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  1. well then, 1 more week. see you there.
  2. where is it?
  3. whelp, I'm happy BBCode is coming back. but when?
  4. so, code went away it seems
  5. Noice
  6. Today's my birthday

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      Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!!:)

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      Happy birthday!

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      Happeh Birfday random stranger! xD

  7. I did.
  8. alright. just need to get a picture, any suggestions?
  9. i just wanted to say that am really sorry for what i said. i hope you can see that.

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      oh, you forgot?

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      i didnt know there was a problem in the first place lmao

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      i guess we're in good terms

  10. other

    your taking request?
  11. i've seen lots of diversity actually as of late, but i guess it's uncommon.
  12. i'm nearly done.
  13. Name: Evan "crazy fish" Stevens Age: 25 Gender: male Species: human If Human, Hunter: no, but has ties with them. Occupation: fisherman Appearance: at a glance, he's a bit tall, with a lanky build to match. His eyes have bags under them after years of staying awake for mermaids for so long. His hair is a disheveled mess with locks of gray threading against his hair. He wears simple overalls stained by seaweed and fish scales He’s commonly seen carrying his bucket and backpack filled with books on mermaids which he uses to try to identify the specimen. Lastly, his teeth are yellow, filled to the brim with fish scales stuck in his teeth. Personality: as expected from his nickname, he’s a crazy fish. If the appearance didn’t give it away, his actions sure will. He rambles on about his tales of seeing mermaids during his fishing trips. Yet, so many people his approach did not believe him. The constant rejection and disdain had at times made him skeptical and bitter sometimes, being slow to trust anyone. When he’s not talking about the next conspiracy theory, he likes to sit on the boat port, reading books for fishing and the like. You can even sometimes see him in the shops nearby, but for a short while since he doesn’t like getting involved most of the time. History: (I need to think) Likes: people believing him, fishing, shiny things, theories, the big blue sea, and boating, like-minded individuals. Dislikes: swimming (ironically), sharks (is frightened by them.), people debunking his beliefs, closed minded fools, babies, strange noises. Weapons/Additional Ability: pretty good with a fishing rod. In fact, he boasted that he fended off a shark that way. Other: had a bite mark from a creature he mistook for a mermaid.