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  1. ;)) i'm going to be working on a character today!
  2. has anyone here read Animal Farm, 1984, or Flatland? If you have, do you have any other novels you found similar/just as good?

  3. would anyone be interested in some dystopian werecreature (talking 1984 orwell type stuff) type rp?
    or is that idea too batshit insane?

    1. Husk


      also i'm not asking for partners just
      this idea. man.

    2. TheBaneOfYou


      Doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

    3. Husk


      i fleshed it more out. 
      I've been craving a were type RP that isn't cliche. i'm drawing a lot based off Steven King, Orwell, and Abbot Abbot (sorry for being the source of my awful RP plotting guys)

  4. Well, check out the Looking For Partner 1x1 thread to see if anything catches your fancy. Try to see what it is you want in a 1x1. Often times, if I can't come up with plots I'll browse on sites like Tumblr where people share plots/prompts that you may use. I've actually only been RPing with one OC lately, so I can flesh them out and build a true sense for them, and it's going fine (though life has gotten in the way of my ability to RP as much.) So, if I can make it work with one, you can definitely do two! I think side characters and their roles are important to keep things going unless you have a plot where your OCs and your partner's OCs are the only ones around. Think of it like a play or musical. You have your leading roles, the secondary roles, then the people in the background that have other duties. They are all very essential! If you don't want to do character centered or based plots (which I may be confused on what you mean there, so if clarification is needed feel free to put me back on track) place your OC into a random plot... say, like an AU from your head cannon for them? I found that while I've been meddling around with various scenarios, my OCs' stories can change but they are WHO they are but they are still moldable to an extent. Not all of my OCs are like this but a good amount are. I think just having a cast of minor throw-ins that are realistic and fleshed out enough to work will get you set. With 1x1s, sometimes I find it's like your characters are the only ones in the world that exist but I prefer it when my 1x1s HAVE other characters outside the main players, even if they make one singular appearance. It makes things more real.
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    *whispers* don't google red rocket or dog in the same sentence in google. i wish i had that part of my innocence still.
  6. digital

    You are too innocent to catch on to Bethesda's sick joke. I actually take some pretty good screenshots! Fun times.
  7. pc

    My Dark Souls name is Don't Kill Me.
  8. digital

    This is what happens when I try to get screenshots in my games.
  9. digital

    are you looking to get into some fisticuffs? i'll fite u
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    you're making me pumped for when I get my PC fixed and I can replay Skyrim with the more heavy duty mods since I upgraded my PC.
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    I can't hEAR you over how cool my EARvatar is
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    I'll stay nEARby, keep up a good appEARance
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    If I could be Airglove, it would have happened. I always have an EAR out for a good time in these forums.
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    I met you half way, so we can be half-enemies.
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    we are polar opposites and therefore enemies. stay away from my garbage can.