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  1. F A M

    For those that also play Phantom Forces...

    My kit was an MK11 and M9. I picked up an AUG and UMP when i ran out of M9 Ammo and didnt have any MK11 ammo for a while, thus i used the m9 till it was dry. Killed by M60

  2. Please do not start hate on trump. We must be civil about all of this, so please dont start flame over it.

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    2. Ammy


      @(sic) Well, to be fair all the "woe is me I'm a teenager and my life is over pay attention to me angst" stuff that's common here isn't really either. Not that it justifies RPN Political Meltdown 2: Electric Boogaloo, but status updates have always been rather lenient about that.


      Personally I think they're the worst thing about the site since people are using RPN more as a venting mechanism rather than for actual discussion or roleplaying, but eh. Nothing's perfect.

    3. (sic)


      You don't get banned because (Possibly) 99% of the staff is anti-Trump

    4. Fleur




      tne calling out from earlier is mostly why I'm surprised.

  3. other

    ye... But in my opinion, i have high hopes for the game. The use of your hat as a platform (also a relative of the minish cap) and Mario's hair physics will be great
  4. Is there something wrong with robots? :< skip
  5. other

    Just a random joke, but the latest mario game... MARIO '06
  6. The girl on the right is like "Girl calm your ass down... Dayum" Kiss because you would warm up in an already warm temperature (if indoors) if i hugged you
  7. White hair, red eyes... 100% confirmed vampire or demon... so why the "hell" not?
  8. Dante from Devil may Cry. Possibly the most badass devil ever Psycho Character from Borderlands two. MY PACKS HAVE PACKS Yüki Terumi from Blazblue. A great villain in the game. Phoenix Wright. The law is always on his side (more or less) Reinhardt from Overwatch. A big hammer that comes with a big personality
  9. experiences

    *Leek spin song plays* ROBLOX Grade characters: These characters contain a heavy amount of edge, or try to constantly one shot you. Normally try to kill you for no reason at all, or never progress the plot. Commonly Jesus children or some half animal half human that gets more than a pro*Censored for the underaged*
  10. Cute as hell... but no
  11. Arrested for thinking i dont like snakes... baby emu's are the 2nd best animal, ducks are always the best
  12. This kids is what you call Beastiality! Yes
  13. You look like a Disney Movie spy in a good way... push into the pit of failed spies >:3