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  1. 'Well I guess I might as well start then.' he flashes a big goofy grin as he looks around the table. ' Ya can call me Helios and I'm just a regular day of sunshine. My hobbies include reading, bad limericks, terrible puns and going for long flights in the moonlight.' His mirrored. Glasses reflect faces as he examines everyone else at the table, eyes hovering on Sai and the kitty cat. @Demonhunter
  2. @Loki Odinson I know. Was just planning to wait till more people had showed up. Way I'd read it Titus wasn't given the sheets till everyone was there. My bad. I'll ,mention them in my next post.
  3. Interactions: All Currently Present Location: Edge of the docks Titus stands in the shelter of a building for a few moments before making his approach to the docks. He spends a little time examining those who had already arrived, as well as the robed figures. The man in the suit look experienced. At least that was what he took from the bandages. Whether they were positive or negative had yet to be seen. He'd seen more than his share of fights regardless. He wasn't quite so sure of the other one. He seemed extremely laid back. A ploy to set people at ease perhaps? After a few more minutes, he gave a small shrug and stepped out of the shadows. He took the last few meters purposeful, dividing not to give a hint of weakness to mages he expected were more experienced than himself. The wood shook slightly under his perhaps excessively forceful stride, but he made it to the small group without major incident. "Titus Helmot. Fairy Tail, Class B... for now." He extended his hand to met that of the older man, smiling as his name is given. Stepping back, he took another look at is companions. He dipped a slight bow to each. "Since we are to work together, I suppose it would be prudent to get to know one another." He extends his hand out to the nearest of the two.
  4. OOC

    Not looking too strong tbh. Pitty.
  5. James rubbed at his eyes as he worked. As he flipped a page to continue his essay, the leather-bound book flipped open as well. A bright flash of white filled his vision as he fell forward. Then thunk. A few blind seconds later, he feels the dirt in his face and a burning sensation in his forehead. Groaning, he pushed himself up of the ground, groaning as he did. His breath caught as he looked around, taking in the view of his surroundings. His eyes lock on the others. Then he looks down at the ground, then back to them then down again. With a groan he simply said. "That's Bullcrap" He walked over to them, the top of his head coming up to just below their midriff. "Anyone care to explain what the hell just happened" His tone is no nonsense, and he has a deeply disconcerted look on his now dwarven face. He fails to give his name.
  6. Helios walks causally into the meeting room, whistling softly. He nods to the man he assumes is in charge, since he's older than the rest before wandering over and taking a seat. He gives a big goofy grin to the others as he sits. "Alright lads, how're things? Sorry if I'm a bit late, but the traffic was BRUTAL. I swear, took me an extra hour just get here. So, I miss anything good?" He speaks very quickly, making it a bit hard to understand him. His accent doesn't help matters. He leans back in his chair, grinning like an idiot as he examines the others from behind his lenses. His jaw drops when he sees the bird. After a minute of staring he rummages in his pockets and pulls something out. "Polly want half a snickers?" he asks, holding up the bar.
  7. @Loki Odinson Hey, do you want a link to the character sheet before you say yay or nay on accepting my character for the mission?
  8. OOC

    We're just waiting on a cook to start I believe. @Nenma Takashi, would it be cool if we started in the main chat and jsut kept it to RP with minimal plot till we get a cook?
  9. @Ichorblooded Fair enough. Shoot.
  10. Adain took his time as he walked through the mountain. The place was nice. Had a great secrete lair vibe going on. Which was important. No point holing up in a big rock unless it felt.... well like the inside of a big rock. Lots of exposed stone, some water features. "Think I'm gonna like it here" he muttered as he walked. He'd switched his aura on as he entered. Kept dim to be sure. Just the faintest yellow glow around his body. But it was a little dark, and well, to be fair, he didn't know these people. "Could be all sorts of dodgy characters in a place like this." He let his aura slip when he entered what he assumed was the atrium. The place was huge. A rock cavern with some sort of metal piece hanging from the center of the ceiling, above a training circle. Two metal tubes were set into the wall. He stood staring at them for a few minutes, scratching his chin. He never really had understood modern art. "Guess its part of the super secrete vibe?" He wasn't too convinced. But with a shrug, he turned away and continued wandering. He left his bags in the corner of the lounge and started wandering till he found the meeting room. The place was huge. Practically its own country compared to the tiny ass Cork apartment he was raised in. But mostly he was just looking for others. He was fairly curious about what sort of folks this place would attract.
  11. @Ichorblooded I've updated his magic a bit. Still working on the backstory. Do I need to do more work, or is it good to go?
  12. @Ichorblooded I just wanted to add a few details in for the magic, what kind of attacks he has. Maybe flesh out the backstory. But this is fairly close to the finished product. Any changes will be small. Well, ideally. I'd have added more to it by now, but I'm a bit caught for time with assignments.
  13. OOC

    Some sort of assassiny thing? Like your standard Rogue. Hide in the shadows, set up distractions, trap with the chain then stab.
  14. OOC

    Ah yes of course. The anti-navigator. Nami's ultimate foil.
  15. OOC

    You're supposed to pick your own role. Like I chose to be the doctor/scientist. We could do with stuff like a navigator, musician etc. Or you could just be a straight up fighter. Hell that's all Zoro is really