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  1. I keep on thinking you're an anonymous follower because of how dark your pic is >:T

  2. tech

    Optional: Include Picture, Bullet type, Origin, original gun (If a variant) and History if you want HK SL8 Auto Sniper Originally G36
  3. Thanks for the follow!



    1. Lambda-11


      i like to follow people


      *How to get someone to unfollow from creepy reply*

    2. Idea
  4. The face you get when you're in a crappy meme

    Photo on 2-16-17 at 8.46 AM.jpg

    1. The Mechanist

      The Mechanist

      Is that you in the crappy meme?

  5. *noticed you followed*


    1. hellish child

      hellish child

      not sure, just maken' new freinds ;D

    2. Lambda-11
  6. Having tree antlers
  7. For those that dont know, @Fleur's school as blocked RPN. If you have his email or want to meet him on Discord (if you ask me with his permission), you can contact him that way.

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    2. The Mechanist
    3. Fleur


      I can confirm this.

      Not to mention they also blocked my other "safe space"

    4. The Mechanist
  8. i offered someone a strawberry sundae for their birthday... and got ignored. I'm just gonna...

    *cries in a cardboard box*

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    2. The Mechanist
    3. Idea


      Correction: friendS

    4. Pl@inum


      The deity of animations has come to bless ye

  9. I never heard that before, nice creativity @Pl@inum is secretly a ninja dragon
  10. Do you really? @The Mechanist is actually Sentinel being piloted by a Chimp
  11. @Pl@inum has a furry fetish like me
  12. you and your sneak posts without thought... No, i dont want to marry a squid
  13. Hey thats clever
  14. ps4

    @Andy Samberg Remember, there's 7 more years for Destiny