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  9. (Since I'm a bit late, I will skip to the hotel check-in) A sigh of relief escaped through Ashlee as she noticed the big building in front of her. Walking down the busy street of Hawaii was actually quite calming, after the hectic flight. Ashlee continued to the lobby of the grand hotel in pure surprise. People flooding in and out from entrances and exits, lively music playing in the background, it was really like a dream to her. A kindly smiling receptionist greeted her once she reached the front desk. "Welcome to Hawaii! May I have your name, please?" Ashlee steadied herself at a comfortable distance with her luggage right beside her and replied. "Ah, yes of course. Ashlee Rouleau." She swiftly wrote the heard name down, and handed Ashlee a black and gold room card. "Here you go, enjoy your stay!" Ashlee nodded and took the room card that has been assigned for her. The lobby was packed with people chatting away to their hearts desire and children running around joyfully. The elevator finally arrived at the ground floor with people exiting, Ashlee moved out of the way to let them go out, once emptied, she dragged her luggage into the wide space and collected all her thoughts before pressing on her desired floor. A tiny bell noise verified the destination as the doors slid open into a dimly lit area. She continued her way down the hallway, the atmosphere calm and quiet. It felt great to finally be out of her own small apartment and experience the world. She found the number for her room and slid her card over the scanner to reveal her room. There was a little entrance area for coats and shoes complemented by a safe to keep all your important belongings, well, safe. Further in was the bedroom with a queen sized bed. Ashlee dramatically sighed and set her luggage in the corner of the room. Without a second thought she fell on the cozy bed for a good rest. (Side note: It's kinda ironic since it's actually snowing while I'm writing this lol)
  10. Name: Ashlee Rouleau Age: 21 Gender: Female Positive Traits: Energetic & bouncy, Weirdly humorous, Open-minded and all in all a person who respects others. Negative Traits: High achiever/Sets the bar too high, Sensitive, May come off as overly exaggerated. Sexuality: Heterosexual Occupation: Dance/Drama Actress Eye color: Faded Blue Hair color: Blonde Questions: Why are you choosing to take part in the Love Me Not program? “Love Me Not is something I’m quite thrilled about actually. I’m more used to my ordinary city life. So i’d like to try different lifestyles and cultures, and conquer thoughts I had never crossed before.” Do you have anything you’d rather get away from? “No, not really. I don’t have much here in my tiny apartment, that’s all.” If you could travel to anywhere on earth, where would it be? “Definitely Greece! Oh, I am dying with envy for the people who live there. All the fascinating history and ruins connected to it…” Do you have a favorite festival you’d celebrate at? “Hmm.. probably a music festival. Or a one where you’d sleep in tents with your friends.” Do you think you are going to make new friendships, or possibly even love? “I have no idea.. It might be fantastic, but it also might be a complete living hell.. who knows!”