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  1. Yay for toothache.... Can't catch a break this month. 

  2. tech

    FN SCAR H. MK17 mod 0. 7.62mm NATO rounds. Developped by FN Herstal, Belgium.
  3. other

    For me, it's The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. But only because I'm a nostalgic Nintendo fan.
  4. other

  5. journal

    I suppose it doesn't work for everyone. It does work for me, though. Although I must say that my parents weren't a huge issue. Teachers on the other hand. A few of them desperately wanted to kick me out of the school. I didn't speak a word to one of them for over four years. I didn't even notice she was gone until two months after she quit. o_O
  6. journal

    You underestimate my power to ignore just about anyone, regardless of what manner of authority they believe they have.
  7. other

    "He used to be an adventurer like you, but then he took an arrow to the knee."
  8. advise/help

    I have the following to add onto the previous comment: I don't know why you'd include something like this in your rules. Do you want to RP with (only) the self-absorbed? In any case, a lot of people here tend to view their writing as "it's ok". So, this might turn off some people. It also pegs you as some sort of elitist, which also turns away a lot of people. If you are an elitist or you want to turn away certain people with this statement, it seems to be working. "In charge of the setting" implies that you're not contributing to the setting in any way. Combined with: You might just as well ask people to write the entire story. I mean, what exactly are you doing? Why? If you're going to make a statement such as this one, explain it. Roleplaying is not a job. Being professional about it makes it sound like a chore. Nobody likes chores.
  9. journal

    People actually pay attention to such people? Hmm...
  10. other

    I'd tag along as Captain Haddock.
  11. other

    Do you also have the hairstyle and are you always accompanied by your little white dog?
  12. other

    So, I saw For Honor got its release. What strikes me as odd about the game is the combat. It reminds me of an equally hyped combat system years ago in Age of Conan, which worked somewhat in the same way with directional blocking. People hated it back then, but seem to be ok with it or even love it now. So, I have a question for people who've bought the game. Are the combat controls fluid enough? Or, does it all require a bunch of button mashing to be on time for attacks/blocks?
  13. And of course the relapse comes swinging with fever, excessive coughing and headaches. Woop woop!

  14. food

    I fry brussel sprouts in a pan, just with salt and pepper. Serve it with some potatoes and bacon bits.