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  1. Helious glanced over his shoulder at Sara. "I'd say don't worry bout it. I'd be surprised if you're the only one who can't. I've only got basic hand to hand training. We'll work it out sure." He flashes her a reassuring grin. Opening his mouth to speak again, he flinches at the sound of the gun shot, jerking back from the table. As he stands, an aura flares to life around him, like a dark orange flame dancing over his skin. The aura crackles in the air, ragged and pulsing in a quick jagged rhythm, like an adrenaline fulled heart beat. The light masks him, giving only a faint outline of his form as he raises his fist in front of him, clenching. The rhythm seems to slow, and concentrate around his fist, which glows with a brighter light as he steps into a basic fighting stance. Soon his hand becomes hard to look at as the energy seems to crackle like the sun. He seems to stare at the cat man, clearly weary from the gun shot. A few stray tendrils lash at his chair and the floor, but he seems to retain control. @TheSecretSorcerer @Demonhunter
  2. @Hell-Jumper Basically, we've just made our entrances and introduced ourselves. Not a whole lot else tbh. I think more than a few of us have been waiting for more people to introduce themselves
  3. I'd be up for interacting. I've just sort of been waiting for more people to introduce themselves before I tried to do anymore ya know.
  4. @shadowdude505 Thanks for the heads up. Been a bit swamped with work so I haven't seen most of the updates in the OOC
  5. Titus smiles and nods at each introduction. His grin seemed natural, pleasant even. But closer examination revealed a slight strain on his face, as if the expression was one he was unused to using. Hi free hand tenses and loosens by turns, a sort of coping mechanism to help when dealing with strangers. "Ok Titus, keep it simple. To the point. Just cause you don't know them is no reason to completely freak out... They're just people... Thats all... People. Your an alchemist for gods sake. At the very least this lot won't explode if you do something wrong. You will not let them think you're shy. They're professionals and so are you. Bloody well act like it. Breath in out in out. YOU CAN DO THIS! "A pleasure. Titus is my name. Titus Helmot. I am an alchemist by trade. I hope my skills will be of use in this little endeavour." He gave another one of those strained smiles before turning to greet the cat-eared woman.
  6. @Rantos Feel free to go ahead. I'm kinda swamped with college work, so my posts may be a little irregular for a while.
  7. 'Well I guess I might as well start then.' he flashes a big goofy grin as he looks around the table. ' Ya can call me Helios and I'm just a regular day of sunshine. My hobbies include reading, bad limericks, terrible puns and going for long flights in the moonlight.' His mirrored. Glasses reflect faces as he examines everyone else at the table, eyes hovering on Sai and the kitty cat. @Demonhunter
  8. @Loki Odinson I know. Was just planning to wait till more people had showed up. Way I'd read it Titus wasn't given the sheets till everyone was there. My bad. I'll ,mention them in my next post.
  9. Interactions: All Currently Present Location: Edge of the docks Titus stands in the shelter of a building for a few moments before making his approach to the docks. He spends a little time examining those who had already arrived, as well as the robed figures. The man in the suit look experienced. At least that was what he took from the bandages. Whether they were positive or negative had yet to be seen. He'd seen more than his share of fights regardless. He wasn't quite so sure of the other one. He seemed extremely laid back. A ploy to set people at ease perhaps? After a few more minutes, he gave a small shrug and stepped out of the shadows. He took the last few meters purposeful, dividing not to give a hint of weakness to mages he expected were more experienced than himself. The wood shook slightly under his perhaps excessively forceful stride, but he made it to the small group without major incident. "Titus Helmot. Fairy Tail, Class B... for now." He extended his hand to met that of the older man, smiling as his name is given. Stepping back, he took another look at is companions. He dipped a slight bow to each. "Since we are to work together, I suppose it would be prudent to get to know one another." He extends his hand out to the nearest of the two.
  10. OOC

    Not looking too strong tbh. Pitty.
  11. James rubbed at his eyes as he worked. As he flipped a page to continue his essay, the leather-bound book flipped open as well. A bright flash of white filled his vision as he fell forward. Then thunk. A few blind seconds later, he feels the dirt in his face and a burning sensation in his forehead. Groaning, he pushed himself up of the ground, groaning as he did. His breath caught as he looked around, taking in the view of his surroundings. His eyes lock on the others. Then he looks down at the ground, then back to them then down again. With a groan he simply said. "That's Bullcrap" He walked over to them, the top of his head coming up to just below their midriff. "Anyone care to explain what the hell just happened" His tone is no nonsense, and he has a deeply disconcerted look on his now dwarven face. He fails to give his name.
  12. Helios walks causally into the meeting room, whistling softly. He nods to the man he assumes is in charge, since he's older than the rest before wandering over and taking a seat. He gives a big goofy grin to the others as he sits. "Alright lads, how're things? Sorry if I'm a bit late, but the traffic was BRUTAL. I swear, took me an extra hour just get here. So, I miss anything good?" He speaks very quickly, making it a bit hard to understand him. His accent doesn't help matters. He leans back in his chair, grinning like an idiot as he examines the others from behind his lenses. His jaw drops when he sees the bird. After a minute of staring he rummages in his pockets and pulls something out. "Polly want half a snickers?" he asks, holding up the bar.
  13. @Loki Odinson Hey, do you want a link to the character sheet before you say yay or nay on accepting my character for the mission?
  14. Works for me.
  15. OOC

    We're just waiting on a cook to start I believe. @Nenma Takashi, would it be cool if we started in the main chat and jsut kept it to RP with minimal plot till we get a cook?