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  1. even tho u left my world, your puns will never leave my heart


    happy valentine's day beb

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    Sure thing, can't wait to get going ^^
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    Good job Ranix, love the enthusiasm lol
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    Do you really need to drag on this topic any further? ^^
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    Please, no more, I was already sold on your idea for a team-up. You don't have to entice me with those amazing puns.
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    Ohh, in that case, yes, Cyan is very easy to manipulate. She's just looking for a buddy to hang out with and wants to explore everything. A manipulative creature will have a field day with her.
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    @Verdas So, I was reading up on Dulala. They don't hunt by themselves, but slimes eat nearly anything. I sure hope Dulala can stomach ripped tents and firewood from abandoned campsites lol
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    maternal instinct? No the normal ones don't at all, they just eat.. and eat..
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    @Verdas Well then, that sure could lead to fun. What did you have in mind?
  10. Emma Antwell Emma had been listening with great interest to the others introducing themselves. She loved to get to know new people and this little group session of getting to know each other was right up her alley. At the very least she would learn the names of all the individuals in the room, so there wouldn’t be any awkwardness when she would try to get a conversation started. After the boy named Alistair had introduced himself Emma decided it was her turn. She would let them all know how much this journey meant to her and maybe warn them about the fact that she had some trouble focusing on things from time to time. For a moment she looked around the group, because she wouldn’t want to interrupt anyone who also wanted to start their story. After a moment the coast seemed clear and she spoke up. “I’ll go next then! I’m Emma Antwell and It seems I don’t dream quite as big as you guys do. Wow! Pokemon champions, that’s some dream! No, I really just want to follow after my dad so I can meet him and show how much I’ve grown.” Emma dug around in her bag and pulled out her notebook. “My dad is a musician, maybe you’ve heard of him? He travels the regions with his Loudred. I’ve written down his entire tour in this notebook and I’m setting out to follow his steps. Luckily this also leads me to most if not all the Gyms, so who knows? I might just end up beating them and competing in the Indigo League!” She smiled and looked around the room before stuffing the notebook back into her backpack. “Well, that’s about it.. eh.. anyone want to go next?”
  11. OOC

    If I make Cyan's cave system entrance in the forest she will probably wander around looking for fun/new experiences/companions. So I can cover the forest dwellers if needed?
  12. “Go to my place?” Cecilia looked a little uneasy while saying the words. Yesterday she didn’t want him around her place yet, so why did he think she’d change her mind in one night. He promised he would behave, but that wasn’t the problem at all. She didn’t like the idea of people she didn’t know well to know where she lived. That and the fact that her house was an absolute mess. She had only done the bare minimum in terms of cleaning and she didn’t want him to see how much of a slob she really was. “I know you’ll behave and all, but.. well..” she looked at her feet as they walked, “is there no other place we could go?” She was hopeful when she spoke. Maybe Asmodeus would understand her situation and suggest a different location, but if he really wanted to see her place. Then maybe she could make an exception? Just this once.. but! Only if he couldn’t think of anything else during the time they were walking. “Also, don’t be too surprised, I often like stuff I can’t really see. I mean, fairytales are still fun and those are fak..” she stopped in the middle of her sentence with a confused look on her face before turning to Asmodeus, “fairytales are fake.. right? I mean, you.. you know!” Maybe it was weird to assume that all myths and tales were based on truth just because Asmodeus was who he was, but she had to know.
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    If I read it right then quite a few of us are either in a cave or forest, so we do already have 2 "meeting" locations? But I see what you mean.. But I dunno how we'll all meet. ^^"
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    @Destructus Kloud I really like that idea~ Maybe you could even consider the quest being about catching the dragon instead of slaying it. So the other characters need to steal him back from a town? Could be a way to incorporate the sentient people into a story that isn't just about running from them and the like. Just an idea, do with it as you please~ ^^
  15. First week of school has been far too busy. I'm still trying to figure out a proper schedule for schoolwork and posting here. My apologies for anyone who's still waiting on a response. I promise I'm working on it. ^^"