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  1. It pains me when you post your starter for a roleplay that you're so proud of but never receive a reply.

  2. I am off to bed. It is much past my bed-time and I just know it's going to be a pain getting up in the morning. Goodnight, Nation.

  3. That moment when you write a post for a roleplay that you absolutely love, but you're finding it difficult to edit it in such a way so it is actually relevant to the story. Oh, why must I get so carried away when I write? 

  4. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight." ♦ ♦ ♦ The sound of laughter ringed constantly throughout Riverdale's local woods, shrill and full of youth. It was a night no different than any other, however. Not for young Elliot North and Callie Howard, at least. It was spent the same way every night for them was. They'd sneak through the window of their small little homes and meet in front of the same tree every day. It was an ordinary tree to everyone else, but to them, the tree was a symbol of their friendship. Either way, the tree was very important, large and thick, towering over every other tree in the forest. "C" and "E" were carved into a branch low enough for the children to reach, marking the tree as theirs. It was their tree. They'd meet at the tree and they'd whisper the magic password, for Heaven forbid anyone else hear of the password. For certainly, a dark fate would lay upon them if they did. Once the password was spoken, they'd grab each other's hands and make their way down to the lake. To them, these ordinary trees and normal forest was a place full of magic, where they swore they'd run away to and make their homes atop the magical trees and eat of the sweet fruit that grew for them. Ah, but they were children. Full of innocence and naivety. Everything was magic to them if they believed it to be. They were wrong about the forest, unfortunately. Fairies didn't dance across the leaves and paint the flowers. Unicorns didn't waltz through the trees and create the rainbows. What they didn't realize, however, was that there was something magical about the forest. Maybe not the forest itself, but something that lied in the forest. They wouldn't quite realize until years past their magical fantasies and innocent youth, on a day that seemed ordinary enough, not outstanding compared to any other. ♦ ♦ ♦ Elliot sat on the lakeside beside Callie as they had done for years before, his shoes sitting neatly on the other side of him. He lied down, staring at the stars, forming images in the sky using stars as he often did. Constellations, but they were his own, his own fraction of creativity, his own piece of the sky. His hands lied by his side, picking small blades of grass and intertwining them through thin fingers. It was a silent night. Nothing but the steady breathing of both him and Callie and the gentle symphony of frogs, crickets and katydids could be heard. It was peaceful, something he had been quite fond of. The magic the forest used to hold was rather dead to him now, his fantasies that were once some sort of a reality were now more of a joke than they were anything. The peace of the forest under the sky, despite the years, would always remain. The silence soon became unbearable. He sat up, wiped his dirtied finger on the sleeve of his shirt and crossed his legs. He swatted a mosquito, sighing. The mosquitoes were particularly bad this season and he hadn't thought to put on bug spray before he had left his house earlier. He scanned the ground for a rock, picking the smoothest, flattest one and threw it to the lake. Once. Twice it skipped across the surface before it plopped deep inside. He was looking at Callie before he could count the number of skips, though, smiling. "Do you remember when we believed the rocks were being eaten by great beasts who lived in the lake whenever we skipped them?" It was a pointless question, one that came out of nowhere but he figured the memory would make her smile. Though some of the magic had died, the forest was still a very special place to them, full of some of their fondest memories. He grabbed another rock and skipped it again, this time it skipped none and hit the water with a thud before sinking. He grabbed a rock and offered it to Callie, figuring she might skip some rocks for old time's sake. I don't even know what this post is, but here it is anyway. I think I'm off to bed now. Hah.
  5. Carter Leon is seven years old, only five years old at the time of their parent's unfortunate death. He stands at forty-seven inches tall and weighs approximately fifty pounds. From the very beginning, Carter was considered the "problem-child." Though he was loved dearly by his parents, it was safe to say he annoyed them to no end. He is quite the talkative one who has little to no sense of boundaries. He has never met a stranger in his life and will talk to anything that listens - even if that thing doesn't have ears. He never did well in school, not the brightest kid in the world. He could barely read, didn't want to listen and would much rather talk to his friends than sit through such an insufferable lesson. He is friendly, though. Raised to treat everyone with respect, he always has the short while he's been living. He is very social. He is a curious kid. Though he doesn't really like learning, he does wonder how everything works, why this thing does that thing. He craves answers but doesn't want to sit long enough to ever find out. Whenever he's not talking or off playing he can usually be found playing with the stuffed Shark, whose name is Eddie, he never is seen without or his imaginary friend, Martin. He's a wizard. Carter did well in the foster home. He was quickly taken by a family with two other children that he got along with well. He was bought new clothes and given some new toys and the kid couldn't be happier. He was even disappointed when he had to leave. He didn't quite understand what death was - didn't quite realize that his parents would never be back. He asked about them often, asking the adults when they'd be coming home and that he was starving and wanted his mom to make him some macaroni. Now that he's older, however, he understands more though he has still yet to grasp what "death" means.
  6. You want us to post characters here, yes?
  7. Huh. This is already drowning in a sea of other partner search threads. Here's a bump for now. Hopefully some interest will be caught soon.
  8. That sounds good to me. I am still interested at this point then, if you'd have me. It looks like you might be full already, though.
  9. I am showing interest, but I'd still like to know a little more if you'd be willing to answer some questions. What do you expect of post length? What do you have in mind for appearances of the characters? Do you have descriptions set already, would you like us to find images or describe character appearances on our own? If you do want us to find images, anime or realistic? I think that concludes it for now.
  10. Hey, you. Check out my partner search, yeah? 



  11. ♦ Yo. I'm creep. There's nothing important about me so I'm gonna skip right into the plots and requirements and all that jazz. I'm a semi-literate writer when it comes to roleplaying. I can write more if I'm feeling inspired, but for the most part, you'll get a good paragraph with a few sentences. I would like my partner to have about the same length of a post I do, or even longer if you're cool with that, but don't expect me to go all out just because you do. I'm a lazy little snot. Though I am into romance, I don't want that to be the main focus, you know? I happen to enjoy platonic relationships and shit, so if you dig that, let me know. I don't care which gender I play and have no preferences. I don't mind pairings, though I haven't done much lesbian pairings, so if you wanna do that, I'm game but I must be a little rusty. I use realistic face claims. I'll go anime if you absolutely want, but ughhHH please. It's great if you can manage multiple characters, but it's chill if you can't. I like to have different characters for a wider story. Ohhhh, boy, and do I love angst. Honestly, if you like angst, let just make these all angstY AF PLEASE. Thank you. Also, my totals suck but they'll have to do ~ ♥ ♦ adoption ♦ Muse A is an individual who lives alone. They have no spouse, aren't seeing anybody and they have no desire to see anybody. That doesn't mean they're unsuccessful, though. In fact, it's quite the contrary. They're quite well known among nations as a very popular fashion designer, known for their unusual but interesting styles. Muse B's loving parents have both passed away in an unfortunate car accident, in which they were hit by a drunk driving leaving a bar one night. With no living relatives in the state, other than their aunt/uncle Muse A, it's either live with them or be sent away to an orphanage. Muse A agrees to taking the child. Hehehe. So this may or may not have been lowkey inspired by the anime Shounen Maid. Shout out to me for the very creative title. ♦ star light, star bright ♦ Muse A and Muse B are both children/pre-teen/teenagers who live in a relatively small town. Every night they meet each other by the small lake in their local woods to stargaze. One night, they wish for an escape from the small town life they hate so much. The same night a star seems to fall from the heavens, right into the lake as they sat their watching. Curious, they decide to take a swim and investigate. They soon realize there is an entirely different world right beneath them, in the water. I don't have much with this one, so my partner will have to come up with some stuff about this underwater world and whatnot. Kind of world building, I guess, but I kinda liked the concept. I definitely want to include some fantasy elements here. ♦ wish you were here ♦ Muse A and Muse B have known each other since middle school. They were best friends then- secretly crushing on one another all the while. However, when the two began high school, Muse A went one way, and Muse B went another. Over the summer of their junior year, they reconnect, and as different as they are on the outside, they still feel the same on the inside. The biggest difference is that they are no longer afraid of their feelings for each other. There’s just one problem- Muse A will be moving out of state/country, come autumn. Despite the odds stacked against them, the two decide to make a long distance relationship work - for better or for worse. Will frequent phone conversations and video chat dates be enough to keep their love alive until they can see one another face-to-face again? I do not own this plot. I found it on tumblr. Yay tumblr. um actually that's all because i am lowkey picky and i'm too lazy to search for more but if you wanna suggest some, you do that and i'll let you know if i'm interested
  12. I have returned from my unplanned hiatus.

  13. Omfg.... 0-0 It's my Waifu, Rem!

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  14. I swear to God I saw a clown from the corner of my eye on the way home from the supermarket today. 😓

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