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  1. Confident enough to believe that I'll enjoy reading whatever I write today tomorrow.
  2. OOC

    Absolutely not. Your hyper-realistic portrait offends me.
  3. OOC

    @Stickdom You have my endorsement to be the Fireteam's leader. @_Line 213 Question: what's the official & unofficial policy for optimal romances? FYI, I'm interested in slowly setting up Splash with an optimal NPC, preferably someone from Fireteam Tide.
  4. OOC

    Yeah, I was over the moon when I found that mech. I even changed the rig's name to Buccaneer.
  5. OOC

    I changed my lockrig pic because I wanted to see the torpedo launcher on the rig. It was for the best, because I prefer the new pic; It's more Splash.
  6. OOC

    If I can't come up with a decent solution I'll just pick a new role. I'm already bored googling this shit.
  7. OOC

    I didn't know that, thank you. I was just researching guns and weapons to try and find (or dream up) the right fit. I definately want to be able to attack at range underwater though.
  8. [IID IPC Database ver. 62.02.09 Kernel mf: LONGSHOT CONTRACTING, ltd. CO-OP access provider: 1138-Little Fireteam access serial: DAWN Clearance level: Rank 7.] [Personal Dossier: GRIER, SABLE] Fireteam: Dawn Fireteam Role: Amphibious Assault Fireteam Callsign: Splash Optimal Line: 2.0 Generation: 2 Age: 24 Parental Country of Origin: Canada (father), Morocco (mother) Psychological Notes: Self-assured, lively, and tenacious, Sable's personal motto is "there will be time enough to rest when you're dead.". Her favorite way to spend her waking hours is to push herself to her limits through the application of intense training. Socially speaking, she's a happy-go-lucky young woman who enjoys the company of other positive and productive individuals. Physical Notes: Sable, like most optimals, is exceptionally athletic. Combat drills and swimming exercises make up the bulk of her strength and conditioning training. Her long powerful limbs are her most advantageous attribute. Her reflexes are not as sharp as some of her other fireteam members, but her endurance is second to none. Sable is 6'2" tall, 163 pounds, with black hair & brown eyes Developmental Notes: Sable's parents promised their one and only daughter over to the optimal program in order to help pay for their other child's (Sable's older brother Jamal) medical bills. Jamal developed a rare degenerative muscle disease during his earlyhood—that left untreated—would be fatal. Treatments were available but they were grossly expensive. Sable's parents were terrified and left without any good options, so they made a painful decision—to conceive and sell another child to save Jamal. She was told the truth about her situation as soon as she was old enough to understand. Emotional scars were expected, but they never surfaced. From every angle of observation Sable grew up remarkably well-adjusted. Today she maintains a remote relationship with her family of origin and regularly expresses care and concern for them. ------------------[Lockrig Documentation ONLY beyond this line]------------------ Lockrig Name: Buccaneer Chassis: Valkyrie-Class Height: 10'2" Chassis Modifications: Increased structural integrity to facilitate deep sea dives. Onboard sonar navigation and detection system as well as internal plasma torch inside right palm. [Weaponry Documentation] Primary: Gauss Cannon • High velocity flechette weapon for light armored targets • Medium Range • Semiautomatic • Handheld Secondary: M739 Light Machine Gun • Medium - Close Range • Automatic • Underarm Mount (Right) • 7.62x51mm, Tertiary: Sea Devastator Short-Range Torpedo Launcher • Retractable over the shoulder (Left) • Cannot be converted to fire any other missiles • Ineffective out of water Additional Notes: All weaponry, while not designed to fire underwater (except the SRT launcher) has been waterproofed. [Assigned CO-OP Documentation] Serial: 0774 Name: Blur Mentality: Inspired by a geometry professor who Sable bonded with during her preteen years, Blur was programmed to be supportive and complimentary, as well as forthcoming with fair criticisms and concerns. Additional Notes: The CO-OP's speech software suffers from a glitch which frequently causes it to stutter. The glitch was never corrected because Sable felt the flaw added to Blur's character. --------------------------[Lockrig Documentation ENDS]-------------------------- [Personal Weaponry Documentation] Primary: Riptide Subsonic Dart Rifle (pictured with Sable) • 5.66x39mm flechette "darts", semiautomatic • 150 meters lethal range (air), or 30 meters at 40 meters depth • Exceptionslly quiet due to subsonic velocity Sidearm: CZ Manhunter .40 cal pistol Misc: Dive knife [Other Equipment] Additional Subject Notes: [Documentation END. CLASSIFIED, IID IPC, 2374. NOT FOR CIVILIAN RELEASE.]
  9. OOC

    I've decided to reach out to you smart folks for suggestions on my lockrig's mods. Its role will be general all purpose assault with a specialty in aquatic/amphibious environments. I'm thinking average speed & reaction on land, but slightly faster than average in water. Also, sonar might be something I'll want. Here's a picture of the rig if that helps.
  10. OOC

    If everyone provides character & lockrig art I could make a slideshow for Fireteam Dawn. I'd throw props to our RP's creator as well of course. Below is one I put together for a steampunk RP.
  11. Since there isn't a spot for pilot call signs does that mean they're optional, or do you not want our characters to go by them? Edit: @_Line 213 Also, I haven't had time to read through the optimal section, but I hope it describes how the babies are selected and why their parents participate in the program.
  12. I'm assuming females can also be optimals?
  13. I'd like to know more about the threats the fireteam will likely face before I pin down a tactical role. There's not much need for anti-flesh weaponry if nearly everything we'll tangle with will be vehicles & other Mecha. fyi - my dream role would be amphibious assault.
  14. I've never seen those, or any other anime for that matter (outside of Voltron), will that be an issue?
  15. Question: How heavily anime influenced will this be? I'm not a fan of the art style, but I appreciate everything else you've presented. Also, will the fireteam have tacitical roles that the players will fill?