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  2. Your Forest is a quest that features a single narrator, and possibly later side-characters. You're not sure where you are, but since you're around, why not give it a read? You don't know where you are. You don't know why you're there. You don't know where you came from. You don't know where you're going. You think to yourself, quietly, that this seems familiar - you are alone.
  3. Updates everday 10pm GMT. Based in the setting of Wildbow's webserial "Worm", in this quest players get to vote together to direct the actions of the newly triggered genetics focused Tinker, Maria Rhodes. The game updates every day after 10pm GMT.
  4. A rags to riches RP. Welcome to Sunset Beach Sunset Beach is a city of alcohol, casinos, beaches, prostitutes, drugs, crime and everything else in a Las Vegas type joint. It reeks of alcohol and death and the beaches are filled with paper cups and defecation. Still there are civilians making an honest living out of those who don’t. Sunset Beach has it’s upper class and middle class sections but the lower class sections outweigh both of the upper and middle class. It’s normal for someone to end up dead on the streets every single day while the police just aren’t even paid enough to take care of even the most trivial of matters. Certainly there are casinos, beaches, amusements parks and etc to make it a tourist city but it’s not exactly a great home for those looking for a place to stay. Still for one such individual it’s all he has really. Meet Daryl, a homeless man; he lives in the fictional city known as Sunset Beach. While he is considered homeless, he makes do trying to find motels and any other means of rest in the big city. He has some money with him but it’s not much and isn’t going to last him a single month unless he finds more. The problem is that his skills are… less than adequate as well as his being poor in athleticism. So he needs your help in getting through each day without succumbing to hunger, being robbed, death and etc. Updates every two days at 8 PM EST unless notified beforehand.
  5. You are a robotic mercenary hired by the US government to investigate an abandoned facility in the middle of the Nevada desert. You have to keep your wits sharp and your cover low as things do not appear as they seem. Will you survive to tell the tale or fall victim to the horrors below? It's up to you but choose wisely because each action might be your last... Welcome to Operation: Ascending Extinction We hope you enjoy your stay here
  6. A character-driven story set in the world of Remnant. Guide Niles through the perils of education as he struggles to become a Huntsman. Just remember one thing: You Are (Not) The Hero. Welcome to Arcadia - a city born from the ashes of Mantle and tempered with the blood and sweat of mercenaries. Though just one city in a sea infested by monsters and ne'er-do-wells, Arcadia has made quite a name for itself over the years. Whether it's the corporations whose humble roots can be traced back to Arcadia Academy's many specialty clubs or its alumni who have gone on to make names for themselves as exceptional Huntsmen, this humble metropolis has become an integral component in the Remnant. Some have even gone as far as to call it the '5th Kingdom'. Enter you. You are Niles, a young man who has found himself enrolled into Arcadia Academy's Huntsmen Program. There is one problem, however. You aren't trained in the remotest sense - flunking out of Primary Combat School really deals a blow to your hopes and dreams like that. Instead, you resigned yourself to signing up for the normal track - a life of stable, if mundane, occupations. Nevertheless, you may be able to survive with the help of your friends and teammates. You may even discover something new about yourself. At the end of day, it's kill or die. New players welcome - no prior knowledge of RWBY required!
  7. Fate/Crossed Souls Live or Die by the Sword What power do you hold in your hands...? Dancing Flames, decaying Earth, withered ocean
  8. Based on Star Wars: the Old Republic - help guide our protagonist through their quest. Turn them into a hero or a villain or someone too nuanced to be constrained by moral labels. Their fate is in your hands. A long time ago - even longer than you might think - in a galaxy far away a war between Jedi and Sith rages on. You are but one individual caught up in the larger fight. What will you do? Loosely based on the SWtOR MMORPG, players get to choose the protagonists faction & their class and guide their character through trials and troubles. Will be updated at least once a day (if votes are frequent enough).
  9. The Death Note- a notebook which, by simply imagining a person's face and writing their name in it, is capable of killing virtually anyone. Such a notebook is meant only to exist in the realm of Shinigami, held by gods of death, but what would happen if such a notebook were to fall into human hands? While such a case has been seen through a man named Yagami Light, whose to say that's the only outcome?
  10. A perfectly wonderful high school life! Education of the highest caliber by a Headmaster of the highest grade! A game of mutual killings starts yet again! You're trapped, confused, lost, and alone! So just relax, and have fun!
  11. Beware a man who has nothing but time. Victor Frost has lived a pretty ordinary life for the past 18 years. However, something he possesses will turn his entire life upside down. Something he has yet to discover. Something that can change the world as it is. The Clockwork Heart.
  12. A warlock has teleported your whole family out of what they were doing and is holding them for ransom Sign up to free your family!
  13. You are BLANK, an enigmatic Executor aided by your trusty AI, T.A.R.A. Executors. The best of the best. The masters of various fields necessary to preserve the world's safety. Secret soldiers of the World Union who answer to a mysterious entity known as the Judge of Execution. BLANK is an Executor, and an excellent one at that. Follow him as he goes on various missions, and discover what it truly means to be an Executor.
  14. "Wake up," you hear a voice in your head say. Your head spins as you try to recall what happened to you. Suddenly, you remember that you received a key with an "F" engraved into the head with a letter: "Congratulations, you have been chosen for the great Flipside tournament!" As your mind begins to collect itself, you are met with a eccentrically dressed masked man, who says to you "Welcome to Flipside!" The fight for your self begins now. You were just a normal person, living out your normal life. Sometimes you wished something exciting would happen, sometimes you wish you didn't. One day, you receive a package in the mail, with you as the recipient but no return address. You open the package, finding an old-fasioned key inside with an eloquent letter "F" engraved into the key's head. Along with the package is a letter: "Congratulations, you have been chosen for the great Flipside tournament! This key is your way into the world of Flipside, as well as your binding contract. Turn the key in any lock after the sun goes down, and you shall be transported into Flipside in a moment's notice! Good luck! P.S. Be careful not to lose your self whilst in this world." You perceive this as a prank or a joke, but your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to turn the key just to see what would happen, blacking out upon the action. "Wake up!" a voice in your head says as you begin to see again, your head spinning as you attempt to recall what happened. You are taken by surprise when an eccentrically dressed masked man appears in front of you, his grinning mask staring at you. He finally speaks, with an eccentric voice to match his looks, "Welcome to Flipside!" Flipside is a combat RP based around alternate personalities known as flipsides while keeping one's own personality in check. When a person's flipside manifests, the flipside alters the host's appearance, as well as grant special powers which aid the alternate ego in its fights. Every night in Flipside two characters will be chosen for the fight of the night, the loser of which loses a little control of his/her original personality over his/her flipside's. Lose enough battles, and the flipside takes over completely, leaving the host body's consciousness as the alternate personality which can never manifest. While in Flipside, injuries are never permanent, but fatigue and pain are. For example, say your arm gets cut off. If you return to the real world in that state, your arm will be as if nothing ever happened to it, but you will still feel pain from where it was cut off.
  15. It's character versus character and series versus series in this "what if" fight series! Vote for the fights you want to see! The number of stories that people have crafted throughout our history is too large to count, and the amount of characters held within those stories rivals the number of stars in the sky. There's one question that has been asked since the early days of humanity, though: "Who would win in a fight between X & Y?" Welcome to Destiny Battles, where it's character versus character and series versus series! You vote for the fights you want to see! 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, 3v3, full-on battle royale, you name it! Any character, any fandom! Original characters are also welcome to duke it out! Once a match is announced, some level of research will be done on the two (or more, depending on the format) characters fighting each other to determine who might win in a no-holds-barred match! The fight will commence in the form of a roleplay right here on the hosted project. Read and root for your favorite characters! Unless specified otherwise, characters will be "in character" during fights. No deaths! Yes, that's right. You'll still have to deal with the salt of the character you like losing, but they'll at least be alive by the end of the match.