations. Extreme Gore - RpNation does allow non erotic adult content, but RpNation does not allow extreme descriptions of gore or violence. Users cannot post real-life photography of extreme gore or violence. Drawn extreme gore or violence can be posted, but must be placed in spoiler BBCode. 3. No Illegal or Immoral Discussions - Users are not allowed to discuss or provide advice that is either illegal or immoral on RpNation. Topics considered illegal or immoral can include, but are not limited to: piracy of copyrighted media, theft, selling illegal products, or threatening individuals or organizations. In-Character Behavior - Literary freedoms do exist on RpNation when it comes to roleplaying. Characters can partake in illegal or immoral behavior when it doesn’t conflict with other site rules and is allowed by the creator of the roleplay. If roleplaying a character who is involved in illegal or immoral behavior as defined above, the user is expected to address the situation in a mature, respectful, and delicate manner. As an example, if a character is a drug addict and the creator of the roleplay allows it, they can imply the use of drugs or similar activities. However, users cannot discuss drugs out of character or give advice about such content to other users. 4. No Advertisements – Users are not allowed to advertise external websites or services with the intention of either personal gain or distracting from the community. This means: links that benefit the posting user, links that sell a product or service, or links that serve to gain a user-base on another website are considered advertising and will be removed. Admin Permission – A user can seek permission to have an external site affiliated with RpNation under Advertising Links. The website must be approved by RpNation Site Administrators. If seeking an official affiliation with RpNation, please contact us using admin contact . Reporting Advertisements - Users are advised to report any thread or post that appears to be advertising a product or promoting a roleplay not hosted on RpNation. Reporting can help moderators remove Spambots quickly and efficiently. Allowed - Users are allowed to recruit for offsite roleplaying in a thread for Skype and all the various IMs and programs that exist as long as account information exchange is handled via Private Message. At that point any content/harassment is responsibility of the user. Public information will be edited out by a staff member for user privacy/safety. 5. No Ban Evasion - Users on RpNation are expected to serve any punishment by the RpNation Staff to the punishment's completion. Users who are banned are expected to remain off the site until their ban has expired. Users who are discovered evading their ban will receive additional punishments to their account depending on the severity of the ban and the evasion. Any secondary account a user users to evade punishments will be removed from the site. Connected Punishments - Users on RpNation are allowed to possess multiple accounts. However, such accounts are considered conjoined in terms of warnings and punishments. Users should not attempt to create new accounts as a means to avoid further punishments for repeated offenses. Aiding a Banned User - Users on RpNation who are not banned but are found helping a member evade being banned, such as letting that user utilize their own account to post, will also be punished. Ban Appeals - Users who are banned from the site can appeal their bans to the RpNation Administration. Please see RpNation's Ban Appeal Policy below. 6. Spam - Users should not post spam on RpNation. Spam is defined as posting content in an area of the site where that content is not meant to be held. This can include but is not limited to: posting repeated images, flooding a thread or forum with posts, and posting forum games within the discussion forums. Threads or posts marked as spam will be either moved to the appropriate section or deleted by moderators. Be Wary of Flooding - When considering Spam, users should be wary of flooding a thread or forum. Flooding is the action of creating multiple entries within a single area of the site in a short period of time. Users can flood forums by posting too many threads in one forum too frequently or without necessity and in threads by posting too many posts in a single thread. Respectful Recruitment - Users should avoid posting threads involving/promoting their individual roleplays outside of the designated Recruitment Category. Recruitment and Interest Check threads posted in incorrect areas of RpNation will be moved. Distracting Signatures - We are relaxing the limits on signatures, but please try to keep to a reasonable length and format. We're here to focus on your post, not your signature! IPS has a function that allows users to 'turn off' particular users' signatures and even all users' signatures. Animated Avatars - Users may use animated (.gif) images so long as the images are not too distracting, bright, or high-speed. Some users may have medical conditions that are adversely affected by this and we reserve the right to remove such images without prior notice if they are brought to our attention as causing problems. Use Fonts/Colors with Discretion - RpNation encourages users to experiment with BBCode, color, and text options in roleplay posts. In order to make sure content is readable in non-IC posts (i.e. site questions & information, news & updates, discussion threads, etc.), RpNation requests users do not apply text colors or fonts. English Only - Content posted on RpNation is expected to be written in the English language. Roleplays posted on RpNation must utilize the English language (outside of in-character dialogue). RpNation chat requires English to be used in all conversations. This assists staff members to moderate content effectively and fairly. ----- Minor Elements of posts, such as: usernames, phrases, signatures and in-character dialogue, are not required to be English. However users may be asked to provide an honest translation to a moderator upon request. 7. Positive Environment - The general RpNation forums are not places for users to vent or rant on their own personal problems. RpNation is supposed to be a place for users to have a fun and positive experience. For this reason, users wishing to vent or discuss serious or upsetting problems should post in the personal discussion forum. Uncomfortable Conversations - Users should respect the wishes of other members while using private messages or the site's public forums. If a member asks another user to stop talking about a specific topic within a thread or in a private conversation, the topic of discussion should be switched or that part of the conversation should move to another section of the site. This guideline is not to give users permission to shut down a conversation just because they do not like the topic. Instead, it is to prevent conversations that upset or unease other members who are involved. Topics that can be told to stop can include but are not limited to: sexuality, gender identity, religion, politics, philosophy, ideology, theology, or trigger topics (e.g. murder, sex, drug addiction). If users are asked to stop, they have the option to move their discussion to another area on RpNation Starting a thread about the topic in question or continuing the discussion within a private conservation are both viable methods if the topic is allowed by RpNation Site Rules. All users are discouraged from making "wall virginity" posts (i.e., posting on someone's profile with the comment "I've stolen your wall virginity!" or other sexual references). These may be reported, removed, and/or given warnings even before being asked to stop. Spoilers - Users are not advised to ‘spoil’ any media without a spoiler tag outside of discussion threads designated specifically to the media in question (e.g. Naruto spoilers can be posted in a Naruto Discussion thread without warning but are not allowed elsewhere without spoiler tags). Spoilers are described as explaining or talking about plot or character developments of a media product. Users posting spoilers are still advised to utilize the spoiler or in-line spoiler BBCode even in threads aimed at a specific media source. Offensive Word Filter - Certain words are known to be near-universally offensive, and so we filter them from the site. Filtered words are replaced by the phrase "I'm uncultured." If you see this in your post, you know what word it has replaced. Attempts to evade this filter will result in an Uncomfortable Communications warning. Please refrain from the use of asterisks, underscores, spaces or other means of filter evasion. Warning/Ban Discussion - To promote this positive environment, users are not allowed to discuss Warnings, Infraction Points or Site Bans of any duration in the public forums; this includes, but is not limited to Status Updates, forum threads/posts, blogs or any other publicly accessible on-site discussion tools. Discussion of Warnings, Infraction Points or Bans will be deleted without warning and the user(s) issued with a site warning. If a user feels that they have received a warning and/or Infraction Points unfairly, they may place a support ticket with the Administration. Ban Appeals are described in detail below. 8. Roleplay Rights - Staff Intervention in Roleplay Disputes It is important to note before reading below RpNation Staff do not typically get involved in roleplay disputes between members. Outside of rule breaking, RpNation Staff only get involved in a dispute if the Roleplay Creator petitions the Staff for assistance with their roleplay. In those cases, the RpNation Staff expects the Roleplay Creator to have taken reasonable steps to resolve any disputes before requesting assistance. RpNation Staff will NOT get involved in a roleplay dispute on behalf of players unless the Roleplay Creator is violating RpNation Site Rules. If you have an issue with your roleplay creator, you as a player have options, including leaving the roleplay or making your own roleplay on RpNation. Complaints of stolen characters or other forms of plagiarism will be investigated by the RpNation Staff if appropriately reported. Roleplay Creator Rights: Roleplay Creators have certain rights over their roleplays created on RpNation or web spaces provided by RpNation. These rights are not necessarily absolute and can be altered or changed depending on a Roleplay Creator's behavior. If a dispute over a roleplay arises, the Roleplay Creator will be held in higher authority than a roleplay's participants by RpNation staff members. All Roleplay Creator's rights are listed below: Roleplay Creators are the authority over their roleplays, not their players. Roleplay Creators are the owners of their roleplays. Roleplay Creators have the right to add their own rules to their roleplay (as long as such rules do not contradict or abridge RpN Site Rules or Policies). Roleplay Creators have the right to determine what content is allowed in their roleplay (as long as such content does not break RpN Site Rules or Policies). Roleplay Creators have the right to remove or reject any player from their roleplay. Roleplay Creators have the right to prohibit or edit any action that occurs within their roleplay. Roleplay Creators have the right to make decisions about their roleplay’s setting or lore and can even declare any content as ‘non-canon’ for their roleplay. Roleplay Creators can moderate and edit any content posted in their roleplay. Roleplay Creators can delete posts within their roleplays. Roleplay Creators have the right to place posting requirements or restrictions onto their roleplay. Roleplay Creators do not have to notify their players of changes to their roleplay. Roleplay Creators have the right to petition to the Staff to have their rules or wishes enforced (if their attempts to resolve issues directly with their players are unsuccessful). Character Ownership Roleplaying games are collaborative ventures. While a Roleplay Creator owns the content associated with their roleplay (as long as such content is not plagiarized or copyrighted), specific entries (such as a player's characters) submitted to that roleplay are considered the property and ownership of that individual poster. RpNation Hosting Rights Upon posting on RpNation, you as a content creator enter into an agreement with RpNation when it comes to hosting your content online. RpNation is a private entity and has the right to control what content and materials are hosted on RpNation and web spaces provided by RpNation. The rights below are bestowed to RpNation staff members. These hosting rights supersede any other rights given to any roleplay creators, players or users on RpNation. These rights do not apply to RpNation staff members acting as either a player or a Roleplay Creator within a roleplay dispute. The hosting rights are listed below: RpNation is the authority over all content posted on RpNation and web spaces provided by RpNation. RpNation has the right to terminate any content in violation of RpNation Site Rules. RpNation has the right to preserve, store and archive content on its server. RpNation Site Administration are allowed to remove, close, delete or forbid any roleplay determined as rule breaking without notice, explanation, or otherwise to the Roleplay’s Creator or players. RpNation Site Administration are allowed to moderate, edit, or delete any content posted on RpNation and web spaces provided by RpNation without notice, explanation, or otherwise. RpNation Site Administration are allowed to revive or retrieve deleted content posted on RpNation and web spaces provided by RpNation. RpNation Site Administration are allowed to remove or alter content claimed as plagiarism or copyright infringement without notice, explanation, or otherwise. RpNation Site Administration are allowed to make a roleplay's creators or players liable for content they post and punish them according to RpNation Site Rules. RpNation Site Administration are allowed to change an individual's Roleplay Rights without notice, explanation, or otherwise. More Information - Site Rules Override Roleplay Rules All RpNation Site Rules are final. Roleplays cannot have rules that contradict, abridge, or remove RpNation Site Rules. Roleplays found attempting to break these rules or encourage rule breaking will be closed. The Roleplay Creator will be held liable and will be confronted by RpNation staff members. Ban Appeal Policy Users banned from RpNation have the option to appeal their bans to RpNation Site Administration. Please use our RpNation Webmaster Email at, as banned users cannot access Admin Contact. A ban appeal must include clear, valid reasons why the ban should be overturned. A banned user is given one chance to appeal a ban. A banned user can only appeal bans of a significant length (multiple months or permanent bans). Ban appeals underneath a month are not sufficient. Users cannot have their ban appeals submitted by other members. A banned user must submit the ban appeal on their own by sending the ban appeal to COPPA Enforcement The children's online protection privacy act (abbreviated to COPPA) is a federal law of the United States of America. The details of the law can be found . The short of it is that since the site’s owner and the server containing the site are both American then the site must abide by this law. Failure to comply with this law can get this site shut down and the site owner in legal trouble. This law is what prevents users under the age of 13 from being members of the site. For this reason, users that are found to be under the age of 13 will have their accounts terminated without warning by RpNation Staff. (Last Revised on 1/5/2016)
  3. That icon looks kawaii desu. 


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  4. So, not to barge in on her personal life, but I found footage of Staff-Chan and her Senpai... I'm just gonna leave it here so everyone else can see it

    Staff Chan and her Senpai


    Second Documented Attack!

  6. [centerblock=60] [h]JULY 2016[/h][divide] [/divide][justify]Welcome to another newsletter! I'm pleased to present the month of July. Do any of you have plans to see the fireworks? Or maybe do something equally fun and summery - a BBQ party perhaps? Let me know in the comments! I'd be happy to hear. Anyway, there are a lot of fun things below, and ahead, and two degrees left of nowhere. OvO We have an extra category in the Features section this month... Enjoy![/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span4][sh]June Donation Badge[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]Dying in the summer heat? Never fear! We have this ice cold treat to help you cool off! I mean... it's pixels so don't... don't actually try to eat it. That probably wouldn't work out too well. But it sure looks yummy, right?! Thanks, @Ghost, for another wonderful badge! It's been awarded to the June donors. If you too would like a fancy badge under your name, be sure to donate to RPN's monthly campaign.[/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Site Updates[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]This section is quite barren this month, but let me tell you why. Remember the Nyte Life updates promising a dark color scheme for RPN and some structure updates? Well, you're going to get that... and so much more. @The Dark Wizard has had his nose to the grindstone working on some big projects! All will be revealed in due time. Have patience, young padawans.[/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][/row][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Features[/h][divide] [/divide][justify]Would you guys like to know how many new pages of threads there were in the Creativity forum between this newsletter and the last? Five. Five!! I've had months where there wasn't even one! You're killing me kindly, my friends. I'm not even going to try to count the pages of Discussion threads, but I imagine it's an impressive number. Keep it up! Needless to say, I had a tough time picking this month, too. But pick I did, and here my picks are![/justify][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span4][sh]Featured Prose[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]If you're in the mood for something fluffy, you've come to the right place. This month's featured prose is Paintbrushes and the Complexities of Love by @SimplyMusicality, and it's a fun read! The strongest point of the piece, in my (not) humble opinion, is the characterization. Through the main characters' words and actions we have a very clear idea of the sorts of people they are without ever being told directly. It's very engaging! [bg=#CBCDD5]“I'm an artist, I'm allowed to be covered in paint.” “You're a sociology major, and-” Kieran let out a rather undignified “umph” as something cold and wet was spread across his face. With the back of his hand, the tall boy wiped his lips. He should not have been surprised when his hand came back purple. “As I was saying, I'm pretty sure this is the first time you've held a- hey!” This time his “friend” dragged the paintbrush across the front of his shirt. Kieran recoiled at the cold, staring at his shirt incredulously. “Just because this is the first time I've held a paintbrush, doesn't mean that I'm not an artist.” Finn calmly assessed his friend, tapping the end of the paintbrush to his lip as he considered his next move.[/bg][/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Artist[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]This month we're taking you on a journey - an adventure, of sorts. There's a great variety of content, medium, and style in @Semblance's Adventure of the Mind, and it always keeps you on your toes, constantly finding new things to admire! From romantic couples to tech gadgets, from drawings to paintings, Semblance seems to have talent in just about everything. Drop into her thread to see![/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [row][column=span4][sh]Featured Tutorial[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]Something I've noticed is that many freeform roleplayers shy away from combat scenes because they can't think of a way to feasible execute one. Fret no more! The month's featured tutorial is a brief explanation of the three most important things in writing a combative post according to @Kojuen: awareness, knowing your weaknesses, and detail. Head over to his Small Tutorial on Combat to take a look![/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Discussion[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]This month's featured discussion comes from the Roleplay Discussion & Advice forum! Think about the last roleplay you saw that really drew you in. What was it that you liked about it? Did it have anything in common with other roleplays that have interested you? These are the kinds of questions people are answering in @Vaughn's What makes you excited about a roleplay? thread. Take a look, either to answer the question for yourself or to research what RPN's membership is looking for.[/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [row][column=span4][sh]Featured Character[/sh][divide] [/divide] [row][column=span3][/column][column=span5][justify]You know what this newsletter is sorely lacking? Acronyms. COISE, or Creation in Order to Inevitably Seal Earth, is a hybrid of a spriggan, a robot, and a goddess, and while the components don't blend together seamlessly in-character, as far as her creation goes the set-up is more smooth and believable than one might at first think possible. @C O I S E has put a good deal of work into his character's backstory and supporting lore, and the amount of thought that he put into it has landed him a spot for Featured Character![/justify][/column][/row] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Music[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]Surprise! This month, we are featuring a work of music. Normally, we don't have a section for music, but a user took to the Creativity forums with some original music they composed within the last month and they're bringing great things to the table, including invigorating variety and, of course, gorgeous tunes. @Seelenlos is sure to get stuck in your head! Check out their thread here. [MEDIA=soundcloudembed][/MEDIA][/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][/row][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Roleplay of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide][justify]What if you couldn't feel? Death of a loved one: nothing. Birth of a child: nothing. That's the conundrum July's RP of the month explores, and in it characters are offered the chance at something we all take for granted: emotion. If you're looking for some philosophical fun, look no further.[/justify][divide] [/divide] [/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]Ignite the Spark[/h] And now some words from the GM, @Ashmorne: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Ignite the Spark? A: The idea of life without emotions is something I’d always thought to be kind of interesting, especially after reading the The Giver (Lois Lowry) when I was younger. In addition to that book, I also drew inspiration from 1984 by Orwell, as well as the modern Delirium trilogy (Lauren Oliver). I think emotion ought to be a human right, and that’s where the idea for The Spark was born. Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN? A: I discovered roleplay through a real life writer’s group. A lot of members enjoyed RP because it is a collaborative story. My friend and I wrote together over a different platform, and one day he messaged me saying “Ash, we should try this site.” I was hooked. Q: What is the most emotional roleplay you remember participating in? What stood out most? A: Honestly, this current RP is the one that has been the most emotional. There was this one collaborative scene that I did with @Rissa, and it was hard to write. Our characters, both of whom struggle with the concept of violence, ended up having to kill people in order to protect their city. The emotional trauma that resulted was intense. It stood out a lot because of how much they wrestled with it. We really got into their thought process, which I hadn’t necessarily gotten the chance to do before. Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing? A: I would say that my strength lies in organization and keeping up the morale. I learned early on that you’ve got to keep things interesting, so that’s what I try to do. The players in this RP are amazing though, they make it fun. It helps when you really care about the people you’re writing with. Q: How about weaknesses? A: I could definitely improve my assertiveness. I have a hard time saying no. I don’t like conflict so sometimes I have a hard time suggesting edits or requesting change. Though, it’s important to keep in mind that people usually respect the lore and are willing to make changes. Q: What is it that has made Ignite the Spark successful? A: The group I’m RPing with is what has made it successful! Ignite the Spark belongs to all of us. Their ideas, motivation, and enthusiasm is what keeps it going. There are a few that have been with me since the start, and they make such a strong foundation for a great RP. Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays? A: At first, it was through interest checks. Now that we have a solid base, it's mostly through word of mouth. Members tell others who they think would be interested or make a good addition, and our group slowly grows.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing? A: I think the best tip would be to really envision your character’s perspective. Get in their head. Ask yourself “is this realistic” or “does this make sense” through their lens. It makes it easier to create more dynamic, natural characters. Another tip would be to utilize the tutorials that are available on RPN. There are threads on character development, BBCode, world-building...everything. It really is a wealth of information! Last, and probably the most important, is to listen to your partners! Seek out feedback, and use it! Partners are able to view your characters from a less biased point of view, and that is incredibly helpful when it comes to growth/realism. Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they? A: When characters are too flat, it takes the fun out of things. There should be strengths and weaknesses at play. Characters that are one extreme or another can also get exhausting. Basically, I’m not a fan of Mary Sues/Gary Lous or special snowflakes. Q: You are the fairy princess of Elaria and the King of Dwarves has just requested your hand in marriage by presenting you with the traditional courting gift, which is a PVC pipe and also a couple of bent nails. He's doing a handstand, because a man must always do a handstand when proposing, as it is tradition. Actually, he's getting a bit red in the face waiting for you to respond. A: The King of the Dwarves’ proposal was one that was a long time coming. Our kingdoms had been waiting for this alliance for many moons. I’d sometimes wondered if he would ever stop having cold feet and finally ask. As I stood there and watched him do his handstand, I grinned. Handing my squire the traditional pipe and nails of courtship, I crossed my arms and nodded at the King after several long moments. If I had to wait so many moons for his proposal, he could wait a few seconds for my answer. Q: What's your saddest memory of roleplaying? A: My saddest memory involved a friend that I no longer RP with. We wrote great stories together, but eventually we lost touch. Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying? A: That’s a hard one! I have a lot of good memories. The most recent one was probably when a new player messaged me to let me know that one of the scenes I collaborated on had really invoked an emotional response in her. Knowing that the writing achieved what it was going was great to hear! Q: Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints? A: It will be a while before the next one comes out...but it’s a joint effort with a good friend of mine! There’s a lot of planning going into it. She and I are very excited. Though it's under wraps, I can give you one hint...if you join, don’t get bitten.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Member of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide][justify]Do you like thoughtful people? How about people who are well-spoken? Do you like people who provide helpful and insightful discussion when you bring up a topic or ask a question? Yeah? ME TOO! The July Member of the Month does all of that and then some, so I'm very pleased to introduce...[/justify][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]@ApfelSeine[/h] And now some words from the MotM: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: When did you get started roleplaying, and how? A: I started roleplaying around 2008 on an animal crossing forum. It was included as it's own topic in the forum games, and people would advertise their various roleplays. Since I'd never tried it before, I thought I'd give it a shot Q: What are some hobbies you have besides roleplaying? A: I really enjoy both drawing and writing, and I spend a lot of time doing that. I also enjoy crocheting little stuffed animals, acting in plays, reading, and Victorian era ballroom dancing as well as country dancing. I also play a lot of video games (mainly puzzle games and RPGs) and study Japanese whenever I have time. Q: So, you draw chibis. That's pretty cool. What is it that you like most about drawing? A: I really love getting to practice a skill that lets me express myself. The anime and chibi styles are the most appealing to me, but I really enjoy any kind of art because I get a great deal of satisfaction when I'm able to draw something fairly well. Q: Any book or show or other such media that you've been excited about recently? A: I have really been enjoying the K-drama "Boys Over Flowers" recently. I also just finished reading "The Hours" by Michael Cunningham, which I felt was very well written. Q: What is your favourite board game and why? A: I really like the game Quelf. I played it during my cousins' last game night and it was a ton of fun. I enjoy the unpredictability of it, as well as the fact that it requires a degree of wit (and a large amount of shamelessness). You never know whether you'll be asked to answer trivia, draw something/write a poem, get up and perform, make a costume or device out of household objects, or follow a bizarre rule. It's exhilarating and a great way to get people to loosen up. Q: What's something that you've been working on lately? A: For one thing, I've been working on getting my life together (). In terms of projects, I'm focusing mostly on improving my drawing abilities by designing a very extensive cast of characters. Once the school year rolls around I intend to utilize the various characters that I create while writing stories in Creative Writing. I'm thinking of incorporating all of the characters into one large fantasy world and writing several stories set in that world.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: What does your ideal roleplay type look like? A: Since I enjoy almost everything in terms of setting and plot, my ideal roleplay type would be anything that is strongly character centered. Something that allows characters to play off each other and develop as the roleplay progresses. Aside from that, I also enjoy roleplays that explore morality. I am a really big philosophy and psychology buff, and so I am drawn to anything which goes in depth into subjects of "what is right?" and "why do people do what they do?". Any roleplay which can show me a perspective that I would never have thought up on my own will almost certainly become one of my favorite roleplays to participate in. Playing with one or more players who show me a point of view that I am unfamiliar with, and where the players put a lot of thought into their characters' thoughts and motivation, are things which I really enjoy. I also prefer lengthier posts, as short posts move things along too quickly for me to spend a lot of time ruminating. I tend to be somewhat slow, and I enjoy getting to analyze everything, so any roleplay which encompasses all of these things would be my ideal roleplay. Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter? A: Take proper care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Drink water, get outside, exercise, spend time with people you like, get 8-9 hours of sleep, and all of that stuff. A lot of people don't, myself included, but it's really important. We get hungry and thirsty because we need food and water. We get lonely because we need to socialize. We get listless because we need to exercise. We get sleepy because we need to sleep. It's really easy to forget that there's a reason we're supposed to do all of that healthy living stuff. Especially because humans are adaptable, and people just get used to feeling crummy all the time because feeling crummy becomes their new normal. But even if we adapt to feeling lousy, feeling healthy still feels significantly better. Try taking better care of yourself for at least a week and see if you notice any difference. I'm positive that you will ()[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Closing Thoughts[/h][divide] [/divide][justify]I project that if we continue this rate of awesomeness production, we are going to break the internet and possibly the universe. In other words, nothing could possibly go wrong! Just kidding. Please don't break my internet. Do keep being wonderful users, though! I'm honestly so impressed with you all, and I hope everyone knows that for every person featured here, there's at least one other person that I also very much wanted to include but couldn't! Thanks for making RPN awesome, you guys.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock]
  7. [centerblock=60] [h]JUNE 2016[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]It's been a busy month! A lot of us had finals, or work got hectic, or some major life event just occurred. I've yet to figure out what it is about this time of year that just bowls everyone over every time, but when I do... I'll let you all know. Promise. Anyway, there are a couple changes to this month's newsletter! Namely, it's being done exclusively by me, save for a couple of very fun things from some other mods. Believe me, they will make this read worth your time.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span6][sh]Site Updates[/sh][divide] [/divide][justify] May 7, 2016 - Summer Fundraiser - We are running a fundraiser aimed at improving our website with quality of life updates. You can donate here, and at the end of the campaign you'll receive a specially-made badge. Regular monthly donations are still ongoing and can be accessed here! May 20, 2016 - Regarding The Helper Initiative - The Helper Initiative has been disbanded in favor of less exclusive ways to recognize helpful users. May 24, 2016 - Find More Roleplays By This User! - For each user, there is now a super easy button that takes you to a list of all roleplays by a that user. [/justify][divide] [/divide] [sh]May Donation Badge[/sh][divide] [/divide][justify] I think we can all agree that the umbrella to protect us from April showers was positively adorable. For this month, we'd like to reveal the fruition of all that rain - May flowers! Thank you to everyone who donated in the month of May; you've all been awarded this flowerpot to spruce up your forum posts, courtesy of @welian's blood, sweat, and tears![/justify][divide] [/divide][/column][column=span2][bg=#CBCDD5][sh]Incoming Staff[/sh] @Gilzar, Moderator @Anomaly, Moderator [/bg][/column][/row] [centerblock=98][sh]Harassment[/sh][divide] [/divide][justify]Bullying happens everywhere. Schools, the workplace, and even online. Often we encounter verbal abuse on the internet, and sometimes people let it happen, feeling that there are no resources to help them or that they are being too thin-skinned. On RPN, this isn't the case. If you're being harassed on RPN, here's what you can do.[/justify] Block them. [justify]This way, you will not be able to see content from them. It's a wonderful tool which I myself have used in the past. However, sometimes users will find their way around a block, either by using mutual friends to contact you or creating/using alternate accounts, or perhaps talking about you to others. In this case...[/justify] Report them. [justify]Staff will not discipline every solitary instance of impolite behavior, but consistent abuse or harassment is something we have not, do not, and will never stand for. Don't be afraid to report this person. They are not your friend. They are not "having a bad day." They are a bully, and it's well within your rights to rock the boat a little! Furthermore, a report is confidential. If an offending user is issued a warning, we will not tell them who reported them. But unless YOU report it, we can't do anything to help. If you report it and the behavior continues, report again. And again. And so on. We won't rest until you can. A Note: Sometimes, people may behave in a way which offends you, but which is not really harassment. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Site Rules. As much as we want to see all our users happy, we also want to make sure we aren't being distracted from cases of rule-breaking by a deluge of run-of-the-mill disputes. Go now and be decent human beings to each other![/justify][divide] [/divide][/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Recipe[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]A special contribution written by @Sunkissed.[/justify] [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=77][centerblock=98]Strawberry Cream Cake Recipe[/centerblock] [row][column=span4][/column][column=span4] [accordion=bright]{slide=i n g r e d i e n t s} ★ 115g self raising flour ★ Half a teaspoon of baking powder ★ 2 eggs ★ 115g butter ★ 115g golden caster sugar ★ Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract ★ 200ml double cream ★ 350g of cut up strawberries ★ 1 large spoon of caster sugar ★ Icing sugar to top (optional) {/slide}{slide=m e t h o d} ❥ Preheat the oven to 170°C, gas mark 3 ❥ Sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl and add all of the other ingredients. Whisk with an electric whisk until it has a smooth texture. ❥ Put the mixture into a cake tin and leave in the oven for 30-35 minutes. ❥ When cooked, let the cake cool for 5 minutes, then cut around the edges of the tin with a knife. ❥ After this you can make the topping. Whisk the cream in a bowl and spread it across the cake. ❥ Top with strawberries and you're done! {/slide}{slide=t i p s} ✥ Make sure to let the cake completely cool before removing it from the tin. ✥ Do not whisk the cream too much otherwise the fats will seperate from the water particles, creating butter. ✥ Using a cooling rack while icing the cake is a good idea. {/slide} [/accordion] [/column] [/row] [/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Features[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Sooo... Remember how last month I said that there was just so much wonderful content? And that it was a really difficult decision? And I would have picked more if I could? Well, you people need to calm yo'selves, because you kicked it up to eleven this month, which I didn't even think was possible. It's physically painful choosing only five features when I'd really like to do about fifteen! So again, everyone... keep doing what you're doing! It's wonderful. And on that note, some especially wonderful things...[/justify] [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span4][sh]Featured Prose[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]This month's featured prose is a collection of fiction. Many of the pieces are labelled with some variation of "to be continued," which is frustrating, because these stories really pull you in and make you want to read more! @milkmold seems to have a particular way with concepts, and their thread content/ment is chock full of really intriguing ideas. [bg=#CBCDD5]“Would you like us to turn on the light?” The voice clips in again. Oh god. I’m so helpless. “No! Uh, I mean, no thank you. I got it.” I fumble for a few more excruciating seconds before I finally find the handle, lower than the focus of my previous scrabblings. I shuffle out of the closet into the blinding light and turn, hesitate, then close the closet door gently on one of the keeper’s mass of limbs unfolding from the closet ceiling. I wait, but no noise tells me whether the robot still moves within the closet that I fully intend to return to wallowing in. I wait, then ask, “Are you still in there?” “Yes. After all, we are literally the house. Omnipresent and all that. Or did you mean simple physical presence? In that case, no. We probably have better things to do than linger in the dark.” Oh, great. Now there's a robot judging me in addition to Lumi.[/bg][/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Art/Artist[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]@Entarriance is a skilled artist who creates lively, colorful drawings. Their artwork really conveys personality, especially through posing and facial expressions, and you can tell how much love and thought have been put into the characters they draw! Their art thread, Oodles of Doodles, is updated with new art pretty frequently. Give it a follow![/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [row][column=span4][sh]Featured Tutorial[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]@DividesByZer0 strikes again, this time with a helpful thread about characterization in roleplaying. Their advice is perfect if you want to learn how to use your character to help yourself and everyone you roleplay with get the most out of the experience! Their primer, which you can read here, actually includes two distinct guides - "Pro Tip: Proactive Vs. Reactive" and "Guide to Awesome Characters." Both are everything we look for - thoughtful, coherent, and relevant![/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Discussion[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]People are weird. Words are weird. Society is weird. Put it together and what do you get? Really, really, really weird laws. @Little gasmask has started a thread about cool laws in various countries, which you can view here. If your country, state, town, or whatever has a law that always makes you smile or laugh, please come share it![/justify] [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [centerblock=98][sh]Featured Character[/sh][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [row][column=span6][justify]If you're seeking chuckles, look no further! This month's featured character is a charming little gnome with a thing for fire and trees. Kind of a strange combination, that. Benson Beetamer is quite the character, and one would imagine he is very fun to play! @BadBadger has provided a fun read with his character.[/justify] [/column][column=span2][/column][/row] [centerblock=98][divide] [/divide][/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Roleplay of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]This month's RP of the month is a very active campaign set on a new earth, following a group of explorers. It's open to new players, and it's very involved! One of the most impressive things about this roleplay is how thoroughly it is maintained. Everything is so well put-together, and players enjoy a robust experience which is definitely moving forward. Without any more ado...[/justify] [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]Crimson Canines[/h] And now some words from the GM, @Zer0: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Crimson Canines? A: I'll be delighted to tell you, but first allow me to thank all my players both past and current for playing the campaign and weaving the story with me. And also God because I prayed to Him for a lot of the plot related stuff and the character sheets. Thank you very much to @CoconutLeaves, @CkSmalling, @thespacekid, @Beowulf, @Musical Dragon, @AyyyLmao, @Orpheus, @Commisar Darman, @DJGomez, @LocoBlock, and @Cryo for playing with me! I mean it, guys. So, Crimson Canines was inspired by the games: Phantasy Star Online, Xenoblade X, Monster Hunter, and Metal Gear V. The first three inspired the wild, realistic, yet slightly alien-ish look of the world, the giant creatures that live in it, and their neutral animal-like behavior. The world gives off a feeling that when you go out on an adventure or mission, chances are you're going to encounter interesting and challenging things you've never seen before. Metal Gear V inspired the idea of having a mother base, different factions, a classic bad guy you want to take down, the soldier-like camaraderie, and the mystery of the plot. Combat was inspired by all four. I really like how in Metal Gear you're not unstoppable, that if you run out of ammo, or if there's too many enemies or an enemy gunship, you're going to have to be creative and patient for things to go your way. For the machines, PSO and Xenoblade have mechs that look really cool and it is awesome to watch them take on huge bosses that have different fighting tactics-like you have to dodge this way and that, or work together as a team to hit a specific part to open up a weakness-and I like the explosions. Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN? A: My roleplaying days began with the tabletop RPG, Dungeons and Dragons (I love it forever), then I moved to other table-top systems such as All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and then a friend's own system called Revolutions, which had a really pleasant Japanese RPG style. Then I had to leave my tabletop RP buddies and I was looking for a "fix" for my entertainment needs, then lo' and behold, my cousin CoconutLeaves introduced me to RPN. Q: What is the weirdest roleplay you remember participating in? What stood out most? A: I guess that'd be my RP called, "A Terrible Roleplay" where we didn't have a CS and you could you be anything that you wanted to be. The part that stood out the most was when this one player discovered the watermelon-or was it potato-of power and he used it to flood the tower of LOL with potatoes that stopped this dragon from wrecking the tower and flung my demon-possessed assassin into the air, where he had a flash back that gave him vigor to live on, and then he broke his seal summoning forth the Black Dragon King trapped inside his left eye, thus saving his own life since that made him sprout shadow wings. Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing? A: I can paint pictures with words and my combat scenes have tension. I also include a lot of cool pictures to show the players the environment and creatures they're facing. My plots and their execution are planned, and the neutral and active characters are acted out in a way that they've got at least one interesting thing about them. They also take to the side so that players can have the spotlight. Q: How about weaknesses? A: I don't socialize much with players in the RP world unless it's related to moving the plot forward, so sometimes if a player doesn't have another player to socialize with or if the plot doesn't pique their interest, then they leave the campaign. Balancing roleplay speed, tension time, and relaxation time is also something I'm working on. Q: What is it that has made Crimson Canines successful? A: The players. They move things forward. Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays? A: I post nice pictures and build a world around it. For certain plots, I word it in such a way that there is a challenge, something at stake, an enemy players would love to beat, an important factor shrouded in mystery, and the feeling that you can be cool in this world.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify] Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing? A: For the game masters out there, I suggest having a plot. For starters, I suggest reading "Grey's Learning Annex" (thanks for making this @Grey!) here in RPN and learning about the 8-point plot arc. I also suggest keeping your story rolling, not spend two weeks in real time or three RP pages in the same area thinking, or talking. Reading up on how to be a better GM and story teller also helps. And finally, don't give up. Even if your RP dies, put your heart into the next one anyway, because it'll make you happy. For players, I suggest not living your real life here. When you free yourself from social or emotional needs, such as the need to beat everyone or the need to have someone special, you'll become a player who can act out varying characters with flavor, since you're free. Q: A penguin has just walked into the bar with a giraffe and sat at your table. They're staring at you, unblinking. You: A: Stare back slowly, confused and slightly freaked out, but my face isn't going to show that because I'm brave. And then look to the side and see the reactions of the other patrons to see if this was normal. If it is, then I'm going to say, "Hi . . ." warily just to be polite, and then take a sip of my tea slowly. If they won't tell me what they're doing here I'm going to run away. Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they? A: Oh! "That guy". That overpowered guy who likes to beat players so that he'll feel good, even though it doesn't make sense. Like, having his ant miraculously beat a man. Also, boring players. Those who just roleplay as if it was a chore, like, "I did this, then I slept. Then I woke up. Then I slept again after having a good day." I guess this is why a lot of people don't like one-liners. At least there's "This Guy", and you know this guy. That player in your campaign who's got something going, takes initiative, and overall just makes your RP pleasant. Kudos, reader, if you're "This Guy". Q: What's your saddest memory of roleplaying? A: My first campaign in RPN, I won't tell you the title, that had really good players and a lot of potential died. I'm not sure why, but I think it was because the GM lost interest. I was so into it, and then it died-it was like having so much fun hiking up an awesome challenging mountain, looking forward to when you reach the summit, and then you had to cancel it . . . Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying? A: When a player of mine solved a problem I gave his character in a smart way. He was going to get caught downloading files illegally that would incarcerate him or get him killed, but he used what he had to distract the players and NPCs coming for him and was able to accomplish his mission. Q: Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints? A: Yes you can. I was thinking of making a werewolf RP that revolves around Ragnarok, where it was foretold that Fenris will swallow the moon and sun, bringing and end to the world. And this is the situation: In all the lycan tribes, the god Fenris has always reincarnated in the line of the White Fang Clan, and every time Fenris was groomed to become the king and guardian of the lycans, a symbol of strength. But this year, the year of Ragnarok, he was to be killed to save the world. But war erupts between the Lycan Lord of the White Fang Clan who doesn't believe in the prophecy and wishes to save his son, and those who believe and wish to save the world. But one strange thing was, though the son was a powerful lycan warlock, he's never shown the great powers of the god unlike others in his past lives. White Fang is besieged by the other tribes and falls, with the son nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, two mysterious twins appear on the doorstep of a small group of mercenaries (the players) offering them a huge sum of gold to rescue the White Fang Lord and Queen. And in another part of the world a dark man with an evil purpose manipulates behind the scenes, plotting to use this schism among the lycans to rid this world of their kind once and for all.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Member of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]This user knows their way around some fancy BBCode and graphics, not to mention 1337speak. They've always been willing to share their time and effort with others who need it, and have made a very useful tutorial or two as well. They are a rockstar when it comes to helping people out when code breaks and performs strange satanic acts as it is wont to do, and that, in addition to their friendly demeanor, is why they are our member of the month![/justify] [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]@mayhem TR4NQU1L17Y[/h] And now some words from the MotM: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: When did you get started roleplaying, and how? A: It started thousands of years ago in a galaxy far, far awa- Eh, I don’t think the dramatics work for this. I started maybe like 13-14 years ago during one of those “giant changes” people tend to go through. At the time, the popularity of the internet was just a simmer at best. My parents didn’t know what I was doing. Even I had no idea how limitless the internet can be. It was by chance that I discovered giant chatrooms via Yahoo Chat or whatever that place was called. I noticed there were rooms for something called “roleplaying” and hopped on in. Let’s just say I learned way too much and way too quickly because of those chatrooms. Q: What do you like to do in your spare time, besides roleplay? A: I’m pretty big on cooking and what not. Besides leaving my kitchen a mess, I get so absorbed and wrapped up in cooking shows and movies that it bridges on obsession. It usually winds up with me shouting at the screen as if I’m watching some sort of big game and someone f%#&ed up. I also collect and read cook books. My copy of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is dog-eared from hell to back. … I’m also a fanboy for GANGSTA. MOVING ON! And, honestly, my biggest hobby has to be formatting for roleplays. Can’t help but get into the thickets of coding and creating graphics to arrange in something sexy looking. That, and it can be a nice stress defuser. Q: What is it that you like most about BBCode? A: There’s a lot to love about BBCodes on forums, but I think what I love the most is when I “break” something. A excellent example is when the accordion codes first came out, and I wasn’t satisfied with how they look. I wanted to see if there was a way to alter it. There were other users that have played around with it and achieved some of the goals I was looking for. But, I wanted to go for the full monty to completely alter it. Long story short, the coding ultimately affected the entire thread. Posts were out of order and broken. The logo jumped to the bottom of the page. Content was fusing together. It was awful, but brilliant. It’s through breaking the coding that you get the answers you need to pull off beautiful, epic, and sexy formats. I’ll just insert a thank you for the Admin and Musician for being patient with that mess. Q: Any book or show or other such media that you've been excited about recently? A: Bar none, I have Preacher all set up to record for Sunday. I’m pretty damn giddy about it.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: What is your favourite animal and why? A: Ocelots. Because why not. Q: What's something embarrassing about you that you're willing to share? A: Hmm, well there’s a lot of embarrassing things I regularly do. I’m accident prone. Like, I merely touch a display and it’s destroyed. I trip on nothing a lot. I sleep fight. Aaaaannnd… moving on. Q: What does your ideal roleplay type look like? A: That’s a pretty hard question. Yeah, I like the flash and glam when threads adapt BBCoding and graphics into them. But, what I’m really looking for is the content. I like a roleplay that has the potential to let me develop a character from start to finish. Rarely do I get the opportunity to look back and pick a character that’s changed so much for better or for worse. I also like a thread that has a set direction they want and are willing to work with users that want to contribute to the storytelling aspects of a thread. That, and I look for threads where users push out content in their posts. But, most of all, I think the “ideal” thread would be users that work well together and are honestly there just to have a good time. Most of the time, that never happens. But, when they do… Dear God, those are the best threads out there. Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter? A: I got a bit of wisdom to pass on to users that want to try and get into forum formatting. When users ask me how I was able to format something, I always tell them this: “You just take a big rock, and you beat the s&%t out of the coding until it does what you want it to do.” Honestly, it just taking an idea you want to do and making it work. It’s trial and errors. A whole lot of frustration when things are just not working. Or, you see someone that did the same exact thing you want to do and start comparing it to what you did. Don’t. Just keep beating and beating. Keep working that coding until you are left satisfied and proud of what you did. OH! And… TURN THAT F&^%ING RICH TEXT EDITOR OFF.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Closing Thoughts[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]I feel like every month I'm just that much more impressed with our user base. The day I have to tell you lot to do anything other than keep it up will be a cold day in hell! May was awesome; what with the upcoming contest and all the wonderful things stirring up in our brainmeats, June is looking to be just as awesome, if not moreso. And I am very much looking forward to it~.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock]
  8. newsletter

    I can't believe admin-senpai is impersonating me for attention.
  9. [centerblock=60] [h]MAY 2016[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]This month's letter is basically my soul torn out and handed to you on a platter, dear reader! Please love it and treat it well. It gets lonely otherwise. () We had another great month with a lot of fun new additions to the site. If this is the first newsletter you've read, welcome to the fun! If you're a returning reader, welcome back! May is in bloom, and here's the news to prove it.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span6][sh]Site Updates[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify][table=none][tr][td][/td][td]April 2, 2016 - Downtime - RPN experienced some downtime while some of the hardware that makes the server run was replaced. Just regular maintenance![/td][/tr] [tr][td=2][divide] [/divide][/td][/tr] [tr][td][/td][td]April 9, 2016 - Discord & Staff Changes - @Mordecai stepped down to the title of Helper and the Administration made the very tough-but-necessary decision to terminate its Discord server due to difficulties in regulating the content generated there.[/td][/tr] [tr][td=2][divide] [/divide][/td][/tr] [tr][td][/td][td]April 9, 2016 - Spook! - The site introduced a new rating, made by @Mifuyne. Eek![/td][/tr] [tr][td=2][divide] [/divide][/td][/tr] [tr][td][/td][td]April 14, 2016 - The Nyte Life: Part 1 - The first of the multi-part Nyte Life update hits RPN! Two new Discussion subforums have been added, Video Games and Current Events. We also have a brand new type of roleplaying - Questing! You can read more about questing here.[/td][/tr] [tr][td=2][divide] [/divide][/td][/tr] [tr][td][/td][td]April 28, 2016 - Quality of Life - This super update is definitely not subpar! A new BBCode has been added which allows you to use superscript and subscript, and there is also a new forum specifically for forum games. Posts here won't count towards your post total, and it's a great way to pass the time! We also have a new tag cloud and the rules for our new Current Events section were updated.[/td][/tr][/table][/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [sh]This Month's BBcode Tip[/sh][divide] [/divide][justify]Turn off Rich Text Editor! "But-" NO. TURN IT OFF. When you do things in RTE like bold words, change the font, and so on, what it's really doing is inserting and hiding simple BBCode. It can't handle more complicated BBCodes, though, so it treats them like normal text, which can seriously mess things up because it'll start inserting things where they shouldn't go. If you are going to use BBCode that cannot be automatically done in RTE, turning RTE off will save you so many headaches. You can see how to do it here![/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span2][bg=#CBCDD5][sh]Incoming Staff & Helpers[/sh] @Captain Hesperus, Administrator @Sunkissed, Moderator @Mordecai, Helper [/bg][/column][/row] [row][column=span6][sh]We Need Helpers![/sh][divide] [/divide][justify]You've all heard about the Helper Initiative by now, and you may have surmised that it comprises of people who are, well, helpful! We've all figured out that Helpers are welcoming people who make sure to answer members' questions when they arise and engage people all over the site. That's all true, but let me tell you a few things that go on behind the scenes. Among everything else you know they do, Helpers are also meant to: create helpful content like tutorials. plan, organize, run, and judge site-wide contests and fun events. make this very newsletter that you are reading! Most of the Helper Applications we get are to be general Helpers or BBCode Helpers. What we really need right now are Newsletter and Contest Helpers! Do you like to write? Do you like conducting interviews? Do you really enjoy seeing things that our users create? Are you all about themes and events? Why then, we need you! As always, you can apply to be a Helper here. See you soon![/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span2][sh]This Month's Badge[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]To help with those pesky April showers, a nice umbrella badge has been awarded to this past month's donators, designed by our very own moderator, @Ghost. We hope you're as excited as we are for what's in store for May![/justify] @Pine [divide] [/divide][/column][/row][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Features[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]This month we had so much wonderful user-generated content that it was really difficult to pick something to feature! Everyone who has contributed this month deserves a round of applause, featured or not. That said, the below items stood out amidst all the wonderful material, and if you're looking for something to take your breath away you are definitely in the right place. Congratulations, everyone![/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span4][sh]Featured Prose[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]Early in the month a new user hit the Creativity forum seeking feedback for a short story and received it in spades - mostly positive, forsooth. The story is vibrant and full of detail, with a strong narrative voice and a reflective quality that strikes deep and sticks. @QuestingBeast's The Duel is one you might find yourself thinking about well after reading it.[/justify] @Anomaly [bg=#CBCDD5]I stand in a field of grass. It stretched out six feet, the markers of wood piercing the ground. The abbot presides over this duel, and he calls out the accuser and the accused. I and my enemy. I cannot find the words to break past my fury, so I splutter at him and he shakes his head at my anger. I am not mad. I insist that I have seen it. That all the village has seen it and knows of his slithering soul. But his status keeps him clean. Fear of royal retribution keeps the town from lynching him like they would anyone else. The beast is given a pointed, shaven club. As for me, a sling. In my veil is cradled a weighty stone, tied twice with a bunching of knots pulled into a rigid ball.[/bg] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Art/Artist[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]An incredible talent, user @KingsPlague's goldsmithing talents come to light with his jewellery designs. While still a student studying the craft, KingsPlague's dramatic use of eye-catching designs and craftsmanship highlight a great deal of character, color, and attitude. Don't be fooled by the title of goldsmith though, for he also implements use of other techniques and materials, including, but not limited to, glass spinning (to create beads), stone inlays, and sterling silver. Whether you're a jewelry devotee or simply appreciate breathtaking work, look on in awe here.[/justify] @Mordecai [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [row][column=span4][sh]Featured Tutorial[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]Ever heard that phrase, "kill your darlings," and have you ever wondered what it means? Well, @DividesByZer0 is here to tell you. Their tutorial, Pro Tip: Kill Your Darlings and Finish Your Stuff! is a very helpful article on how to let go of the things that we cling to and put work and critical review into what we write, as well as sentimentality. If something in your roleplay or piece of creative writing isn't working out the way you want it to, reading this might just tell you what the issue is.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Discussion[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]There are some questions that must be considered, some questions which beg a decision. To be or not to be? Rachel or Julie? Rachel or Bonnie? Rachel or Jill? Pirates or Ninjas? This month's Featured Discussion has been going on for some time, and there are still people coming forward frequently to put in their two cents. Truly, @RibRipper's Pirates or Ninjas is a question for the ages, a philosophical conundrum like no other. Also, it's just plain fun![/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [centerblock=98][sh]Featured Character[/sh][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [row][column=span3][justify]From the immediate eye grabbing coding and layout of the Character Sheet in question to the well fleshed out and spectacularly detailed background, @Lexielai and her original character Lexstra Auria from the Star Wars expanded universe. Brave enough to delve into the nitty gritty lore, Lexstra Auria manages to blend in seamlessly with the setting yet is just unique enough to catch the eye of anyone bored of the same old jedi and sith characters. A whole new look into the universe is available through Senator Auria. Because of the care and dedication to making a lore friendly character Lexilai and her original creation that stands out in a setting deluged by originality, she is this month's featured character.[/justify] @Teh Frixz [/column][column=span3][/column][/row] [centerblock=98][divide] [/divide][/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Roleplay of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]If ever a roleplay had time and energy put into it, it would be May's Roleplay of the Month. The amount of thought it has taken is clearly evident, and that's exactly what commends it for the spot. As the first Nation-Builder that RPN has recognized, it blends strategy and in-character interaction in a very enriching way, as well as being fresh, active, and all-around a great project. Without further ado...[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]Nation States: Empires of Valinor[/h] And now some words from the GM, @Shireling: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Nation States? A: Well, Nation States was born primarily out of a fascination with Imperial Age politics. During the 18th and 19th Centuries, many countries and leaders had rather lofty goals of world hegemony, all vying for power. It was that sense of existential competition that inspired Nation States, which is really a very strategy-oriented game. In Nation States, I wanted to create a more board-game-esque feel than most RPs, while still maintaining character interaction as a way of giving depth to the world. Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN? A: Well, I've been a roleplayer since I was probably around 12. I started on the message boards of a strategy MMO with large-scale soft science fiction games which would be considered Nation Building games by RPN standards. Since then, I've been a part of several forums and developed an affinity for the fantasy and weird science genres. But I first and foremost would consider myself a Nation-Builder. There's just something about being an armchair leader that is appealing to me. Perhaps a Napoleon complex? Haha! I discovered RPN last year; it came out on the top of the Google search for role-playing forums, and I must say that this is by far my favorite place to RP. I got on with users @Bobisdead123, @Jarkov Malachai, @NeoLeaf, and others who share my same love for the science fiction nation builder genre. Bob especially was amazingly helpful in launching Nation States. Q: What was the first roleplay you remember participating in? Were there any highlights or lowlights that stood out to you? A: I remember very clearly the first RP I participated in was Galactic Empires, which was an RP run on the message boards of an MMO sci-fi game. I was new to the experience, so the lowlight of that was probably just having to learn the ropes. The highlight of my time with those guys is that I really refined my writing style and became a better roleplayer through it. I'll level with you, the GM wasn't easy to get along with, that was probably another downside. Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing? A: I believe my strengths are in organization and neutrality as a GM. I may like some players more than others, but I'm simply not going to give some people a buff because I like them. I'm all about fairness, and I think that's why I've been able to put together a complex RP like Nation States, which relies mostly on scouts honor. Q: How about weaknesses? A: My main weakness, I think, is simply proding an RP along. When you get caught up with school and work, it's easy to push RPs to the background and I'm as bad as anyone, but as a GM, it's even harder for the RP to recover of you do that. So I'd say procrastinating on roleplays is my main issue.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: What is it that has made Nation States successful? A: I think the competition between one another and the fact that there's an objective basis to the power of the factions definitely helps. Everyone wants to be the best, and in Nation States there is actually an objective basis for all the events. What I mean by that is, given our format as sort of a board game- roleplay hybrid, we give an opportunity for the players to actually make objective gains and to win battles and wars through cunning strategy. This means that, yes, it is possible to lose and have your faction destroyed, but I think having that skin in the game only adds to the appeal. Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing? A: I don't have a lot of tips I can give. One I can say is just try to be friendly with everyone you RP with. You're building a story together, even in Nation States were creating a story, and you wouldn't cowrite a book with someone you don't like. Q: What is the most important thing to have in a roleplay? A: I would say the most important thing to have in a roleplay is just dedicated people who will stick with it. Life gets in the way for all of us, but for a roleplay to really keep moving you need a dedicated team of collaborators who won't bail. Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they? A: My biggest pet peeve is definitely grammar and spelling. I'm a little bit of a Grammar Nazi, which is partly why I'm going to school to teach English. But another big one for me is the helpless female character trope. I can't stand it. Q: What's your worst memory of roleplaying? A: Worst memory? Probably when my favorite site, the Writer's Collective, fizzled out and some old friends of mine whom I had roleplayed with for years all went their separate ways after that. Haven't heard from those guys for years. I guess that just illustrates why you need to get people's email addresses. Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying? A: The moment the GM of my first roleplay got married and got off the Internet. Sorry, was that mean? Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays? A: Honestly, I'm pretty straightforward with people. I tell them what to expect in the interest checks and get as many as I can that way. One of the best ways to get people interested though is through other people. Roleplayers are big on networking and that's something I like to utilize when I can. Q: Well, congratulations once more. For my final question: What plans do you have for your next roleplay? Mind giving us a teaser? A: I can't say I have anything in mind for my next RP. So I guess you guys will find out when I do. Haha![/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=98] Interview conducted by @Anomaly. [/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Member of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]RPNation's resident magical girl, Ballerina, has been chosen as member of the month for her efforts in welcoming new members in the introduction forums. If you want to know a little bit more about her, this interview is perfect for you![/justify] @Sunkissed [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]@Ballerina[/h] And now some words from the Member of the Month: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: How long have you been writing/roleplaying? A: I've been writing since I was eight-ish, back then it usually it was essays about rocks and inserting characters I made up into my favorite video games and TV shows. I still have a few Animal Crossing fan fictions I wrote in the fourth grade lying around my room. When I was younger, I used to roleplay on sites like Pixie Hollow, if that counts as roleplaying. As for roleplaying on forums, I started somewhat recently, mid-October to be precise. Ever since then, I've been a fairly active member of RPN and I really love it here. Q: What interests do you have outside of RPN? A: Even though roleplaying is one of my favorite things to do, believe it or not, I do have many interests outside of RPN. If you guys couldn't tell by my username, I love to dance, and have been doing so for over a decade. My favorite style of dance is definitely ballet, but I think other styles of dance like contemporary and jazz are very cool too. I also love to make both traditional and digital art. Even though I'm not very good animating, photo-editing, and gaming are all things I really enjoy doing whenever I find the time to. Q: What's your favourite food and why? A: I really like fresh fruit and smoothies, but having a huge sweet tooth is pretty conflicting when you're a health nut, I also love frozen yogurt, cream soda, peppermint bark, and any kind of candy that won't get stuck in my braces. Q: What's your favourite roleplay type and why? A: I have a wide variety of genres that I like to role-play in so it's very hard to choose. However, if I really had to choose, it would probably be Slice of Life Fantasy. I really enjoy fantasy since there is so much creativity involved and putting strange and magical characters into everyday situations can be very fun to write.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: Have you got a favourite song at the moment? A: My favorite song at the moment would probably be Freaking Out by Mystery Skulls, I'm pretty sure my replay button for that song on youtube is broken at this point. I've been a fan of the Mystery Skulls for quite some time and I was inspired to listen to that song rather recently when the music video came out. However, my favorite song changes extremely often so I'm pretty sure my answer to this will change in the next hour or so. Q: What inspires you to help the users of RPN? A: It just makes me really happy to know that I'm making a difference on this site and helping others is extremely fulfilling. I was once new too, and I'd like to let others learn from my past mistakes such as not knowing what a conversation was until a month in. An added bonus to helping others is that I tend to make some very good friends in the process. Greeting newbies is an exciting task for me since I have met so many interesting people on the introductions page and it is fun to see how far their writing skills progress the longer they stay on the site. Q: What's your perfect pizza? A: As boring as it sounds, I prefer cheese pizza. I don't see the point in adding anything else to perfection... except maybe red pepper flakes. Q: What is the thing that cheers you up the most? A: I would say besides roleplaying alerts, it would have to be my dog, Penelope. She is a very calm and adorable Springer Spaniel. Her sixth birthday was two days ago, the fact that she has been by my side for six years makes me very happy. We do a lot of activities together but mostly swimming. I'm always cheered up whenever to see her when I come home.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide] [centerblock=98] Interview conducted by @Sunkissed. [/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Closing Thoughts[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Haha! I told you! A wonderful month and a wonderful newsletter. Congratulations to everyone involved and everyone who received recognition this month. Keep on contributing to RPN, everyone, and keep on being your wonderful selves, and keep on striving to be your better selves, and, in the words of Joe Dirt, keep on keepin' on.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock]
  10. site

    [h]Sub & Super Script[/h] Purpose: The Scripts are the low or high smaller words/numbers that go above where normal text would be located. They are used in math to show power to and can be used to hint at words a character is saying or like a “talking to yourself” manner. There are probably more creative ways for it to be used and as usual we will let you all show us how amazing it can truly be. Important Note: The Super script uses sup instead of sub. Code: These are words before script [sub]This is a subscript[/sub] Rpnation [sup]This is a Super Script[/sup] Example: These are words before script This is a subscript Rpnation This is a Super Script
  11. Quests Explained So you all may be asking what quests are. Well, let me tell you! Quests are a simple, fast, and extremely fun way of roleplaying. Similar to freeform, dice, nation building, and all the different styles of roleplaying here, quests involve members helping to move the story forward – but with a democratic twist! With quests, the creator of the roleplay offers their roleplayers some options to choose from. After everyone has voted, the creator posts the results in the story, and the roleplay proceeds based on what everyone has chosen. That's right - it's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, where everyone gets to choose. Not only that, but quests are open to the entire site (unless otherwise stated by the creator; obviously, private quests just like any other RP format can exist). Until the creator closes the vote, or the quest, anyone can jump in and vote on what course of action to take next. Of course, you’ll want to read any updates posted on the quest to make sure that you’re up to speed; and hopefully the creators will be able to take advantage of HTML or the formatting buttons to organize the quest thread via headers and such. To vote, post “[x] Option” into the thread. If the roleplay creator provides options, you can just use copy and paste to make things super speedy. If you don’t like your vote anymore and want to change it, there’s no need to go back and edit your post. Just post again, with your new vote. Some creators may choose to allow write-in votes. A write-in vote allows a roleplayer to vote for… well, anything they write in. It has to be approved by the quest creator though, and that may not always happen. Still, it’s a great way to offer up new ideas on how to complete a quest. Check before you vote, though – as mentioned earlier, not all creators will allow write-in votes. Some may only allow them at certain times. Don’t be that lazy player who doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on! Look for an option of something along the lines of "[] Write-in?". If you don’t see that, then assume it’s a normal voting round.
  12. [centerblock=60] [h]APRIL 2016[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Actually, we all just kind of decided not to do a Newsletter this month. It was too much effort, you know? We had more important things to do - like video games and roleplaying. And besides, it's not like this site is full of amazing people that we really love to recognize. So really we're just writing this to say, na na na na boo boo! April Fools, of course! And without further ado, the Newsletter, which we actually did write after all.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock] [centerblock=90][centerblock=98][sh]Site Updates & Notable Events[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify] This month has been a very busy and exciting one for RPNation, featuring a teaser of 'The Nyte Life,' a new dark, sleek & optional style for the site along with its progress which can be viewed here. The Dark Wizard reminded us that we can still in fact ignore users so that we will not be able to view their posts. This can be viewed here. A more exciting feature that was implemented to the site during the middle of March were new ratings! Users have been swooning over the new hype cookie and 'aww' options! The staff updated the way warnings work on the site, removing moderation status as it was too complicated to handle. A fluid theme option as well as large/small avatar theme options were added to the site for users who prefer a more open feel! On March 8th, the site reached 5 million posts. This announcement can be seen here. [/justify] @Sunkissed [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [row][column=span4][sh]This Month's Donation Badge[/sh][divide] [/divide] For all users who donated in March a lovely March Hare badge has been awarded, designed by our @Ghost-liest moderator. We hope you're looking forward to the unveiling of the April badge! @Meredith [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Helper Application Reminder[/sh][divide] [/divide]If you're wanting to help out in the community, a helper application may be just the thing to get that ball rolling. Helpers assist around the site, posting in introductions, answering questions, writing for the newsletter, and many other things, depending on their role. Currently we have four types of helper - general helpers, BBCode helpers, Newsletter helpers, and contest helpers. Apply to be a helper here. @Meredith [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [centerblock=98][sh]This Month's BBcode Tip[/sh][divide] [/divide]Today I'd like to talk to you about margins. Have you ever noticed that text that's not enclosed in borders, fieldsets, columns, or anything else of the sort always seems to take up more space and look messy next to text that is? That's because of margins. Margins are the blank space on either side of a body of text. Most BBCode makes those margins bigger. [accordion]{slide=Example}[row][column=span4]Column Text[/column][column=span4]Column Text[/column][/row] Normal Text{/slide}[/accordion] You can use the centerblock BBCode to even things out and make everything uniform by increasing margins on regular text! For example, if you want your text to line up with text in columns, you can just set the centerblock to 98%. In fact, 98 is the magic number for almost all of the BBCodes. Occasionally 97 or 99 are better - it just requires practice and experimentation to figure out. [accordion]{slide=Example}[row][column=span4]Column Text[/column][column=span4]Column Text[/column][/row] [centerblock=98]Text.[/centerblock]{/slide} {slide=Here's how I did it.} [row][column=span4]Column Text[/column][column=span4]Column Text[/column][/row] [centerblock=98]Normal Text[/centerblock] {/slide}[/accordion] Hopefully this helps you in your quest for aesthetic perfection! @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Features[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Wow! I'm eternally impressed by all the content that the denizens of RPN put out that isn't roleplaying. One of the great things about RPN is how much opportunity it gives for depth of community and of character. Yeah, obviously we all like to roleplay, but there's so much more to us - and there's so much more to RPN, as well! Here are some highlights from some of the most interesting corners of the RP Nation.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][row][column=span4][sh]Featured Prose/Poetry[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]@Lilah Tunth's poetry has been very interesting not only to me but other users of RPN, which can be viewed in its' thread here. It flows nicely and also describes the story in a compact way, giving senses of shock and fear to the reader as their eyes progress down the page. The poetry gives off a moody and gory vibe, too, and to complement this feature Lilah has used rhetorical questions in the end paragraphs of her piece which not only shows she is a talented writer but is also very capable of pleasing the reader if she were to write more in this style![/justify] @Sunkissed [bg=#CBCDD5]But do not pity This has long begun. Shadows around me, Swirled and spun You think: What caused this? Such distress? Well to be honest... I brought this on, upon myself.[/bg] [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Art/Artist[/sh][divide] [/divide] [heightrestrict=300] [/heightrestrict] [justify]This month's featured artist is @BIue. Her designs are striking and contrast light and dark perfectly. Every piece is detailed and she really brings her ideas to life. Blue is able to add a story to her paintings and inputs character in each masterpiece. She tells a tale that sets your imagination going wild. This piece, which even features text, creates a whole universe behind the drawing. With the blue sparks and the digital glitching, you get a real sense that the character portrayed is real. Her work is both gorgeous and imaginative. To see more of her art: Digital - Nellie's Art![/justify] @SpectroVector [divide] [/divide][/column][/row] [row][column=span4][sh]Featured Character[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]The featured character this month is Rin Masatora. Also known as “Crouching Tiger”, Rin is a cat-human hybrid due to the fact that she ate the Cat-Cat Devil Fruit. She is an original character created to exist within the universe of One Piece by @shadowdude505 . Rin is accompanied by the honor of a marital artist along with the shadow of rage so out of control it boarders and competes with bloodlust itself. Her rage is what initially brought her hybrid form into known existence in the first place; her father confronted her and the outburst she unleashed was beyond her control. After spending years training with monks, Rin has ventured out during the Great Pirate Era seeking a crew that will take her in.[/justify] @DaughterofAthena [divide] [/divide][/column][column=span4][sh]Featured Discussion[/sh][divide] [/divide] [justify]Everyone has that fandom that they completely fall in love with, can’t stop talking about, and continue to celebrate even after the dreaded ending - if the ending ever comes. Well, I hope everyone does and if not, I apologize for making assumptions. Anyway, one of the first fandoms I think a lot of people came to fall in love with, myself included, is Harry Potter. And @Error made a discussion designed specifically for people to discuss all their favorites in regard to it. He does a great job of providing some structure to start off the conversation and everyone’s thoughts are laid out. It’s a really fun thing to even just read through. I found that it helped me rediscover my love of the fandom and it’s always nice to discuss your passions. Wanna check it out? Let’s Talk Harry Potter![/justify] @DaughterofAthena [divide] [/divide][/column][/row][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Roleplay of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Speaking personally for a moment, I'm pretty excited about this one as it uses a setting and system I am very fond of and also because it is the first Hosted Project we have ever featured. Featuring a blend of action and adventure, libraries, hellspawn social maneuvering, murder, strange things getting stuck in strange places, cover ups, rock-em-sock-em-robots-fantasy-edition, and interesting times, it certainly deserves a day in the limelight. Let's not make you wait much longer...[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]Tales of the Chroniclers[/h] And now some words from the GM, @Silvertongued: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Tales of the Chroniclers? A: In truth it was because @Grey wanted to play a game in his own system, and not be forever GM in it. So, I decided to do a mystery styled game, hopefully with moments of "Oooooh, okay, that's what it was". In terms of actual inspirational material, I'd say Big O because I'm a total weeb like that. Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN? A: Weirdly enough, because of Grey again. I promise he won't be my answer for the majority of these questions. But yeah, I met him through a shared... I hesitate to use the word acquaintance, but yeah... and we wound up playing some of the first trial runs of Crucible: Dark Age. A bunch of us had long gaming marathons at this acquaintances house, and it was good fun. As for the RPN question, again, Grey. He transferred his online RPs from another site to here, and I wound up following eventually. Q: What is the most important thing to have in a roleplay? A: Player participation. If people aren't having fun, if they're not invested, or if they're just going through the motions, it's not gonna be a good game, or even a long one. Q: What was the first roleplay you remember participating in? Were there any highlights or lowlights that stood out to you? A: Oh man, the first one I can remember was... jesus, it was about fifteen or so years ago now, 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of local friends. I was playing a scarred Beguiler who wore a bird mask, and... it didn't get off the ground really. We didn't have any d6s, so the GM had us roll a d12s, only we had to do some weird math to get the end result. Wound up devolving into a huge fight because people didn't understand why we didn't just divide by 2 when it was easier, and he wound up getting angry to the point of tears trying to explain it was because of the bellcurve of the results... Yeah, it kinda exploded and we never played again. That said, the first genuine roleplay we had was the one I mentioned with Grey. A bunch of random people playing one of his first convention styled scenarios. We were a mixed medley of Imerian Vampire Fledglings looking for a book for our boss. Of course, as does any game where you play as a bunch of human predators with a bunch of randoms, there was a good deal of homicide and homoerotic jokes, leading to the catchphrase of the evening "What do we do with the bodies? Down the manhole! What do we do with Grey? Up the manhole!". Evening only got weirder after that. Good time though. Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing? A: Well, online, I'd like to think it's just the fastidious amounts of detail I put into the surroundings, as well as trying to make the experience interesting for all the players involved. That and being pretty good at improvising. Q: How about weaknesses? A: Probably the fact that if I lose steam, it's hard to work up again into posts, which can really bog down a game.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: What is it that has made Tales of the Chroniclers successful? A: Honestly? I genuinely have no idea. It's stuck around for what? Two years now? and we're still not quite out of the prologue. But we're trying. Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing? A: Try not to metagame. If you know that it's a trap OOC, but your character doesn't, if it's in character, spring the trap anyway. Sometimes failure is more exciting and interesting than success. That and be aware of other players. Try to work with them, and the GM. If you're playing a social styled game, try not to play the brooding loner who doesn't leave their apartment. I mean, if you can make t work, go for it, but don't force them into a story where they clearly will not work. Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they? A: Personally, it's a small list, but a lot of it comes down to legibility. If I can't read your post, if everything is mispelled with poor punctuation, if it's thick and dense like you're regurgitating a thesarus, if it's so Purple that Prince is considering wearing it, then I'm gonna lose interest and skim it. That and people who directly ignore the turn of events and metagame. Q: What's your worst memory of roleplaying? A: Uh... Well, it had to do with that aforementioned "acquaintance" of mine. I'll not go into what actually happened in game as we have young readers, but it was in IRL, and this person did something... well, rather grotesque in character, enough so that I literally got up and left. I came back after fifteen or so minutes, and the GM had cleared it all up, but it was still just plain nasty. Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying? A: A nice crowning moment of awesome when a character of mine, a dead man brought back as a soul sucking, foul mouthed, alcoholic, pyromaniac revenant, met up with his former bosses in life. Since he was a member of a warrior priest cult that worshipped Vampires, it went rather interestingly. Since it was a meatspace game, I got to act convincingly in character, complete with screaming and swearing. That and playing a manipulator character whose little grand plans all came together. That was fun. Q: Well, congratulations once more. For my final question: How do you garner interest for your roleplays? A: I just write down what I think might be interesting. Worked for the last one, which is MGPD, a buddy cop magical girl game. Q: April Fools! My real final question: What plans do you have for your next roleplay? Mind giving us a teaser? A: I've nothing particularly planned at the moment, though I have always wanted to do a Fate/Stay Night game using Exalted 3rd edition, done over a combination of PMs and the like. Really nail home the whole PvP aspect, so that everyone has no idea who they're up against, or even if they're up against another player.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=98] Interview conducted by @Anomaly. [/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Member of the Month[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]This user is always around to make new members feel welcome and picks up conversations like magnets pick up paperclips. We're very proud of their friendly demeanor. After all, it's just not a party without a little confetti.[/justify] @Anomaly [divide] [/divide][/centerblock] [centerblock=90][h]@Kestrel[/h] And now some words from the MotM: [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]Q: How long have you been writing/roleplaying? A: I've been writing more as a hobby since about 6th or 7th grade. I saw Lord of the Rings, and thought the elves were cool, so I created a wood elf character, and wrote about her adventures. I've been actually role-playing since May of last year. My best friend from real life thought I might enjoy it, so we started a roleplay over email. It's still alive, because we pester each other about replying when one of us hasn't responded for several days. I ended up loving roleplaying, so he sent me a link to RpN in August. Q: Do you have any other hobbies beside rolelaying? A: Yup. I'm still in high school, so I'm in FFA on the Vet Science team, and I'm an alto in choir. I like shooting, both guns and bows. When I have free time I like playing video games like Skyrim and Dragon Age. I really love animals, and spend a lot time with my parrot, Jade, and my sugar gliders, Vex and Astrid. Besides stories, I like writing poetry and songs. Q: What is your favourite book/tv series/movie? A: Favorite book? Singular, as in just one book? Either Harry Potter, Divergent, Percy Jackson, or Hunger Games. I grew up reading Harry Potter. I've related to Katniss and Tris from Hunger Games and Divergent. Percy Jackson was always an amazing blend of mythology and modern life. The only TV series I regularly watch is Walking Dead, but I love almost anything on National Geographic. My favorite movie is either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. So many decisions! Q: Would you rather go without books or movies for the rest of your life? A: Movies, definitely. I would go insane without my books.[/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]Q: What is your favourite colour and why? A: Forest green. I don't know why exactly. I guess it reminds me of forests, and I love the outdoors. I also like some bright colors, such as yellow and orange. My last bird was a parrot named Sunny, and he was bright yellow, orange, green and blue. Those colors remind me of him. Q: What is your favourite genre of roleplaying? A: It has to be Fantasy, no contest. It's always had the most potential for me. I love Medieval and Modern Fantasy most. Q: What inspires you to roleplay? A: I love writing, and roleplaying has been a great way to do that. I've also made a lot of friends here at RpN. Sometimes roleplaying can be a good escape from reality. Q: Do you have a favourite singer/band/musician? A: I have pretty varied taste in music, but I like the bands Ashes Remain and Red. I also like Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab. Other artists and bands I like are Christina Grimmie, Fall Out Boy, Maddie & Tae, RaeLynn, and Kelsea Ballerini. Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter? A: Don't take advice from me? In all seriousness, when it comes to roleplaying, don't be afraid to branch out and try new genres and styles. Roleplays tend to die a lot, too. Don't sweat it, just go join or start new ones. Advice for life outside of RpN, here are several quotes of my favorite quotes that I've found online. It's been sound advice for me: -Never judge a person by the opinion of another. -Talk to someone before you talk about them -Little victories lead to bigger victories that affect battles which win wars. -Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide] [centerblock=98] Interview conducted by @SpectroVector. [/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Closing Thoughts[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Well, another month gone by and another newsletter to post. It’s great to see the continued love and support of roleplaying that everyone on this site seems to have and it’s amazing to feature so many wonderful people and so much wonderful content. There’s plenty of fun, new and exciting things on the way, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter holiday and I hope this newsletter finds you on an amusing April Fool’s Day![/justify] @DaughterofAthena [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock]
  13. [centerblock=60] [h]MARCH 2016[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Hello, lovely ladies, gents, and otherwise to the kick-off of RpNation Monthly. It's been a few months since our last newsletter, but I, the staff, and all of the Helpers are very excited to kick this off all over again. We hope you enjoy the first issue of the new year and look forward to many more exciting issues in the future. [/justify] ~ @readingraebow[/font][/h] [divide] [/divide][row][column=span4][justify]How did you come across RPnation? I came across RPNation on the internet, I believe it was on a website of the top 10 best roleplaying websites or something like that. When did you start writing? I would say about eight years ago just as I was graduating high school actually. I got into role playing during the long periods between college courses. It was a fun way to pass the time, and I had always enjoyed reading fanfiction and such so it seemed a natural progression. What is your favourite genre of RP and why? I’d say fandom probably, it’s how I got started for the most part and where a good deal of my inspiration comes from. I am something of a sweaty fangirl at heart and I have a tendency to dive headfirst into any fandom I happen to currently being obsessing over. So this makes roleplaying a natural fit as it gives me a chance to explore my many wild theories on what is happening in the canon storyline, or flesh out any plot points that the source material glosses over. I’m especially fond of crossovers or fusions where I get to take the things I love from one fandom and shoehorn them into a totally different fandom for twice the fun. What hobbies do you have outside of RpNation? I read occasionally and I watch a lot of superhero TV shows and listen to various nerdy podcasts. Do you have any hopes for future RP ideas? Well I have a whole plot archive that I am always adding to, with various fandom and original ideas stored from failed roleplays or new plot twists in my current shows. I don’t have any plans on making any big projects in the near future but I am eagerly awaiting the new Batman v Superman movie for some fresh ideas for superhero 1x1s. What is your favourite part of RpNation? The discussion forums actually. Don’t get me wrong I love the way roleplaying is set up but I find the discussion forms to be a fun way to keep me entertained while I wait for posts and a great way to see other people’s ideas on roleplaying. I’ve learned a lot of cool things from adding my two cents in and some of those ideas I’ve incorporated into my roleplaying. How did you get the inspiration for your username? Oh well as all my friends will tell you I’m an incorrigible punner. I love alliteration, puns, and plays on words. Most of my usernames tend to reflect that, being either plays on words or something to do with cats. My current username was a blast of nostalgia actually, based on the Reading Rainbow show from waaaay back in my early childhood. I have hazy memories of being wildly entertained by it as a squeaker and I liked the fact that it played well with my given name. Reading Rae Bow - combines my nickname with reading rainbow for a whole lot of fun. My first search really took the pun a bit far featuring Rainbow Dash and various lyrics from the show. [/justify][/column][column=span4][justify]If you could be one character from a movie/book what would it be? Oh that’s a toughie, I have a lot of favorite characters but if we’re talking who I think it would be the most amazeballs to actually be in real life? The Flash from DC. Not just because he has really cool powers that include time travel and running to different dimensions. But because he has a really tight family bond, a bit of nerd swagger, and has a generally good nature about him. Plus okay it’s a little bit just because he has an awesome suit and superpowers. I’ll not lie. What is your favourite movie/tv show/book and why? Ooh another toughie, I have a lot of favorite TV shows, books, and movies. I couldn’t begin to tell you which is my favorite book as it changes too often. But I will say Under the Red Hood and The Flash (CW) for favorite TV Show and Movie. I love the family dynamic of Under the Red Hood ( it’s about batman reconnecting with a son he thought was dead ). There are a lot of themes about acceptance and returning home after being essentially disowned. The artwork ( it’s an animated movie ) is phenomenal and the performances are top notch. I have probably watched it three or four times already and would gladly watch it several more. For the Flash, I’m a sucker for superheroes, camp, and comic books. The show does a great job of combining all three elements with a moving storyline that weaves in mysteries, family drama, and the occasional whodunnit. I’m always eager for the next episode and can’t get enough of the adventures. Do you have any advice for the readers, about RPing? Well that’s a complicated question, I have been known to go on tangents about various different aspects of roleplaying in the past. I guess if I had to narrow it all down to two main points it would be : Patience - Not just with posting or waiting for a roleplay to get off the ground, but patience with your partners in general. Not everyone is going to be at your same level or consider the same things important. We all have different opinions and limits and it’s best to accept that from the beginning. Communication - There are no stupid questions or bad ideas. I would rather listen to you rant at me for three days about some overly convoluted plot that takes twelve typed pages to fully explain than have you give me just “yes or no” answers. I know a lot of people have trouble putting themselves out there and my biggest advice is just go for it. Even if you fail you’ll most likely get some feedback that will help when you try again.[/justify][/column][/row][divide] [/divide] [centerblock=98] Interview conducted by @SpectroVector. [/centerblock][/centerblock] [centerblock=60][h]Closing Thoughts[/h][divide] [/divide] [justify]Woo! With a brand new layout, brand new content, and even several brand new Helpers, I should hope reading this month's newsletter was a refreshing experience for you all. This has been a time of reinvention and renewal, and I think the return of the site's monthly newsletter is proof positive of that. I look forward to continuing to celebrate the site, its members, and all that they do here in the coming months.[/justify] ~ @Anomaly [divide] [/divide] [/centerblock] And now some words from the MotM:
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    CAPTAIN-SAN! WHY DID YOU TELL USER-SENPAI??? You promised you'd not tell them about Staff-chan's 'accident'. :< All Staff-chan can say is that this is User-senpai's fault. If they noticed Staff-chan, Staff-chan wouldn't have gotten herself into such a predicament. BAKA!