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  1. This is a small text to give little depths to the lore in my world. It is mainly to give a little description to the Void as it was recently introduced in the game. Please feel free to comment and give critics. Enjoy. The Empty Realm Knowledge is what everyone yearns, knowledge of the past, knowledge of the future, knowledge of the unknown. Ive searched for more answers than I have questions, I have digged through countless of dead to know how to live, I ripped apart thousands of memories to understand how to remember. And yet when I reached the end of my deceitful journey I only wish that I never would have gained the knowledge to step out in the dark, that the day I saw a world so empty but yet filled with such fear I would not have sought it’s answers. I yearn that whatever twisted horror awaits me I shall not live to feel it or hope to remember it. -Last log of the Archmage Survakk de Ruval first man to discover the Void.
  2. other

    This is the start of a novel I am currently writing. I know that it is short but the rest is still in its very early stages and I am rewriting most of it. please give feedback. Since it is 5 pages I still thought it would be best if I just leave a link.
  3. Hello, I have lots of experience with dice rolling rp. Im not entirely sure of what you wish to know so I will explain a few basic things. Dice system/How to use it Anyway, first off is to know your system, dnd 5e for example are using a D20 system, this is used to determine if your character succeeds in something, there are also so called modifiers which determines how good your character are in different skills, any modifier is applied directly to your dice roll either lower the total or increases it. For example: Thor wants to pick a lock, the lock has a Difficulty of 16: Thor rolls 14 but has +3 in picking locks so it becomes a total of 17 and succeeds in the attempt. There are also normally a Critical fail (rolling a 1 on the dice) and a Critcal Success (rolling a 20 on the dice). A critical fail or Critical success disregard the modifiers completely and is an automatic fail or success regardless of how good or bad your character is in that perticulary skill. For Example: Doris is super strong and can lift easy 100 kilo without a sweat, she needs to move a small furniture of 10 kilo. She makes a roll against the difficulty of 8 and has a modifier of +10 so she basically can't fail. She rolls a (1) on the die and the result is a critical fail which could be explained by her underestimate the weight of the furniture and lift it with such force she hits herself with the furniture and is knocked out cold. The result of a skill attempt is always explained by the GM. Character Sheet The characters ina dice rp is not too much different of that of any other rp, the important parts is the background, personality and goals. The difference comes in that in dice rp you have stats that enhance the image of your character. Often you get to distribute your stats in some way making it your choice if your character have great strength or is super intelligent. All the stats have importance in the modifiers they give for certain skills as explained earlier. In the character sheet you also normally have things such as language, height, weight, sex, race. The Relationship of GM and players The GM can be explained as the narrator of the story, he/she explains what world you are in and the different people that inhabit this world. The players can be described as the main characters in this story, the players make choices that lets the story progress in certain directions. It is important to understand that the GM and the Players does not play against each other, this is often how players can see it because the gm put up obstacles and enemies that might seem to crush any chance of progressing the story but often is there to make the story more exciting or to push the players to the right direction. I hope any of this helps, be free to ask any questions.
  4. That is a great start, just as you said, if it is your first campaign making a simple one is good. What you should think of here is the two characters Captain James Teed and his Teacher. Make as detailed character as possible since these are the characters you want the player to know and talk to. Maybe make up a reason why he has no crew, maybe his last one died or the crew maybe feels their Captain is so determined to help his teacher that he ignores the danger he puts his crew in and they just won't follow him into danger anymore. Giving character depth through someone else is really good as well, let the players talk to someone who has an opinion of the Captain or his teacher, is it a good opinion or bad? Here is a character background sheet I use for my NPC's. It is a slimmed down version of the '100q about your character' which is really good but might be overkill for an npc.
  5. So I have made a lot of homebrew stuff, right now ive been writing a lot of history for my rp world. Please give feedback and suggestions if you see any problems with the items. Be advised that The light of Noralia is a godlike class item and will only be presented to the players at a certain event that would require it. If you have the time and like to read stuff you can check the legends and history related to the items in question here: Legend of the Arch demon: (The Legend of the Arch demon is now translated) History and design of Thranduhaim: Now here is the wall of text of the items if you do not like to read and just want the raw stats just skip to the end. Light of Noralia & The Shattered Sun A Spire forged with the eyes of the grand prophet and Luhn’erim Noralia the artifact would bring forth a light so strong that even with their eyes closed people that is in the presence of the spire see everything as the brightest day. In order to not have the Arch demon arise again 8 Luhn’erim that survived the battle took a part of the demon’s heart and part ways. The heart was very poisonous though and Noralia became weak as a result, in the head she died and her students took the job to make sure the piece of the heart never would reach Avena again. Since the heart was so poisonous one of Noralia’s closest apprentice came up with the idea to seal it in a 20 kilo lump of iron. A few hundred years later the iron had turned completely black as a result of containing the piece of the heart. It was decided to try to tame the black iron and a powerful weapon smith helped them create a large hammer out of the iron but it became a failure as the head was too heavy to be used effectively as a weapon. Much later the remaining students of Noralia was killed in a war, the two artifacts was taken as a trophy of the battlefield. In the end both artifacts ended up in Thranduhaim where the hammer was finally used by the Goliath Edrion and the Light of Noralia ended up in the hands of the Sisterhood of the sun. As the spire would seemingly bring forth day the Sisterhood took it as a blessing of their goddess and kept it as a gift to the leader of the Sisterhood, many years went by and the Spire got a new legends stating that it was forged by the sisterhood out of pure sunlight, and the hammer was forged by the excess darkness created by the purifying process. The shattered sun is a 2h hammer 1d12+2dmg. With the requirement strength of 18. When it strikes an enemy that enemy must make a wisdom saving throw of 16 or becomes blinded. At the end of that enemy’s turn he must make a new saving throw, on a success the blind effect ends. Because of the heavy weapon the hammer is hard to aim with and has -3 to attack. The light of Noralia is a 1handed spire 1d6, Each allied creature within 20ft has +2 attack, cannot be blinded and any darkness magical or not is visible as the brightest day. Any creature within 5ft of the spire with the exception of the wielder, at the start of their turn must make a Constitution saving throw of 10 if failed the creature becomes blind when not under the effect of the Light of Noralia. The spire constantly shine as bright as the sun and any sleep time is halved and you do not gain any benefit of a short rest.
  6. Oh dear that is some group you have. It is good to state what you expect from your group as well, A few things to do is restricting your group to something that works. I told my players I did not want any evil characters in the group unless they could convince me otherwise. Restrictions are good and should always exist in rpg according to me, make your group answer a survey of questions related to their character and what choices he/she would do such as moral choices. This is good because it forces them to follow restrictions in their character that they themselves has made. As for your group according to what you've said: 1. Try to explain to him that it is rude to other players to find something to do while others are playing it is like going to a poem class and just wants others to hear your poem but listen to music during others. Also if he tries I am sure he can find enjoyment in hearing what others do as well. 2. Give the players a summary of things that a commoner would know in your world/land/city, then say to them "This is what your characters know of this place!" you can state things as The city got it wealth by their fine craftsmanship in furniture. If he asks questions make sure he actually asks someone that would know, commoners does not always know where and how a city gets its wealth, if he really finds his way to get answers it is also likely that the people who know them won't give him a detailed answer and brush it off with "Our craftsmanship of course, what else?". Someone at a higher position would not always tell anyone the details of a city's wealth. Now lets say that he plays a character that is in the postition to know this you can either give him an answer or maybe ask him why he feel it is important to know this. 3. Now this is the type of player I like, not much to say here, try to give her the lore she wants but as stated with nr 2 some people will really have to look for it since some knowledge is just something not everyone knows. In my world I have placed some knowledge that are false and some that are true, such as the creation mythology of a weapon and the actually creation method of the weapon. You can really go crazy with this, for example; Myth: "And the god gave the weapon smith the nail of his finger and out of it the smith created a sword harder and stronger than any existing material, it radiated of pure energy and would imbue the wielder with gods power!" Fact: "A powerful weapon smith was ordered by the church to help create a weapon worthy of a saint so he used all his knowledge to create his greatest work yet, the high priest impressed by the work enchanted the weapon with a powerful spell making it glow out of holy power". finding out the myth is awesome and learning the truth can be equally so. 4. This guy needs to learn that he cannot play the game alone and need to respect that other players might play differently. It is sad that he won't show if nothing goes his way but if it helps you can have a discussion to hear what everyone expects the game to be like, if it just won't work with him it might be best to play without him. Hope this helps, if you want I am more than happy to discuss more, we can share and give each other feedback.
  7. Hey I am a DM with only about a year experience but I believe to know a few things as ive played rp many years. First off, what kind of game do you want it to be? Me for example I usually say my RPG is 70% rp and 30% battle, theee are not many battles in my campains but when they happen the players will feel it. So do you want it to be focused on battle, rp or maybe a balance of the two? Second, how do you want your world to look like? is magic something common or is it something considered rare? When first two topics is done I have a few tips: 1. Immersive experience, make it as immersive as you can with music that fits the location your players are in. I have a list of songs I use which I can share since most of them can be found on yt. Also players that play games or go to smoke everytime they are not in focus are a big no no. RPG is meant to be played as a group so even if that player's character is not there at the moment he should still listen. 2. Rewards and Punishment, The fun thing about rp is to make your own choice as a player and character this however is even more fun if that choice has a consequence. If a character chooses to kill a random farmer then you can later make the town have a murder investigation that puts the players in a tough situation which stalls them from their quest. If a player helps people he might later find out that his deeds has been noticed and if he walks into a bar villagers might pay him a free drink. There are tons of ways you can reward a player. 3. Rolling the dice, often when a gm determines if something is happening (such as wolves attacking) he/she rolls a dice. I found out that a good way to keep my players on the edge is to roll the dice even if I know there is nothing to happen, keep doing it and even ask them about their perception only to tell them "Ok, you see nothing!" it makes them worried which they often should be if they are in a dark forest etc. 4. You are in charge, all the players must understand that regardless of what the rules say what GM say goes. They can help you if you don't know all the rules but they should not argue with the GM. Many times ive ignored rules because certain events needed to happen in a certain way. 5. It is not GM vs Players, the idea of rpg is to cooperate to make a good game and story. And lastly I can point towards Matt Mercer's GM tips found on yt.
  8. Cilia_Before&after

    From the album RPG Characters

    This is the original I used for Cilia. While this is actually half of the original this is the photo I started with and I used another photo to create the facial features and head I wanted.
  9. Viktor Mareld

    From the album RPG Characters

    My character and one of the siblings Mareld. While they are siblings Cilia and Viktor looks nothing alike this is due to Viktor being a Mutant with a body mutation making him able to shift hus body as he likes. He often used this to infiltrate by modeling his face and body to imitate another person.
  10. Viktor_Before&after

    From the album RPG Characters

    This is the original image I used to create the image of Viktor, I made small changes mostly with the biggest being the body and the hair. The hair I had to completely redraw as the original black hair was impossible to repaint to white.
  11. Cilia Mareld

    From the album RPG Characters

    One of the siblings Mareld, this is a friend's character and we played siblings. This is from another swedish rpg named Mutant. Cilia was a mutant that had developed psychic abilities such as set people on fire with her mind.
  12. Cleric

    From the album RPG Characters

    I was not completely happy with how this turned out. I wanted it in color but it was too hard for me to get the colours working in such a short time as I made it in haste. The original is from the actor of the tv-series Arrow. The hair is drawn as well as the beard.
  13. Grom the dreadful

    From the album RPG Characters

    Grom was a character I played for a swedish rp game called Drakar & Demoner 7: Trudvang it is set in a Nordic fantasy world with a lot of insperation from nordic myths and folklore. My character was from a tribe that worshipped a religion called Hamninges which was a dark religion where you eat your foes and take their soul and blnd them to an object (often that person/creature's body part) for later use. Grom was not the brightest but he was large and strong. The original I used was made by Quinn Simoe and you can see his great concept art on the follow site:
  14. Hello there, I started at this forum today and to be honest im not sure if this site is what I think it is. I am a game design freak that loves boardgames and roleplaying games. For soon a year ago I started with my very first roleplay session as DM ive been playing before but never as a DM so it was super exciting. I am also into writing and doing art so you can check my gallery if you want to know what kind of rp world I put my players in. The system we are playing is DnD 5e but I have been making my own homebrew rules added a bunch of stuff and even made an extra character sheet to add even more rules to the game, more of that will be added later. Anyway back to topic, Hello everyone!! XD
  15. Map of Avena

    From the album My Roleplaying World

    This is the country were the players first start. It has no single ruler but rather a union of smaller kingdoms. The starting city is Askmadael of which you can read more about.