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  1. I couldn't agree more. That's a topic I've been meaning to create a thread about but I haven't gotten around to doing so. I watch a lot of Brandon Sanderson videos about writing fiction, and he refers to the reasonable expectations your readers will have as "promises." Here's the video below—no need to watch the entire thing, the main points are around 3:48-11:00ish. Good writers can take wrong turns and break their promises; bad writers make a habit of it. And imo, this also applies to roleplays—at least the detailed/ambitious ones. Players will expect setting and tone consistency to be maintained by the GM. If it isn't, there will likely be consequences. I believe this phenomenon is partly responsible for the death of many lovingly crafted RPs. And confused GMs, unable to diagnose what went wrong, often chalk it up to fickle player enthusiasm.
  2. I would never allow a character into one of my projects that doesn't feel appropriate. That's my top commandment: One must create a character in harmony with my setting. Get onboard with my vision or look elsewhere. GMs who fail to enforce their tone and genre expectations often turn off their most promising players.
  3. Thanks for understanding Grey. With my limited free time to write, I prefer to work on projects where I feel the iron is still hot—creatively speaking. And if I'm honest, this RP is cold by comparison to my own projects. If I continue on here it would just be out of obligation.
  4. For this type of RP a post a week would have likely kept the fire burning. But now I'm occupied elsewhere.
  5. Confessional time: The slow pace of this rp extinguished my enthusiasm for my character. As a consequence I started writing my own stuff and I'm struggling to break from it in order to come back here.
  6. prose

    I commend you for writing something and sharing it with us here—this sub-forum desperately needs more fiction. Having said that, I can't say I enjoyed reading your story. The entire piece was abusively descriptive and poorly paced. And your character's inevitable date with death failed to summon an emotional response from me. I suspect that's because I was never given a reason to care about or connect with him. As the reader, I have to get invested in order to respond appropriately to tragedy, and I couldn't find any point in the story to invest in.
  7. ideas

    I can toss out ideas to help shape up whatever 40k story you have in mind, but I don't currently have the availability for another RP.
  8. ideas

    I have and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again. If there's ever a fandom story you want/need to upload from your imagination, even if it arguably breaks canon, don't hold back. The folks who don't like your adjustments can go elsewhere (and they will) but I would bet that if you put in the work, you'll likely find an appreciative audience. I love 40k. I love it with the grimdark dial broke off at eleven. But I could get behind a more heroic story set in that universe.
  9. Confident enough to believe that I'll enjoy reading whatever I write today tomorrow.
  10. OOC

    Absolutely not. Your hyper-realistic portrait offends me.
  11. OOC

    @Stickdom You have my endorsement to be the Fireteam's leader. @_Line 213 Question: what's the official & unofficial policy for optimal romances? FYI, I'm interested in slowly setting up Splash with an optimal NPC, preferably someone from Fireteam Tide.
  12. OOC

    Yeah, I was over the moon when I found that mech. I even changed the rig's name to Buccaneer.
  13. OOC

    I changed my lockrig pic because I wanted to see the torpedo launcher on the rig. It was for the best, because I prefer the new pic; It's more Splash.
  14. OOC

    If I can't come up with a decent solution I'll just pick a new role. I'm already bored googling this shit.
  15. OOC

    I didn't know that, thank you. I was just researching guns and weapons to try and find (or dream up) the right fit. I definately want to be able to attack at range underwater though.