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  1. There are a surprisingly high amount of costumes which have standards in both the rebel and 501st legions. I counted at least 20 of them , and quite a few were ones I didn't expect to be shared (like Mara Jade disguised as Arica , or the various Sand People). 


    The funny part part comes when you're looking over the roster for your own local area and one person signed up to both with the same one costume , and then uses the same exact picture for both legions. I've gotta admit though , with a costume that badass I'd probably join both legions with it too. 

  2. Apparently the 501st legion has standards for Eleena Dark and Sinya of all people , but no Darth Malak anywhere (despite the fact that there's two sets of Darth Nihilus standards which are only slightly different from each other). IMG_1258.JPG

    1. Talon


      Hmm wierd...

  3. I'm playing KOTOR again , because I fripping need something to cheer me up today. 


    (Sometimes being a Historian is a really , really depressing job). 

    1. Captain Gensokyo

      Captain Gensokyo

      Probably not as bad as being a lawyer, though.

    2. HK Fifty

      HK Fifty

      I'd just have to trust you on that one. Dxun doesn't have many lawyers , being space Vietnam a lawless jungle world. 

  4. Yes , yes it is. I consider it vastly superior to the newer version myself - indeed , it ranks very high among my favorite Star Wars stories (very close to KOTOR and KOTOR II , in fact). The IG-Lancers are among my most favorite War droids of all time , and I'm still hoping Bandai makes an IG-88 that has actual movement so I can buy 5 of them and stick the extra one on the brown Aratech-74z that came with the Imperial Scout Trooper. I already have a power lance and a callsign name to go with it , so I just need the actual Droid. Right now I just got done eating a giant Stormtrooper marshmallow lollipop covered in sugar and I'm getting ready to start popping Lindt white chocolate balls into my mouth faster than an IG assassin Droid can go rogue , so while you all play video games I'm surrounded by Stormtrooper/Imperial action figures and slowly making myself high as all hell on sugar. Huzzah!
  5. I'm a Historian , mate. It's quite literally my job to watch this and provide my observations and perspective on it , based in my historical knowledge. That of course doesn't mean I have to like or support any of this (I don't) , but I'm still a Historian and it's still my solemn duty to do so. I'd say this accurately describes my general mood right now. (If you know the context , yes , that's accurate too. I don't have to be entirely professional , either!)
  6. When I start to write a post for Fercada before tomorrow has me busy , and subsequently go from awake to nearly coma-level tired after the very first sentence. (And yes , the reason I could type this is because I didn't have to deal with her while doing it , increasing tiredness by 300%)
  7. It strikes me that sending Atali in to interrogate HK-51-6P alone with her current level of skill would be akin to sending in a first day of training cadet to have a large role in a navy seal's mission or something. Now , if she had actual training or if she was to simply observe and assist Rin in doing it for her training it would make total sense , but with minimal to no training and experience , it just seems like the kind of idea that leads to immediate and total failure. Which will then have the end result of making everything take twice as much time and effort on everyone's part , and probably strain Atali and Rin's relationship more than it already is. Just my personal observations on it.
  8. casual

    Hoth Orbit (cloaked) @Grim Wraithe Stjerna HK-50-01 took the offered hand in clear astonishment , his still-golden photoreceptors rimming with cyan blue as he rose. The fact that the Gray Jedi was willing to forgive him in such a joyous manner for failing was a very pleasant surprise , compared to the response for failure he was used to. However , it couldn't possibly compare to how ecstatic he was to be praised. Praise for anything always made him giddy , with praise for his combat skills typically ranked the highest - a fact Delrick would remember from before Why'nn was born , when they had first met. Oh-One's rapidly-speaking metallic voice had an overwhelming sense of euphoria about it , reflected in his vibrant green photoreceptors. "Disbeleif/gratitude : y-you truly believe so , sir? I don't believe so and I know your style is a foil to mine , but thank you so very much sir I always endeavor to please you , and oh it's so wonderful to hear you praise my combat skills sir , most people who aren't Miss Why'nn assume I'm merely a protocol Droid but not you you praise me the same way your daughter does! Thank you sir you're so kind to me thank you sir thank you!" Once the overly excited metallic-ebony assassin was finished speaking he sheathed his blade and tried to go for an embrace , clearly failing to notice the signal to continue dueling. Once again , the former Jedi Council member would recognize this behaivor from their previous interactions - for a Droid , Oh-One always had been subject to strong emotional responses.
  9. It's perfectly fine with me , Tommy. Life can (and should) take precedence and I very much understand that. I do hope you get the job and I also wish you luck in your academic pursuits!
  10. casual

    Hoth Orbit (cloaked) @Grim Wraithe Stjerna HK-50-01 knew he was trapped the moment the Gray Jedi's foot stepped behind his. The only way he could free his left arm now would've been to step backwards , which would've toppled him over if he did it too rapidly. If he was careful to avoid falling , he would've had to do it in a slow manner which would've left him open to attack - both of which were unfavorable options. The droid knew the powerful shove was coming and would've normally magnetized his feet to prevent being tackled to the floor , but against such a large amount of force that would've resulted in the blade at his neck cutting deep into the many critical components inside. If it was real combat instead of practice sparring , he would've done that despite the consequences - but it was , indeed , practice sparring. He likely wouldn't have been in such a compromising position if he wasn't carefully regulating his offense , avoiding any lethal or debilitating strikes. So the Class-Four Droid found himself pinned to the deck , with only his right army free. His sword was still in his metallic grip , but with it being the sort of long blade he normally preferred , it was far too long to maneuver in such a small region. His forearm-implanted Vibroblade was in his trapped left , and so was useless (unless he intended to impale some portion of Delrick , anyway). The droid did have a blaster packed into his right forearm , but blasters had already been expressly forbidden in the terms of the duel. And so , left with no other option , the droid left his blade fall from his grip in surrender. There was a tone of fear to his voice as he spoke , and his photoreceptors shifted to a golden color. "Submission/praise : You have b-bested me , Sir. P-please forgive me for falling to you so q-quickly , sir , th-though I must say you are one of the best swordsmen I have ever had the privilege of dueling. Truly a master of the blade of which I-I am no equal." Despite the fear undercutting his words , the compliments were not merely fearfully offered supplications - the defeated droid was as genuine with his compliments as he was with his eagerness to accept the duel.
  11. casual

    Hoth Orbit (Cloaked) @Grim Wraithe Stjerna HK-50-01 didn't have time to shift his blade's course - and even if he had , the only direction to go would've been the same as the one the Gray Jedi's blade forced him to go. He was , however , grateful that his sparring partner chose to honor the terms of their pre-combat agreement , and only knock his metallic wrist upward instead of severing it entirely. The droid was still in combat mode , however , and kept his sense of gratitude from overwhelming his focus. Even so , he scarcely saw Delrick's left hand in time to just scarcely doge to the left. The man's palm was a scant few millimeters from the ebony-colored Chestplate at that very moment , the class-four Droid just barely inside of his left foot as his feet stayed firmly planted on the ground. On instinct Oh-One tried to reach out and grab the arm , and if the grab succeeded he would try to make a flat-edged Vibroblade slice for the Jedi's head - once again , stopping short if that , too , succeeded.
  12. other

    HK-50 is an assassination Droid from one of my favorite Star Wars stories (Knights of the Old Republic II : the Sith Lords) , and as anyone who knows me knows , I love assassin droids very , very much. It used to be HK-50-09 (nine just seemed good at the time) , but then I made a character with that name , so I changed it to just HK Fifty to avoid confusion.
  13. cross platform

    This one's easy for me , because I actually regularly listen to this song. Song Title : Bastila Shan's Theme Game : Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic. Composer : Jeremy Soule It sounds so , so very much like John Williams' own compositions , yet also sounds more than distinctive enough for me to be able to recognize it instantly. It's also one of the very first songs in the game proper - and that it happens to play for the first time in the scene that practically sets the scene for the whole adventure certainly ties it with the game in the best of ways , and gives me an enormous rush of happy nostalgia to boot.
  14. That's due in part to my characters being pushy , though. That , and I plan shit out to the letter.
  15. Tomorrow I'm gonna wear a truckload of pouches to go shopping for hours. 


    So in other words , I'll be this fellow. (Well , I'll be this fellow and be about a fraction as cool). IMG_1138.PNG