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  1. Omfg.... 0-0 It's my Waifu, Rem!

  2. Woah. That was dramatic. 

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    2. Thalia_Neko


      Haha. What was dramatic?

    3. Yugen


      Some fight on RPN or something. 

    4. Thalia_Neko
  3. I swear to God I saw a clown from the corner of my eye on the way home from the supermarket today. 😓

    1. Thalia_Neko


      *Comes in for usual troll tactic, leaves feeling better about myself*

  4. When you can hear the sex in the room beside yours. :'))) That's lovely. 

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    2. Yugen


      I noticed. :') 

      But even when you're trolling, you're still mostly correct. 

    3. Thalia_Neko


      :) That's my brand of trolling. Now have fun with the sex sounds. Enjoy. <3

    4. Narcissistic


      You should politely ask to join them. ( or don't. They may have something that you don't want. Don't have sex with strangers, kids. Or do. Whatever moves you through life. ) 

  5. I always say stupid things omg. Shut. Up. For. Once.

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    2. Thalia_Neko


      Hehe, I'm just joking.


      Oooor am I. <.< >.>

    3. Yugen
    4. Yaboku God of War

      Yaboku God of War

      I'm already confused now 

  6. :)

    1. Yugen


      Hm. I didn't know Yugen was anything in particular. I use it because of the definition. xD 

    2. MrNeko


      Well then I just remembered the artist name he/she makes pretty good music but I like the name though and welcome to rpnation :)

    3. Yugen


      Thank you very much. I'll have to check them out sometime. :D 

  7. I am interested, if you'll have me.
  8. Everyone seems so close with each other. Rip. Being new is awkward.

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    2. Verdana


      No, that was just a reason that I lost friends. My [error].

    3. Catnapper


      Hey, I'm new too. Why not talk to me, your friendly neighbourhood Satan? :)

    4. Thalia_Neko


      You are awkward. :)

  9. Alrighty, alrighty. I've finally made an account for this site I've been stalking checking out every now and then. Now let's just hope I fit in well enough. Heh.

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    2. Yugen


      Roleplay wise? I like just about anything, in that case. Realistic settings preferably. :D 

    3. Captain Gensokyo

      Captain Gensokyo

      How do these sound? 


      • Sci-fi space journey?
      • Multi-fandom survival?
      • Or, have you heard of the "Dangan Ronpa" series?
    4. Yugen


      The sci-fi space journey peaks my interest, but I'd like to know more. xD 
      I have heard of the Dangan Ronpa series, but I'm not particularly fond of fandom roleplays.