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  1. (Sorry to ask this but could you please change your font color to something slightly darker? That's a little hard on the eyes >.<) Gavreel shrugged "I don't see the world as a clear pond, I see it more as...a pond that hasn't been disturbed yet" he smiled with a firm nod. It wasn't that he covered his eyes from all the bad that was in the world, he like to give a person the chance to right their wrongs and if they chose not to then he would try to understand why. Only after trying to understand would he make his true judgment as to if the person was 'bad' or not. "Why? Well because I am sure that he could probably turn his life around if he tried. Everyone should be given the chance to right themselves before being thrown out, even pieces of trash can be reused if you can find their purpose" he pointed out. Sighing slightly as she continued her questions, "I don't only see the good in people, I am perfectly capable of seeing the bad as well. But I first strive to understand why someone is doing the things that they are. Such as yourself. You believe you are doing GOOD by getting rid of a BAD person. But, someone else might see it are doing something BAD to a GOOD person. It is all a point of perspective that one must understand before making a full judgment. Perhaps you're right, maybe that man is truly bad, but have you considered why his actions are what they are?..." he stood up, not making an effort to help her up. "How about I make you a deal, you come with me to bring the man back, and we will watch him for a bit...find out why he is who he is...and if he is truly bad, I will allow you to drown him or do what ever you want" he felt like it was a rather good deal, especially since it went against his own rules as a fairy.
  2. fantasy

    Hello, I would like to start a modern fantasy with someone. I already have a somewhat idea in mind...but It needs help. I need someone who's willing to build off of ideas and give me some of their own. I also need someone who's willing to play multiple characters preferably both male and female. I use vulgar language and can get quite descriptive when it comes to gory scenes, so if this grosses you out than this isn't the rp for you. I also have a strange work schedule so I won't be able to reply EVERY day, I do apologize for it. Alright, so a little about me hm? I have been roleplaying on an off for a good...13 or so years now and am well over the age of 21. Yes, I know. Im old. But oh well. I like to play multiple characters and enjoy bringing up random twists and such. I like to build a character through character development, so I don't use character sheets as I feel like I can't sum up my characters properly. What else? I don't really have any restrictions on who you want to play, bring in which ever characters you'd like. No romance does not have to develop between the characters, but if it does I prefer mxf, but I will try fxf. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot them out there. I am also a fan of having some comedic relief within an rp as well as a good amount of action.
  3. Gavreel winced as he fell to the ground with Logan, "that was unnecessary" he muttered and sat up. Dusting off his shirt for a moment he looked over at her as she laughed and then started to pout, her burst of emotions was starting to confuse him greatly. "Why? Because this man has family, this man has a reason to live. Who are YOU to determine if someone is to live or die? You have that power over your own life, not someone else's" he explained in a calm, matter-of-fact tone. He didn't show any signs of moving at the current moment either, "what made this man so bad anyway? If you're going to try and leave him in a forest, you have to justify it to me" he crossed his legs and looked at her like a child waiting for a good bedtime story. He knew better than to try and force her to do something, he already tried that once, it didn't work. Sure, if she made him sit there for any more than an hour he would have to get up and move her so they could avoid staying out late at night and hopefully find the man she lost in the forest, but he was hoping to talk some sense into her.
  4. "You do, and this babysitter isn't going to let you get away with this stuff" Gavreel narrowed his eyes on the young woman. He didn't get angry easily, but annoyance was a different story. "I won't get lost" he smiled kindly, quickly catching up to her he seemed to manifest a glowing pair of handcuffs out of nowhere and quickly attached one to her wrist and one to his own. "You are coming to get this man out of the forest. I haven't broken a horse before but I imagine this is how it would be done" he continued to smile and speak in a chipper tone despite referring to her animalistic side. He wasn't about to let her get away with anything she wanted to , he would show her how things were done and that he wasn't one to mess around with. Smiling he tugged on the handcuffs, they weren't something that she would be able to break out of but he did expect quite the fight from her as he tried tugging her along with him. @poutysunshine
  5. It was his soul duty to keep her out of trouble and he knew it wasn't going to be easy. He had spotted Logan before she had entered the woods with her victim. He didn't want to stop her then because...maybe she would stop herself? Turns out, she was ready to leave the man to die there. "That was very unnecessary" he had appeared right in front of her and held her arms gently so she didn't end up falling over. "Hello Logan. I'm Gavreel, I've been assigned to keep an eye on you" He looked back in the direction of the lost man. "I will give you a chance to turn around and go fetch the man and bring him back with us" he was smiling kindly but his tone was rather serious. "If you don't, then I will have to take matters into my own hands. I really don't want us to be enemies before we even get to know each other." His smile seemed to brighten "so what do you think partner?" He let go of her and nodded back towards the forest. @poutysunshine
  6. Yes, an introduction to the character that you wish to play. ^^
  7. Well, we can see how short term turns out. Then if we want to expand it or start a longer term one we can. I am glad you understand the situation, thank you. I have no qualms about playing male and will have a realistic picture as well as a name, age and how/if they know each other sheet made up for you once we figure out whats happening :). Could you please message me so we can discuss further? : D
  8. Good evening, I am Petra. I have been roleplaying on and off for...many years. I am someone who gets pretty busy and ends up messing up an rp because I don't reply often enough. It isn't that I mean to screw things up, or that I don't enjoy what we are doing, it's just because of life itself. So this is why I am requesting a short term rp. I realize this is a strange request, but I figure it could be fun to challenge yourself into making something that only lasts a few days long. Speeding up the process a bit. I have never requested this before, I have had roleplays last for years (with the right people who understand my situation). I am able to write detailed posts depending on what you're expecting and what you give me back. I am able to play as female and male, often doubling in characters and fooling around with side characters. I prefer straight relationships though. Now as for the 'short-term' idea, this doesn't mean that any of the characters have to instantly develop some kind of romance(if it is necessary, in my books it isn't) but it does mean that we somehow have to have a beginning, middle, and end as well as some character development within a shorter period of time. Because of this I am willing to accept characters already knowing each other( ex. childhood friends reuniting only to figure out that one is a villain and one is a superhero). I would like to have some element of fantasy involved, I already have my own busy life, I need something magical. So if you have any ideas, feel free to shoot them at me, you can even send me an intro and I will reply. I know this is a shot in the dark but I hope it works. Also, let me know if you prefer pictures (anime or realistic). I am not one to make character sheets because I feel like they limit my characters from development. Thank you for reading. ~Petra.