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  1. Well you got two types of attacks. Your regular attacks which just deal damage and consume no endurance, and the other attacks which do and have additional effects. Although doing a stronger attack that eats endurance is fine too.
  2. palmyra, the thirst-quencher

  3. You just lost The  Game

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      Jokes on you, I have the infinite lives cheat code

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      Still lose even if you don't recognize a vintage meymey

  4. cross platform

    Selling rune scimmy, buying GF If you get this reference you're pretty old
  5. 1 or 2 more.
  6. @solyrflair Nah I was apologizing because I thought the game died due to how quiet it's been and I'm aware that I probably wrote in manner that didn't properly explain things. However I'm wiling to run this but I would like in assistance in what needs to be rewritten to not only be clearer but to also attract more players as I think having only two PCs is a bit lonely for a heroic party of adventurers and I am reluctant about making a GMPC to fill out the numbers.
  7. @Ultraman @solyrflair I want to apologize for being slow with my excuse being I have classes and I'm focused on doing well in them as my semester just started. I also want to apologize for the game being perhaps too vague to comfortably work with or appearing as half-baked. It's been a while since I ran a game on a forum and I feel rusty at the whole aspect of writing something up to not only be attractive to prospective players but also detailed enough to convey what we're gonna be doing. I'm more used to doing PnP games either live or on voice chat where I can verbally describe things and hold a conversation regarding the aim of the game as well as details to any setting info. Whereas having to do a write up of stuff feels awkward for me. So anyways I wanted to a game that was simultaneously simple but had some measure of complexity/ambition. So the simple part is the basic JRPG set up which has a bunch of well worn cliches and tropes which act as a convenient shorthand in conveying what to expect without having to have any unnecessary writing. The ambitious part is the part where I ask you to make up stuff about your character and then I work with you to make it fit. This was inspired by the Red Dragon replays that are transcripts of these visual novel writers playing a fantasy game together which was pretty obvious that it catered to making their "cool characters" first and then the setting and mechanics came around them in an attempt to sell a property based off name recognition. In spite of me not liking the people and what they came up with I thought it was cool concept to try as it would spice up the game by featuring player additions to the setting as opposed to the setting being purely the gm's creation. It would also contribute to the characters being integrated with setting since ideally you'd give details that could be used to add further drama as well as gauge interest in certain things you'd want to pursue besides the main objective and make them feel as if they were characters in a series. So that's why I was vague as hell on the world details since I want to have you guys come up with your character stuff first and then working to come up with something that's tonally appropriate. And then I can just leisurely fill in the rest of the gaps in the setting details around you guys' stuff and the primary players in the scenario. I don't believe in doing a massive world-building exposition since it's TL:DR for me and also because I feel that with how slow play by post is that any additional world details beyond what will be interacted with is pretty much superfluous. So thanks for your cooperation despite the game being dead on arrival. Although I'd be up for rejiggering it to be more intuitive as well as more attractive since it would be a challenging game with two players.
  8. I like the character. I'm fine with part of the backstory and the musical competition being important in the city. I just think the whole assassination plot with the metal band is a bit too silly for what I'm going for.
  9. You did it right.
  10. 16 points Knowledge is half a point per rank and can be taken multiple times obviously for each new field Everything else is 1 point per rank You can get an extra 4 with weaknesses So 20 total points/ranks to distribute stuff into. Softcap of 3 on abilities with an intent on diversification of abilities and later growth.
  11. Alvira is the world name. Anyway I'm pretty partial to making stuff up and working on it together and then integrating into the world at large. Ok, so you're looking at a rural background but don't necessarily want a feudal society and that's fine. Right so my mind is sort of flashing back to the social situation of the gentry and aristocrats intermingling out in the countryside of England as described in various Jane Austen novels more specifically Persuasion because I believe the characters were actually nobility albeit dead bottom on the rankings as opposed to bourgeoisie. Anyway to get back to your character what I'm imagining is that she's some sort nobility whose father owns an estate out in the countryside which is their source of income. As for the exact ranking of the samurai in their society that's up to you really. All I know is that historically their positions bounced around depending on the time frame. But I'm kinda of picturing them in their Edo period position where they still had some power and wealth but they no longer were warriors but now just desk jockey of sorts working in the government in bureaucratic positions. But suffice to say they're still gonna be higher than commoners even if they're no longer top dog anymore. I'm seeing that her country is a nice stable prosperous time where her peers are now living in these cities although they may have other housing elsewhere and that there's a discriminatory element between these supposedly refined cosmopolitans looking down at her and the family for living out in the countryside among the farmers and whatnot. Mind you I'm not saying she's poor per se, her family is wealthy enough to live comfortably enough and afford to have her well educated. But when compared to these cosmopolitan peers they definitely pale in comparison. Perhaps her family declined a bit and now lives in the countryside due to that or they just like living there for other reasons which will still get looked down on. And this discriminatory element of her being looked down for being poor/backwards at least to me is a big character thing in being a defining element to the character's motivation and potential a plothook for later shenanigans involving her country. Regarding your character's country it can be this mix of cosmopolitan areas and your rustic backwoods agricultural areas. Maybe the area she and her family inhabits is like in some rough geographical territory and perhaps it doesn't really have anything that valuable so the government kinda neglects it since it's not as important as other areas. Also I'd like to say that geographically even if it's inspired by Japan it doesn't have to be an island. There's gonna be a macguffin tied to the Imperial Regalia analogues either one of the three treasures is the macguffin or they lead to a location. Other than that I don't have that much amount of guidelines so go wild. Anyway with the world at large it's pretty vague since it's just really window dressing for exotic locales to traverse while going on this journey that will end in saving the world. However I can definitely give more chunks of details out. @Ultraman Yeah go ahead and make stuff up. You can make up your country too but will take a bit more collaboration just to make sure it has something for the players to do with.
  12. Wanna join my game?

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      no thank you maybe another time :) 

  13. I really don't care how you do it. The only issue I have with the OVA sheet is the limited space for the combat moves but that's not really a big deal for now. However if you were to make your own write up then it's just very basic things I want such as: name, sex, appearance (written and or image), personality, brief backstory summary, and then your mechanical information.
  14. That's cool Also there's already a section for that https://www.rpnation.com/forum/8527-characters/